Monika Dobrowolska
(DC, MChiro, LRCC (Sports), BSc Hons, REPs Level 4, Lubas Medical Trained, ART Certified) 
Chiropractor and Sports Rehabilitation Specialist.
Monika has a wealth of experience working with a variety of different sports such as athletics, rugby, basketball and football.
She has most recently turned her focus to athletics and has worked for British Athletics at major competitions both in the UK and abroad.
She has done a 5 year full time degree to qualify as a chiropractor, as well as a further undergraduate degree in exercise and rehabilitation. Using all her training & knowledge, she assess’ each person individually in order to accurately diagnose and give them the best tailored treatment to suit them and reach their goals.
Monika’s treatments are a mixture of spinal and joint manipulation, soft tissue techniques, acupuncture & electro acupuncture, kinesio – taping, and rehabilitative exercise programme.
You can find Monika down at the track on Monday evenings, where she is working with the coaches to assess athletes.
If you ever have a question about an injury or niggle, you can pop down on Monday night and she will happily discuss this with you, and do a quick assessment.
Any athletes who are part of Bristol & West who are needing treatment, receive discount treatment at Monika’s private clinic.
She can also be contacted via email at: