Bridge Inn Summer 5k Series 2005 Race Details, Race Director Richard Walker

27 Apr

5 Races taking place on the last Tuesday
of each month through the summer.

26th April, 31st May, 28th June, 26th July, 30th August

The races all start at 7:30pm with registration from 6:30pm in the Race HQ at the Bridge Inn, Shortwood (where the shortwood to Mangotsfield Road crosses over the Ring Road).

Entry on the day only – £4/race or £15/series
(Unattached fees all plus £1)

Prizes each race – SM, V40, V50, V60, U17, SW, V35, V45, V55, U17 + Spot (prizes awarded on the night only to those attending).

Series awards – calculated on accumulated time of the best three results.

Engraved shields – presented at the first race in the next winter series (25th October).

A Race Entry Form (obtained from the race HQ) must be completed (only one form required regardless of the number of races you run in the series).

Bridge Inn, Summer Series 2005, Race 1, Overall Results, Shortwood, 26th April 2005

27 Apr

2005 Summer Bridge Inn Race Series
Race 1 – 26th April, 2005

Uncategorised Results

PosRace NoTimeNameClubCat
115515.39Josh LilleySevern ACSM
216716.16Matt DickinsonBristol & West ACSM
313216.53John CollierWestbury HarriersSM
417217.01Pete DarwoodUnattachedSM
512117.03David GunstoneCity of Bath ACMV40
612317.21Joe WebbWestbury HarriersSM
717417.33Paul HowardUnattachedSM
813817.36Dave WintleGWRMV50
915717.39Gareth FeredayNewport ACSM
1010517.40Mark JamesSevern ACSM
1112217.43Paul NewmanCity of Bath ACMV40
1210017.46Paul ShanahanThornbury RCMV40
1314217.50Simon HillBitton RRSM
1412817.54Ray CoxUnattachedMV40
1511017.55Chris PalmerWestbury HarriersSM
1611817.58Simon SpeddingHogweed TrottersMV40
1715617.59Simon PillBristol & West ACSM
1817618.01Marc ReedAVS TriSM
1913018.04Bill GrahamBitton RRMV50
2010618.14Philip InsallGWRMV40
2110118.22Kevin RawlingsBitton RRMV40
2214818.46Mike WillisThornbury RCMV50
2316418.52Nick KaneBitton RRMV40
2417318.52Brett SadlerBristol & West ACMV50
2512418.57Nick LangridgeThornbury RCMV50
2613918.58Julian Bailey-GardWestbury HarriersSM
2716219.01Mike BatemanUnattachedSM
2814519.06David BulleyBitton RRMV50
2913719.08Zsolt GyorkelUnattachedSM
3010419.19Tony JefferiesWestbury HarriersMV60
3116519.23John HargreavesGWRMV50
3210219.33George ScullySevern ACMV50
3315819.35Barrie DunnBitton RRMV40
3416819.43Mark DickinsonBristol & West ACMV50
3517519.45Graham CrumpBristol WaterMV40
3614719.45Fayme WhiteBitton RRSF
3713419.52Lisa NewingBitton RRSF
3815219.57Mark KingdonBitton RRMV40
3914020.10Pat GallaherWestbury HarriersFV55
4016620.14Vaughan AndrewsUnattachedMV40
4112520.15Ian DruryHogweed TrottersSM
4212020.20Patrick SlavinBitton RRMV60
4311720.29Roger HemmingGWRMV50
4415320.37Lynette PorterBitton RRFV35
4511420.44Andrew HoleCaerleon RCMV40
4615121.09Rosina RowlandThornbury RCFV35
4713521.11Gary CoultartBitton RRSM
4812921.12Roger BriersStroud & District ACMV50
4910321.15John JamesSevern ACMV50
5015021.36Rachel WillisThornbury RCSF
5114421.53Martin MooreUnattachedSM
5211921.57Sally DriverCity of Bath ACFV35
5316122.05Wayne IsaacBitton RRMV50
5417022.14John SeagerTown & Country HarriersMV40
5513622.21Robert GroveUnattachedSM
5611622.24Mike MarshallBristol & West ACMV60
5714322.33Jackie ZajacBitton RRFV35
5814923.16Katrina WillisThornbury RCFV45
5911223.18Shirley BrokenshawHogweed TrottersFV55
6012723.27Dean CoxBitton RRU17M
6113323.31Robert CollierYate ACSM
6210923.38Nigel AndrewsUnattachedMV50
6313123.56Sheila ClarkBitton RRFV45
6416924.14Matthew CastleThornbury RCSM
6511524.39Sharon HemmingGWRFV45
6615924.41Gordon LewisBitton RRMV50
6711324.44Mike BrokenshawHogweed TrottersMV50
6814125.21Marylin PalmerWestbury HarriersFV45
6912625.44Chris StaceyBitton RRU17M
7011125.47Steve BullBitton RRMV50
7116025.51Rhian IsaacBitton RRSF
7210826.09Michelle AdderleyUnattachedSF
7310726.25Lorraine MorganUnattachedFV45
7414627.26Valerie CollierBitton RRFV55
7516328.25Becky CoxBitton RRSF
7615428.25Wilf WilliamsUnattachedSM
7717129.37Sue BaicTown & Country HarriersFV35

