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Our experienced coaches are here to help you reach your goals in athletics. From jumps, throws, sprints or endurance, you will find a coach dedicated coach with expertise in your chosen disciplines who can help you be your best


Sprints Coaches

Nicholas Harris

Known as Nick , he's been coaching athletics since 2004. 

Coaching at School , Club and International levels. 

His credits include:

2017   IPC world championships , silver and bronze. 

2019   IPC World Championships   Bronze.

2021    9th Ranked World Athlete 400m

2023   Welsh International Championships Gold.

Since 2016 Nick has been working with and trained by British Athletics on the British Athletics Futures Programme . His continued goal is to develop athletes within Bristol and surrounding areas in sprints to 800m coming from a 400m 800m background. 

Dean Garrett (and throws)

Dean Garrett is a highly experienced multi-discipline coach who specialises in working with and honing the skills of junior athletes. Dean is a level 2 coach in 'Children in Athletics - Jumps and Speed' and has integral in the success of the academy arm of Bristol and West AC.

Dean's role is to lead and oversee academy training sessions and also to ensure all junior athletes are provided with the opportunities required to flourish and grow within the sport.

Adebeowle Ademuyewo (Debo)

As well as a high level sprints coach, Debo is himself an elite sprinter having competed at an international level during his own athletics career. Debo welcomes athletes of all levels to his training sessions but expects dedication and hard work from all who attend. Debo specialises in 200m - 400m.

Tristan Jamieson

Tristan is an experienced sprints coach who specialises in the shorter disciplines (60m - 200m) and is currently coaching an elite group of 16 - 23 year old athletes at the club. Tristan is also a personal trainer and is studying Strength and Conditioning at Hartpury University. You can find Tristan coaching at Whitehall on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings between 1800 - 2000.


Hurdles Coaches

Jim Kyle

 I am a UKA licensed speed/hurdles coach. 

As well as hurdles I run sessions at Wise campus for deaf athletes, and for adaptive and para-athletics at Yate. 


Endurance Coaches

Mike Down

Mike is the club's oldest and most experienced Level 4 coach, specialising in middle distance and all forms of endurance running and conditioning. A former BMC Coach of the Year and curator of a UKA National Endurance Initiative, he has coached athletes to  compete at all the major championships - Olympic, World, European and Commonwealth Games. Having first qualified in 1961 he completed 60 years of service in 2021.

Chris Elson

Chris is responsible for guiding a broad spectrum of club runners to achieve their potential in endurance and middle-distance running. He conducts sessions at Whitehall on Tuesdays (endurance 6.15pm warm up and middle distance 7.10pm warm up), Thursdays (7.10 warm up) and Friday evenings (6.00pm at Whitehall and at WISE on Wednesdays (6.15pm), the last two with Nick Crewe.

Ali Hurford

"Sport has been an extremely important part of my life & I have been a member of several athletics clubs since aged 10. Initially I began my athletics career as a successful sprint hurdler followed by an interesting transition to middle distance & cross country running when I joined Bristol & West AC. I consider myself extremely lucky to have experienced both how to train as a sprinter & endurance runner. I have been coaching the junior boys endurance group since 2004 & apart from a lot of fun it has kept me young at heart. Spending time with young athletes & their parents can be hugely rewarding & I continue to learn & adapt to the needs & requirements necessary to produce successful athletes competing for Bristol & West AC"

Nick Crew

Nick enjoys running mostly middle distances, following an England Athletics leadership in running fitness course, he started up a local group and shortly afterwards became a qualified coach and personal trainer. He believes that jogging/running is for everyone and wants all our sessions to be fun, inclusive and structured so that we can learn new skills and techniques together to improve to be the best we can. If that's to meet a specific goal you have in mind or just to enjoy the experience that's fine. It is rewarding to see people achieve their goals and its great to see the group supporting one another.

David Taylor

Dave has been a member of Bristol & West AC (formally Bristol Athletic Club) since 1980. He started coaching when his children took an interest in running and his daughter Lucy, u13 Avon Cross Country champion, was his first coaching success story. Since then Dave has coached a range of athletes to endurance success on a national and international stage. He now works predominantly with masters athletes.

Chris Palmer

Chris is our coaching coordinator and the main point of contact for all training purposes. Chris coaches our junior girls endurance athletes from age 13 onwards for middle distance track and cross country events. His sessions are at Whitehall on Monday and Wednesday evenings. He also coaches senior athletes on a one to one basis for distances from 5k to marathon.

Contact on

Dave Bedwell

Dave is a UKA qualified coach and is keen to work with both junior and senior middle and long distance runners.
Dave currently coaches our u15, u17 and u20 boys in endurance running, and has supported them to individual and team medals. Their main sessions are at Whitehall on Monday and Wednesday evenings, and on Saturdays in Ashton Court.

The junior boys’ endurance runners are team managed by Emma Withers. Contact Dave and Emma to find out more.

Dave Hart

Dave is a Event Group Endurance coach with over 50 years’ experience and a 2.20 marathon to his name.

Johnny Thewlis


Throws Coaches

Ken Holmes

Murray Grant

Murray is a highly qualified (UKA level 4) performance throws coach, who over more than 35 years has coached athletes to medals and success at all levels of competition – from the English Schools and National Championships to the Europeans and Worlds.

Contact Murray for more information and current session details. He coaches at locations across Bristol and Somerset.

Hilary Nash

A level 3 sprints and development coach with wide experience of coaching sprints, jumps and throws but in recent times has concentrated on introducing young athletes to throwing events.


Jumps Coaches

Paul Weston

Paul Weston coaches our higher performing jumpers for both long and triple jump on Thursday evenings (from 6pm) and Sunday mornings (from 10:30).

Eugene Hechavarria

Eugene is an enthusiastic, UKA qualified coach with years of experience. He is still ranked 4th all time in the u15 triple jump and holds the best ever Intermediate boys English Schools performance for since 1978. Eugene uses his experience as an elite level athlete combined with years of coaching athletes of all levels to help you reach your potential.
Eugene coaches on Monday and Wednesday evenings at Whitehall track.


Assistant Coaches

Simon Jones

Simon Williams

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