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News Update

Season Tickets Available to Purchase For Next Quarter

Season tickets are just an alternative option for paying for Whitehall sessions. You can either purchase a season ticket for the quarterly period or pay at the desk each time you use the track and field facilities at the member rate using a contacelss payment method. Both payment options require you to scan your personalised member QR code at the welcome desk.

Season tickets for the next quarterly period can be purchased between now and 9PM on Sunday the 24th July. If you wish to be a season ticket holder for the next fixed 3 month quarterly period spanning 1st August 2022 - 31st October 2022, you need to purchase your season ticket through your personal loveadmin account by 9PM on Sunday the 24th July. The ability to purchase season tickets will be turned off at 9PM on Sunday the 24th July.

The zettle system will be updated on the 1st of August to reflect those who have purchased season tickets. If your payment is not made by 9PM on Sunday the 24th July your season ticket will be cancelled. If you are a current season ticket holder but do not renew and pay before 9PM on Sunday the 24th July your season ticket status will be revoked in the system from the 1st August. As a result, please do not query your season ticket status with the desk staff, if you are not in the system as a season ticket holder you will have to pay the normal member rate for track fees when you attend training, if you think there has been a mistake once the new period starts you can email

Prices for the fixed 3 month season ticket are:

Junior member: £30

Senior member: £46

If you purchase a season ticket for the next 3 month period, then from the 1st August 2022 until and including the 31st October 2022 you will still need to continue scaning your individual member QR code on entry but a cost of £0 will appear on the contactless machine.

Season tickets are non-refundable and not extendable.

Club Volunteer Roles

We are recruting the following club officer roles:

  1. Health and Safety club officer - Responsible for health and safety at the club.

  2. Kit club officer - Responsible for holding and distributing club competition kit and liaising with the treasurer to do this.

  3. Parent liaison role - Provide feedback from parents of members in the club to the committee.

  4. Athlete liaison role - Provide feedback from athletes who are members of the club to the committee.

If you are interested in applying for any of these roles or finding out more information please email .

South West PB Series 5k - 27th July

A technical issue with entries has now been resolved, so entries for our Wed 27th July 5K races at Odd Down are now back open. For more information and entries, visit OpenTrack.

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