Athletics Round Up

10 Apr

Here is the weekly athletics news from around the region for the week ending 10th April. Thanks to the Bristol Evening Post and Green Un.


THE best day in the club’s history at the Midland Counties road relay championships.
That was the verdict of the Bristol and West AC team manager Mike Down after the women won the six-stage title and the men finished second, their best ever success since records were published thirty years ago.
“It was a great day for the club and the first time both the men and women have won medals,” said Down.
“While we had a few of our top women missing the success underlined the strength of the squad while for the men that is the best they have ever done having won a few bronze medals in the past.”
Somehow it was fitting that former Olympian Nick Rose, who has been a member of Bristol all his life and is now in the over 50 veterans’ age group, anchored the team to victory in the 12th and final stage.
Despite being chased by Tipton Harrier Matt Lockett, who cut the deficit from 35seconds to 10 by Keeper’s Pool, Rose’s mastery of pace judgement and tactics ensured he sprinted up the final hill to clinch the silver medals behind Birchfield Harriers.
Earlier Rob Whalley and Mick O’Doherty were the club’s fastest men on the long and short stages respectively.
For the women the title joins their growing list of success this year. That it was achieved by a squad comprising Jenny Binks, Abi Wilshire, Annabel Granger, Caroline Kloiber, Charlotte Coffey and Sam Gray is testimony to the quality of the squad that Down has assembled.
Again the race concluded with an exciting finish with Welsh international Gray overhauling Birchfield Harriers on the sixth and final stage to clinch victory.
In the veterans’ event there was a excellent performance from the Clevedon AC squad to finish fourth overall and ahead of their Bristol rivals with Steve Hollier and Andy Heyes both impressing.

* Sutton Park was also the venue for Sunday’s AAA Nike Young Athletes’ road relays and this time it was Westbury Harriers who took centre stage.
The U15s squad of Harry Webb, Tom Carpenter and Rich Peters ran magnificently to retain their title, with Peters and Carpenter clocking the second and fourth fastest times of the day.
There was also surprise second place for the U13s team of Dan Studley, Steve Nash and Robert Galt, with Studley the fifth fastest of the day.
Bristol and West’s best performance came from the U17 women’s team of Emma Reed, Bethan Davies and Ruth Mitchell, who finished fourth while the U17s squad of Dan Mullet, Ben Robinson and Craig Peters was sixth.

* Bristol and West AC’s Annabel Granger was the runaway winner of the Ironwood Challenge 6.5 miles race in Long Ashton.

* Bitton Road Runners’ Matt Hooper won his club’s Hanham Horror multi terrain race with Yvonne Cox claiming the women’s race.

