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Midland Athletics League 2022 Advance Details

The Midland Athletics League (MAL) is a combined female/male competition with 34 individual track & field events and both 100m and 400m relays held at four fixtures during the summer.

Athletes aged U17 and above can compete and the team is normally a broad spread of experienced and youthful participants.

We are back to competing in the top Division (Division 1) after a year of regional competitions to address COVID restrictions in 2021. The other teams in Division 1 are Birchfield, Gloucester, Notts, Rugby & Northampton and Tamworth. The 2022 matches dates and venues are:

  • Sunday May 22nd at Yate, our home match

  • Sunday June 5th at Tamworth

  • Sunday July 17th at Rugby

  • Saturday August 13th at Nottingham

If any new members or existing athletes who will be U17 or older for the 2022 season wish to join the team pool, please send an email to the address below:

There is also a dedicated Facebook Group you are welcome to join if you want follow our exploits.

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