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AGM Round Up 2024

Updated: 3 days ago

We're excited to share the highlights from this year's AGM and announce the results of the 2024 committee elections. For those who couldn't attend, here's a roundup, detailed reports are available in the members area of our website.

Ben Maliphant, our chair from last year who is returning for a second year, ratified the election results, which were verified by the Secretary Junayd.

Here are the official 2024 election results:

Youth Development Advisor

Nick Harris: 47.8%, 22 votes

Dean Garret: 32.6%, 15 votes

Abstentions: 19.6%, 9 votes

Nick Harris elected as Youth Development Advisor

Member Without Portfolio

Jon Jackson: 69.6%, 32 votes

Mike Down: 71.7%, 33 votes

Kurt Taylor (competing member): 97.8%, 45 votes

Nick Harris: 50%, 23 votes

Abstentions: 0%, 0 votes

Jon Jackson, Mike Down, Kurt Taylor elected as Members Without Portfolio.

The remaining committee members were elected without opposition and therefore the full committee is:

Chair: Ben Maliphant

Vice Chair: Paul Owen

Treasurer: Andy Salmon (will be leaving)

Secretary: Junayd Perryman

Membership Sec: Betti Farkas

Youth Development Advisor: Nick Harris

Marketing Sec: Felix Rusby

Officials Sec: Betti Farkas

Facilities manager: Eugene Hechavarria

Committee Member without Portfolio: Mike Down

Committee Member without Portfolio: Kurt Taylor

Committee Member without Portfolio: Jon Jackson

Our club officers are:

Safeguarding and Welfare: Simon Jones

Webmaster: Nicole Neo

The following roles remain unfilled. We would encourage anyone who is interested to get in contact about joining the committee.

Committee Roles: Minuting Secretary, Treasurer

Club Officer Roles: Social Secretary, Promotions Officer, Records & Statistics Officer, Coaching Coordinator, Health and Safety, Kit Officer.

Thank you to all who participated in this year's elections and AGM!

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