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Rallying Support for Yeovil Olympiads -Sign the petition

As members of Bristol and West Athletics Club, we're calling on our members to support our fellow athletes at the Yeovil Olympiads Athletic Club.

The Bill Whistlecroft Athletics Arena, a cornerstone for sports in Somerset and a cherished venue for the Yeovil Olympiads and Yeovil and Sherborne Hockey Club, is under threat of closure due to proposed cost-cutting measures by Somerset Council.

This closure affects not just Yeovil but the entire South West's athletic community, including ours. Losing this facility would mean disrupting training, competitions, and the physical education programs for local schools that rely on these amenities.

We, at Bristol and West, understand the value of such communal sports facilities. They're not just venues for training and competition; they're where community spirit thrives, health is promoted, and regional athletic identity is forged.

We're calling on each member of our club to stand in solidarity with our fellow athletes. Here's how you can make a difference:

  1. Sign the Petition: Your signature carries weight. It sends a clear message to Somerset Council about the community's stance on preserving valuable athletic resources.

  2. Spread the Word: Encourage family, friends, and fellow athletes to support this cause. The more voices we have, the louder our message.

  3. Attend Council Meetings: If possible, attend local council meetings to express the community's collective concern and the impact of the closure on our regional sports ecosystem.

Your action today can help safeguard a vital athletic hub in our region. Let's unite for the Yeovil Olympiads and ensure our shared sporting heritage continues to thrive.

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