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Open committee positions available: Join today!

Bristol and West currently have an opening for a number of positions on the committee. If you have any interest in any of the following roles, please reach out and let us know your interest.

It’s an exciting time to be part of the club with an ambitious and friendly group of volunteers making up the team.

As a part of the committee, you have the chance to shape the future of Bristol & West

See if any of the following roles appeal to you:

Coaching Coordinator:

- Liaise between the Committee and Coaches Group

- Develop effective communication channels among coaches

- Address broader coach development issues

- Sit on the Open Meets and Hargreaves Awards subcommittees

Health and Safety Coordinator:

- Develop and implement the Health and Safety Policy

- Conduct risk assessments to identify and manage hazards

- Ensure awareness of policy and adherence to health and safety procedures

- Report major health and safety issues to the committee regularly

- Collaborate with the Treasurer to budget for policy implementation

- Oversee the strategies outlined in the Health and Safety Policy

- Provide regular reports to the club committee


- Support the Chairman in ensuring the smooth functioning of the Management Committee

- Organise and record minutes of committee meetings

- Maintain effective records and administration

- Uphold legal requirements of governing documents

- Manage club correspondence and communicate with the committee

- Responsible for managing the cashless payment system for Whitehall and WISE

- Receive a small financial contribution for this role


- Manage the club's financial resources

- Regularly report the club's financial position to the Committee and AGM

- Identify and communicate risks and opportunities related to club finances

- Handle daily intra-club financial transactions

- Oversee other matters related to club finance

- Receive a small financial contribution for this role

Join the Bristol & West committee today and help shape the future of your club!

Apply for the Coaching Coordinator, Health and Safety Coordinator, Secretary, or Treasurer roles to contribute to the growth, safety, efficient functioning, and financial stability of our club.

Visit our website or contact us at

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