* The day after helping Bristol and West to win the Midlands, Caroline Kloiber finished third in the elite race of the Swindon Duathlon and is line for a place in the Great Britain team at next month’s European Championships.


Midland Counties women’s 6-stage road relay championships, Sutton Park, Birmingham: 1 Bristol and West AC 1:45:10 (Jenny Binks 12th 18:07, Abi Wilshire 2nd 17:13, Annabel Granger 2nd 17:55, Caroline Kloiber 2nd 17:06, Charlotte Coffey, 2nd 17:58, Sam Gray, 1st 16:55)
2 Birchfield Harriers 1:46:06; 3 Telford AC 1:48:32.
10 City of Bath AC 2:03:18 (Sarah Urwin-Mann 18:25, Pam Ellison 19:02, Jo Bradley 21:48, Lindsey Dow 21:22, Zina Marchant 19:41, Lynda Keepen 23:00).
12 Bitton Road Runners 2.05.04 (Lisa Newing 19.17 (23), Lynette Porter 20.09 (15), Sally Curnow 19.18 (8), Ali Lucas 22.08 (18), Shan Aguilar-Stone 21.22 (15), Jackie Zajac 22.50 (21))
19 Westbury Harriers 2:09.17 (Tina Elson 19:32, Pat Gallagher 19:57, Catherine Dulla 19:36, Gill Bearman 23:42, Emma Gordon 20:59, Marilyn Palmer 25:31).
27 Clevedon AC 2:19:14 (P Hall 22:07, J Fegredo 24:53, Elaine Heyes 24:37, Jo Ford 23:07, S Durnell 22:36, H Gorton 21:54).
Incomplete teams – Bristol and West AC: Debbie Niccol 19:10
Fastest: C Mutwa (B’field) 16:09, T Brown (Cov God) 16:27, C Woolis (Sutton) 16:51, K Green (Telf) 16:54, K Ramsey (Charn) 16:54, Sam Gray (B&W) 16:55, C Kloiber (B&W) 17:02.

Men’s 12-stage relay: Men: 1 Birchfield Harriers 3:49:20; 2 Bristol and West 3:52:28 (Martin Cox 2nd 26:37, Mick O’Doherty 15:17 1st, Clive Bromhall 15:54 2nd, Kevin Heywood 2nd 27:07, John Ward 2nd 15:18, David Awde 2nd 15:20, Leighton 2nd 27:48, Alec Woods 2nd 15:26, Neville Adams 3rd 16:05, Rob Whalley 2nd 26:11 (2nd fastest), Andy Young 2nd 15:34, Nick Rose 2nd,15:51); 3 Tipton Harriers 3:52:35.
11th Bristol and West AC B 4:12.40 (Tom Kingsnorth 28:58, Graham Cuthbert 16:52, Ben King 16:11, Ben Danvers 30:11, Matt Dickinson 15:51, Dan Noad 30:05, Ian Stuart 16:05, Dave Beddows 16:31, Dan Moore 32:26, John List 17:38, Tim Wallis 15:41).
15 Severn AC 4:20.08 (G Hope 28:32, J Lilly 15:02, S Kinsey 17:30, A Hope 30:04, S Lynas 17:07, M James 18:10, S Fortnam 31:02, N Gaulder 18:16, A brown 18:40, D Lander 30:10, A Stephens 17:25, G Barnes 18:10).
18 City of Bath AC 4:22:38 (Craig Davey, 30:27, Dan Lugsden 15:57, Andy Diffey 18:05, Gavin Davies 31:50, Charles Sanders 17:51, Alan Buckingham 16:34, Dave Coales 31:00, Martin Derrick 17:31, Nick Shearn 17:18, Oliver Thwaites 31:48, Spencer Fereday 17:37, Jim Beales 16:40).
22 Westbury Harriers 4:29.26 (Rod Jones 28:18, Joe Webb 17:55, R Downes 17:22, S Powell 30:38, Malcolm White 17:47, C Palmer 18:03, Simon Everington 30:05, Ray Hooper 18:02, K Hill 19:00, Tony Jefferies 34:36, L Scott 17:50, M Harris 19:50).
35 Bitton Road Runners 4.44.49 (Simon Hill 33.27 (46), Richard Woodruff 18.25 (38), Nick Kane 18.35 (35), Allister Sheffield 32.14 (31), Martin Liddington 20.07 (48), Mark Kingdon 20.51 (43), Warwick Fortescue 33.06 (33), James Wade 19.43 (33), Ray Betterton 19.54 (35), Matt 32.22 (25), Bill Graham 17.34 (18), Ian Hoare 18.11 (26)).

