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Update on cage repairs and site issues

The committee would like to alert members that repairs to the cage throws area have commenced and are likely to be completed in early December.

We are liaising with CLF to see how quickly we can confirm the cage throws area as fit for purpose and available for members to use.

We are also awaiting a full report on the state of track by Labosport. They have recently completed a survey of the entire track, including testing for surface hardness, surface evenness, friction testing, and more.

They are going to update us on what repairs need to be made immediately and how long we can expect these to last before the track needs complete resurfacing.

Whilst on site they did recommend cutting back some of the trees around the facility, which they say will help avoid the build-up of moss on the track surface, which we are aware requires removing.

Until then please continue to complete your own risk assessment before training and avoid areas if you feel they are not safe, particularly as the weather worsens.

Many thanks

Your Bristol & West committee

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