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AGM Round Up

The club is pleased to provide an AGM round up and also let those who were not at the AGM know the results of the committee elections. The election results are detailed below. The reports associated with the AGM are available in the members area of our website.

Firstly, the club would like to extend our massive thanks to our outgoing Chair and Vice Chair. Our thanks to Maria Townsend for all her efforts as club chair over the past 3 years, and a big thank you and recognition also to Mike Down for his many years of work as club Vice Chair, Chair, club Founder and his many other roles. The committee and club owes them both a debt of gratitude, and will no doubt be in touch over the coming months for their advice

The club is pleased to see that we potentially had the highest voter turnout we've ever seen in Bristol and West committee elections (at least in recent memory) as well as fantastic AGM engagement, with at least one member connecting from Mexico! It's great that technology is helping Bristol and West increase engagement across the club.

Maria (the club's outgoing Chair) ratified the following committee election results and the Club Secretary have also checked them independently and determined identical results to Maria.

There were 157 eligible votes cast - a potential new committee election record! There were 3 ineligible votes discounted which did not impact the results. The following are the official 2023 election results:


Ben Maliphant: 50.96%, 80 votes

Paul Filer: 44.59%, 70 votes

Abstentions: 4.45%, 7 votes

Ben Maliphant elected as Chair.

Vice Chair

Paul Owen: 36.94%, 58 votes

Mike Down: 33.12%, 52 votes

Ian Moss: 26.11%, 41 votes

Abstentions: 3.83%, 6 votes

Paul Owen elected as Vice Chair.

3 Members without portfolio

Josh Moody: 99 votes

Nick Harris: 91 votes

Kurt Taylor: 90 votes

Carol Strange: 71 votes

Hilary Nash: 71 votes

Abstentions: 7 votes

Josh Moody, Nick Harris and Kurt Taylor elected as the 3 members without portfolio.

The remaining committee members were elected without opposition and therefore the full committee is:

Chair: Ben Maliphant Vice Chair: Paul Owen Treasurer: Natalie Bretherton Secretary: Ben Westhenry Membership Sec: Betti Farkas Development Advisor: Tristan Jamieson Marketing Sec: Felix Rusby Officials Sec: Betti Farkas Facilities manager: Eugene Hechavarria

Committee Member without Portfolio: Josh Moody Committee Member without Portfolio: Kurt Taylor Committee Member without Portfolio: Nick Harris

Our club officers are:

Coaching Coordinator: Chris Palmer Record and Statistics Officer: Mike Strange Safeguarding and Welfare: Simon Jones Webmaster: Nicole Neo

Thanks to all those who took part in the election and/or AGM!

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