Fastest – Long: Chris Davies 25:15; R Whalley (B&W) 26:11. Short: Wilfred Taragon (B’field) 14:25: M Williams (Tip) 14:36: T Payne (B’field) 14:47; A Felce (Chelt) 14:52; J Lilly (Sev) 15:02

Veterans 6-stage road relay: 1 Telford AC 2:04.24; 2 Stoke and Staffs Moorlands 2:05.11; 3 Tipton Harriers 2:05.15; 4 Clevedon AC 2:07.00 (N Hides 29:41, S Hollier 16:42, C Vauden 17:28, M Cooper 29:25, C Richards 16:59, A Heyes 16:45).
5 Bristol and West AC 2:07.31 ( Dan Moore 30:19, Wayne Speake 16:02, Dave Bedwell 16:52, Mick O’Doherty 30:58, Jerry Hogan 17:09, Clive Bromhall 16:11).
12 City of Bath 2:09:11 (Tom Hutchison 33:06, Ray Brigden 19:08, Andy Mullet 19:28, Steve Hale 31:30, Ewan Basterfield 18:40, Dave Gunstone 17:19).
16 Bristol and West AC B 2:26.41; 17 Stroud and District AC 2:32.13.
Incomplete teams – 23 Bitton Road Runners 2.10.32 (Bill Graham 32.39 (14), Ian Hoare 18.26 (11), Ray Betterton 19.19 (15), Pat Slavin 37.02 (20), Mark Graham 22.25 (23)
Fastest: A Wetherill (Redhill) 15:32; M Hager (Tip) 15:47; W Speake (B&W) 16:02; C Bromhall 16:11;

AAA Nike Young Athletes road relay championships, Sutton Park, Birmingham – U13 girls: 1 Blackheath & Bromley Harriers 45:02; 2 Stockport Harriers & AC 45:28; M Wiblin (8) 15:02 C Barber (3) 15:09 B Pearce (2) 15:17
3 Royal Sutton Coldfield AC 45:38.
36 Westbury Harriers 50:45 (C Haslett (30) 16:06 A Carpenter (35) 17:23 K Elliott (36) 17:16
61 Bristol & West AC 53:58 (E Triggs (41) 16:30 L Chicken (60) 18:30 C Denley (61) 18:58).
U15 girls: 1 Leigh H & AC 43:15; 2 Aldershot Farnham & District 43:41; 3 Kingston Upon Hull AC 44:24.
35 Bristol & West AC 48:59 (K Knowles (12) 14:54 J Chart (27) 16:55 L Taylor (35) 17:10).

U17 women: 1 Aldershot Farnham & District 42:18; 2 Swansea Harriers 42:35; 3 City Of Norwich AC 43:43.
4 Bristol & West AC 44:15 (E Reed (12) 14:56 B Davies (5) 14:41 R Mitchell (4) 14:38).
Incomplete teams: Bristol & West AC `B`
38:37 (V Crook (48) 18:25 K Fish (45) 20:12).

U13 boys: 1 Aldershot Farnham & District 41:29; 2 Westbury Harriers 41:43; 3 Bedford & County AC 41:53.
34 Westbury Harriers `B` 46:25 (C Davidge (23) 14:37 W Massey (32) 15:39 R Madle (34) 16:09).
46 Bristol & West AC 47:44 (G McDeermott (14) 14:20 A Mattis (50) 17:35 M Peters (46) 15:49).
Incomplete: Westbury Harriers `C` 15:41 (G Wintle (48) 15:41); Bristol & West AC `B` 18:44 (G McDermott (74) 18:44).

