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Club Statement

The club is aware there is video footage circling on various social media platforms in which a current Bristol & West coach can be heard making discriminatory and derogatory comments.

The club would like to make clear it entirely condemns the coaches comments. Bristol and West AC can completely understand why many people in the club are likely to feel frustrated, angry and upset regarding his comments. The comments do not reflect the view and perspective of the club, or the committee - the club takes its commitment to equality very seriously and will be investigating the matter.

Bristol and West has a formal complaints procedure laid out in our "Disciplinary Policy" document which can be found in key documents on the club website. If anyone would like to make a complaint regarding the comments or would like to discuss it privately with Bristol and West management please email

In the full footage the coach in question goes on to claim multiple current Bristol and West athletes "add no value to the club". Again the club profusely disagrees with this. We recognise that some members will move to other locations from Bristol due to various circumstances and others will live in locations where Bristol and West is the nearest club which allows them to perform in competitions at the level they need. We are very grateful that in these situations these club members compete for Bristol and West AC and highly value their contributions. We feel all our athletes, no matter their location, training setup, gender, race or background add value to the club and want to make this very clear.

We have a large diverse membership of all ages, race and ability and that's what makes us a great community; however, can we remind everyone to be courteous, to be aware of what language and behaviour is acceptable in today's society, and that is is crucial to respect everyone equally.

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