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Proposed Changes to the Gwent League

As some of you may know, the Gwent Cross-Country League is considering changing how it approaches Men's and Women's race distances. The league is discussing and refining options for linking the distances, with four proposals currently under consideration for how the format may change.

Please read the full proposals on the Gwent League website, but in summary:

  1. Scottish Method: Men and women run same distances (in separate races), gradually increasing through the season from ~5km to ~10km.

  2. Meeting in the Middle: Men and women run in separate races, but for the same distance of ~8km.

  3. One Long, One Short: Men and women race together and can choose between a shorter course (around 6km) and a longer course (around 10km).

  4. Equal Length of Time: Men and women run in separate races over distances designed to give the middle finisher in each race a time of approximately 38 minutes, likely around 9km for men and 7.7km for women.

As a member club, Bristol and West will get to vote on the options, so we are looking to gain feedback on the proposals from members who compete in the Gwent League. The first vote, and the subject of this survey, is to pick the favourite new option, with a later second vote to choose between the status quo and the favourite new option.

We have prepared the below Google Form to help us understand your views on the four options. We encourage all members who compete in the Gwent League to complete the survey to provide their thoughts and preferences.

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