U15 boys: 1 Westbury Harriers 37:38 (H Webb (7) 12:47 T Carpenter (1) 12:30 R Peters (1) 12:21); 2 Stockport Harriers AC 38:01 (S Pearson (3) 12:38 S Barber (6) 13:12 R Millington (2) 12:11); 3 Leeds City AC 38:08.
8 Bristol & West AC 39:44 (M Dunkley (24) 13:22 R Whitham (22) 13:38 N Todd (8) 12:44).
40 Westbury Harriers `B` 42:24 (J Dalgleish (40) 13:42 T Wintle (35) 13:59 C Monahan (40) 14:43).

U17 men: 1 Aldershot Farnham & District 36:37; 2 City Of Norwich AC 36:42; 3 Southend On Sea AC 37:08.
6 Bristol & West AC 37:36 (D Mullet (4) 12:15 B Robinson (16) 13:32 C Peters (6) 11:49).
52 Bristol & West AC `B` 44:03 (J Golding (61) 14:30 A Quaile (55) 14:16 C Taylor (52) 15:17).

Ironwood Challenge 6.5 miles multi terrain race, Long Ashton – senior men; 1 Keith Davies (les Croups) 44:53; 2 Rob Hicks (TACH) 45:04; 3 Mark Wilkins (TACH, M40) 45:41
M50: 1 J Duncan (B&W) 47:02. M60: R Pook (unatt) 60:51.U20: R Kirchell (TNT Gym) 58:28.
Women: 1 A Granger (B&W) 47:22; 2 Ruth Davies (Les Croups) 52:55; 3 C Richards (unatt, W35) 54:30.
W50: A Roberts (Cleve) 61:15. U20: R Hahn (unatt) 71:49.

Hanham Horror 6 miles multi terrain – senior men: 1 Matt Hooper (Bitt, U20) 41:04; 2 Ray Cox (unatt, M40) 41:17; 3 Steve Clifford (CoB, M40) 42:09; 4 S Hill (Bitt) 43:40; 5 A Chapple (Bitt) 44:28; 6 S Young (Thonbury RC) 45:16.
M40: 3 A Phillips (Bitt) 46:07. M50: T Welsh (Bitt) 53:52. M60: K McNicholas (Hogweed) 62:46
Senior women: 1 Y Cox (Bitt, W40) 48:41; 2 Caire Spick (Bitt, W40) 53:56; 3 A Lucas (Bitt, W50) 54:19.
W40: 3 C Seward (Hogweed) 54:53.
58 finishers.

Taunton marathon – senior men:1 Martin Pearse (Taun, M40) 2:46:20; 2 Mike Mears (Bide) 2:49.44; 3 Russell Cox (unatt) 2:50:03.
M45: P Meyler (Pontypridd) 3:00.04. M50: T Ryan (Tiv) 3:07.33. M55: P Simpson (L’pool) 3:19.44. M60: D Newland (SLH) 3:33.37. M65: C Poole (B’heath) 4:06.47
Women: 1 Heather Foundling-Hawker (Honiton, W35) 3:11.11; 2 Jenny Moore (Yeovil TRR, W40) 3:15;57; 3 Lyn Swanni (SWRR) 3:27.31
W45: D De Beer (RRC) 3:50.03. W50: J Mills (Launcs) 3:33.32.

