Our Athletics Academy is designed to provide a pathway for young athletes to develop across athletic disciplines.

The Athletics Academy – How we work

The Bristol & West Academy comprises of two age groups:

Junior Academy – School years 4 – 8. Monday and Wednesday 18.15 – 19.15
Youth Academy – School years 9 – 12+. Monday and Wednesday 19.15 – 20.15

Training with the Junior Academy

If you are a Junior Academy athlete, you will be able to try a bit of everything to see what you like best. Usually this ‘bit of everything’ scheme runs for 9 weeks from your start date after which time
you can choose to continue doing a bit of everything or just the events you like most. It’s up to you.

Training with the Youth Academy

If you are a Youth Academy athlete who has come up from the junior academy, you can either continue with a bit of everything, opt to do just the events you like doing, or specialise in one or more events with specialist event coaches inside or outside of the Academy. You also have the option to train in the Academy one day and with a specialist event coach the other. If you are new to the Youth Academy (year 8 or above), you too can try a bit of everything before deciding what you
like doing best.

Earn bronze, silver and gold cerificates!

We also promote a bronze, silver and gold certification scheme for heights, times and distances you can aim for and achieve. In the Junior Academy can set your own bronze targets to aim for on specific events after 4 weeks of having a go at everything.

The bronze, silver and gold certificate scheme also applies to Youth Academy Athletes. If you achieve silver level or above you can opt to specialise in the events you do best and you will be invited to compete in one of the Bristol & West AC teams. If you don’t wish to compete and simply want to train, that’s fine.

Note: You will find the certificate standards required for all events pinned up in the training ‘shed’ or you can ask the Academy coaches for a copy of the Standards to take home with you.

To follow the national and regional standards of events for athletes your age in order to see how you compare, go to https://powerof10.info/

Simply click on: Rankings > South West (or UK) >Gender (men or women) > Age category > Event (e.g. 100m) > Return

….and you will see a list of young athletes ranked from no. 1 with their PB’s (personal bests). These young athletes are the best in the South West or Nationally and you can be too!