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Ali's Army Update

2019/2020 Junior boys cross country medals finally presented in 2021.

On Sat 26th June 2021 after a tough training session in Ashton Court the u11 & u13 lads were finally able to celebrate a successful Gwent cross country season resulting in team bronze for both age groups.

We all felt very honoured to have the continued support of the Royal Navy as the enclosed photo shows Major Kestle with the u11 team.

This occasion provided an ideal opportunity for a group social & enabled many of the parents to get to know one another plus meet Maria the club chair & Paul club development adviser.

As is usual football & cake took over at the end of a very sunny morning.

Excellent racing at Sri Chinmoy Eastville Park 29th June 2021.

Despite an unfortunate clash with the football, many lads still turned up for what became a highly competitive race over 1 mile. Clearly once England’s win was announced Ali’s Army also raised their game resulting in all the u13s breaking 6 minutes, many for the first time. The plan is to turn out in larger numbers for the next fixture on Tuesday 13th July. With a bit of luck our friends from the Royal Navy are also going to support the event & encourage the lads to even quicker times.

The enclosed results give an indication of how competitive the race was & I feel this u13 team that is developing should be confident about the forthcoming winter fixtures.

Ali Hurford.

Liam 5.25 u17. Oliver 5.29 u15. Jacob 5.33 u17. Tom 5.39 u13. Oisin 5.49 u13. Joseph 5.50 u15. Sean 5.51 u13. Max 5.55 u13. Fletcher 6.12 u11. Parish 7.33 u11.

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