Half marathon – men: 1 Christos Zarkadas (Greece) 1:13.05; 2 P Hockin (Bide, M40) 1:13.15; 3 K Crenol (Burnham) 1:13.26.
M45: M Smith (unatt) 1:20.54. M50; P Dent (Ply H) 1:18.11. M55: P Sargent (Newq RR) 1:29.07. M60: T Field (unatt) 1:34.27. M65; J Born (Exe) 1:43.41.
Women: 1 C Hewitt (Tiv, W40) 1:22.32; 2 J Kingdon (Ply H) 1:25.55; 3 L Edmonds (unatt) 1:30.14.
W35: J Batten (Mine) 1:35.21. W45: C Aqilina (Arena 80) 1:32.46. W50: J Hancock (unatt) 1:45.43

Bridge Inn Winter Series, 2004/5

01 Apr

The sixth and final race of the Bridge Inn Winter Series took place on 29th March 2005. The weather was not kind on those runners who braved the conditions. Despite the cold and damp, Sophie Morris, Windsor Slough Eton and Hounslow, managed to produce the fastest senior ladies time of the series.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Bob Lavis for his tireless work organising the Bridge Inn Races over the years. Without his enthusiasm and leadership I`m sure the series would not have been as successful as it has been. Bob has decided to retire from organising the event and I am sure everyone will join me in wishing him well.

So from all the runners who have taken part over the years,
Thank you Bob.

The race results and final series positions can be found in the Contents Section > Bridge Inn Races – Info and Results

Bridge Inn, Winter Series, Series Result, Winter Series 2004/5

01 Apr

2004/5 Winter Bridge Inn Race Series

Series Result

No RacesTimeBest 4
Final PosnSeries NoNameClubCatgryRace
1296Phil ParryBristol & West ACM40415.3215.5315.3415.3562.34
2365Paul SperrinBitton Road RunnersM40416.5116.3416.2516.2566.15
3172David GunstoneCity of Bath ACM40617.4217.4217.3317.1717.0917.1669.15
4473Joe WebbWestbury HarriersSM617.5217.2117.2117.5217.1317.2369.18
5283Paul NewmanCity of Bath ACM40618.1017.3617.4617.5517.2917.3170.22
6195Jeremy HoganBristol & West ACM40517.4817.3417.4717.4317.5670.52
7140Gareth FeredayNewport HarriersSM517.3317.4817.5418.0117.4470.59
8349Paul ShanahanThornbury Running ClubM40518.0317.5118.0217.5917.4871.40
9446Dave WintleGreat Western RunnersM50417.5517.5518.1417.3871.42
10212Mark JamesSevern ACSM618.1918.2018.0618.1517.3018.3072.10
11322Kevin RawlingsBitton Road RunnersM40418.2018.1618.2818.2073.24
12192Simon HillBitton Road RunnersSM419.1818.1518.1218.0273.47
13214Tony JefferiesWestbury HarriersM60518.4018.4718.2218.3418.3074.06
14323Marc ReedKingswood TRI ClubSM620.1418.5318.3318.4818.3318.4274.36
1510Jullian Bailey-GardWestbury HarriersSM619.3319.5319.0818.5618.5218.5975.55
16176John HargreavesGreat Western RunnersM50418.5819.0718.5219.0175.58
17404Sarah Urwin-MannCity of Bath ACSL419.0119.1019.1418.5876.23
188Dave AustinBristol & West ACSM520.0218.5719.2919.1819.1476.58
19187Roger HemmingGreat Western RunnersM50520.3019.5719.5019.5120.2980.07
20339Sean RogersBitton Road RunnersSM421.0420.2119.3519.5280.52
21347George ScullySevern ACM50520.1620.3520.2421.0320.0381.18
2251Keith BryantBitton Road RunnersM40420.2320.1620.3020.2781.36
23358Patrick SlavinBitton Road RunnersM60521.3720.3920.4220.2120.1481.56
2441Roger BriersStroud ACM50521.1421.0521.0820.5121.1984.18
25182Vanessa HawkinsBitton Road RunnersL45621.4621.3821.2721.3321.1620.3284.48
26396Geraint TorringtonUnattachedSM621.1121.2521.1721.4321.4821.0284.55
27230Debbie KendallWestbury HarriersSL521.2322.0021.3821.0421.4885.53
28346Keith SawyerBitton Road RunnersM50421.4821.3921.2721.2386.17
293Shan Aguilar-StoneBitton Road RunnersL45422.3122.0721.5821.4088.16
30210Wayne IsaacBitton Road RunnersM50521.4321.4922.1922.2522.5388.16
31419Dominic WellsCarrier HarriersM40421.0621.4323.0922.3688.34
322Mike AdamsBristol & West ACM60421.5921.3122.0523.0588.40
33479Chris ThainCarrier HarriersM50422.4122.1122.1622.0389.11
34211John JamesSevern ACM50624.0623.0622.2423.1422.0921.5489.33
35466Sally DriverCity of Bath ACL35422.3222.2222.3922.0589.38
3616Mike BarryBitton Road RunnersM50523.0222.2922.4223.5122.5491.07
37388Owain ThomasCarrier HarriersM50523.2722.5422.3822.3523.4891.34
38480Steve BullBitton Road RunnersM50424.0123.2422.2322.2892.16
3943Shirley BrokenshawHogweed TrottersL55522.4923.3723.0923.2024.4592.55
40469Robert GroveUnattachedSM424.2623.3022.2123.4394.00
41409John VrublevskisUnattachedM40424.0223.4023.4222.4094.04
42245Gordon LewisBitton Road RunnersM50423.4123.2523.0125.1495.21
43188Sharon HemmingGreat Western RunnersL45424.1123.4224.1324.0596.11
4442Mike BrokenshawHogweed TrottersM50424.5824.3424.1824.0097.50
4587Valerie CollierBitton Road RunnersL55526.2626.5628.0527.0727.46108.15
46117Neil DaviesBristol & West ACM40427.3226.5828.3128.20111.21
4796Becky CoxBitton Road RunnersSL431.1531.1329.4730.10122.25

