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AGM Awards and Hargreaves Awards

AGM Awards

A huge congratulations to Jack Millar and Tom Baines who share the club's 2021-2022 Performance of the Year award. Jack had a cross country season for the history books, winning the South West title, placing third at Midlands and fifth at Nationals, cementing one of the clubs finest cross-country seasons. Tom shares the award with Jack for his outstanding 1:49.08 clocking in the 800m, setting a new club record and leaving him ranked 45th in the country in 2021. In an Olympic year with eight athletes running the UKA Olympic standard and 22 athletes running the UK10 target, his performance is no mean feat. Congratulations both!

Hargreaves Performance Awards - Class of 2022

Congratulations to the fifty athletes who have been selected for Hargreaves Performance Awards for 2022! We wish you all the best for your 2022 season and look forward to hearing about how the awards helped you in your season progress reports in December!

  • Alex Daley

  • Alice Grosjean

  • Andy Watt

  • Anna Loughlin

  • Ben Robinson

  • Ben Westhenry

  • Caroline Walder

  • Catherine Beatty

  • Charlotte Orton

  • Chelsea Creak

  • Ed Wilson

  • Ella Bowell

  • Emma Bakare

  • Esther Leong

  • Ethan Canning

  • Felix McGrath

  • Freya Holt

  • George Isgrove

  • Harry Peat

  • Ishmael Bradley

  • Jack Millar

  • Jamie Lambert

  • Jedani Wright

  • Jenna Blundell

  • Jessica Lewis

  • Jodie Smith

  • Josh Maggs

  • Josh Schrijver

  • Kate Maltby

  • Kurt Taylor

  • Lily Bailey

  • Lucy Mainwaring

  • Mackenzie Ritson

  • Mark Cottam

  • Martha Barrett

  • Mayalee Osola

  • Megan Hornung

  • Moni Brady

  • Natalie Bretherton

  • Nataliya Isherwood

  • Nyree Perry

  • Owen Garrett

  • Ricky Powell

  • Rivie Bates

  • Ruben Brady

  • Ruby Woodman

  • Ryan Brady

  • Samantha Barrett

  • Tamara Jackson

  • Tom Baines

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