Series Result By Category

No RacesTimeBest 4 Accumulated Times
Final PosnSeries NoNameClubCatgryRace

1404Sarah Urwin-MannCity of Bath ACSL419.0119.1019.1418.5876.23
2230Debbie KendallWestbury HarriersSL521.2322.0021.3821.0421.4885.53
396Becky CoxBitton Road RunnersSL431.1531.1329.4730.10122.25

1466Sally DriverCity of Bath ACL35422.3222.2222.3922.0589.38

1182Vanessa HawkinsBitton Road RunnersL45621.4621.3821.2721.3321.1620.3284.48
23Shan Aguilar-StoneBitton Road RunnersL45422.3122.0721.5821.4088.16
3188Sharon HemmingGreat Western RunnersL45424.1123.4224.1324.0596.11

143Shirley BrokenshawHogweed TrottersL55522.4923.3723.0923.2024.4592.55
287Valerie CollierBitton Road RunnersL55526.2626.5628.0527.0727.46108.15

1473Joe WebbWestbury HarriersSM617.5217.2117.2117.5217.1317.2369.18
2140Gareth FeredayNewport HarriersSM517.3317.4817.5418.0117.4470.59
3212Mark JamesSevern ACSM618.1918.2018.0618.1517.3018.3072.10
4192Simon HillBitton Road RunnersSM419.1818.1518.1218.0273.47
5323Marc ReedKingswood TRI ClubSM620.1418.5318.3318.4818.3318.4274.36
610Jullian Bailey-GardWestbury HarriersSM619.3319.5319.0818.5618.5218.5975.55
78Dave AustinBristol & West ACSM520.0218.5719.2919.1819.1476.58
8339Sean RogersBitton Road RunnersSM421.0420.2119.3519.5280.52
9396Geraint TorringtonUnattachedSM621.1121.2521.1721.4321.4821.0284.55
10469Robert GroveU

1296Phil ParryBristol & West ACM40415.3215.5315.3415.3562.34
2365Paul SperrinBitton Road RunnersM40416.5116.3416.2516.2566.15
3172David GunstoneCity of Bath ACM40617.4217.4217.3317.1717.0917.1669.15
4283Paul NewmanCity of Bath ACM40618.1017.3617.4617.5517.2917.3170.22
5195Jeremy HoganBristol & West ACM40517.4817.3417.4717.4317.5670.52
6349Paul ShanahanThornbury Running ClubM40518.0317.5118.0217.5917.4871.40
7322Kevin RawlingsBitton Road RunnersM40418.2018.1618.2818.2073.24
851Keith BryantBitton Road RunnersM40420.2320.1620.3020.2781.36
9419Dominic WellsCarrier HarriersM40421.0621.4323.0922.3688.34
10409John VrublevskisUnattachedM40424.0223.4023.4222.4094.04
11117Neil DaviesBristol & West ACM40427.3226.5828.3128.20111.21

1446Dave WintleGreat Western RunnersM50417.5517.5518.1417.3871.42
2176John HargreavesGreat Western RunnersM50418.5819.0718.5219.0175.58
3187Roger HemmingGreat Western RunnersM50520.3019.5719.5019.5120.2980.07
4347George ScullySevern ACM50520.1620.3520.2421.0320.0381.18
541Roger BriersStroud ACM50521.1421.0521.0820.5121.1984.18
6346Keith SawyerBitton Road RunnersM50421.4821.3921.2721.2386.17
7210Wayne IsaacBitton Road RunnersM50521.4321.4922.1922.2522.5388.16
8479Chris ThainCarrier HarriersM504

Bridge Inn, Winter Series Race 6, Results by Category, Shortwood, 29th March 2005

01 Apr

2004 Winter Bridge Inn Race Series
Race 6 – 29th March, 2005

Results by Category

PosnRace NoTimeNameClubCatgry

15217.02Sophie MorrisWindsor Slough Eton and HounslowSL
27318.24Helen FinesBristol & West ACSL
33018.58Sarah Urwin-MannCity of Bath ACSL
44320.00Lisa NewingBitton Road RunnersSL
57021.26Michelle KeenehanBristol & West ACSL
629421.48Debbie KendallWestbury HarriersSL

15322.05Sally DriverCity of Bath ACL35
26622.22Jackie ZajacBitton Road RunnersL35

12620.32Vanessa HawkinsBitton Road RunnersL45
229821.40Shan Aguilar-StoneBitton Road RunnersL45
32224.05Sharon HemmingGreat Western RunnersL45

14522.44Carole FeredayNewport HarriersL55
22727.46Valerie CollierBitton Road RunnersL55

14915.50Mark CowenExeter HarriersSM
25915.56Pete BelcherRoyal MarinesSM
34816.42Wayne DashperTelford ACSM
43917.23Joe WebbWestbury HarriersSM
56817.35Paul HowardUnattachedSM
64117.44Gareth FeredayNewport HarriersSM
76718.02Simon HillBitton Road RunnersSM
81418.30Mark JamesSevern ACSM
91718.42Marc ReedKingswood TRI ClubSM
106318.47Simon YoungThornbury Running ClubSM
113718.50Chris PalmerBristol WaterSM
125018.59Jullian Bailey-GardWestbury HarriersSM
132919.14Dave AustinBristol & West ACSM
147419.25Peter SkinnerBristol & West ACSM
156119.52Sean RogersBitton Road RunnersSM
162421.02Geraint TorringtonUnattachedSM
175823.43Robert GroveUnattachedSM

15417.16David GunstoneCity of Bath ACM40
25517.31Paul NewmanCity of Bath ACM40
31817.48Paul ShanahanThornbury Running ClubM40
44417.56Jeremy HoganBristol & West ACM40
56918.05Ray CoxUnattachedM40
65718.11Robert ScammellBath ACM40
72318.18Chris UpsonWesterlandsM40
87119.02Ian HoareBitton Road RunnersM40
929519.31Tony WalshBitton Road RunnersM40
105620.13Graham CrumpBristol WaterM40
1129620.27Keith BryantBitton Road RunnersM40
122020.30Chris BourneStroud ACM40
134220.40Colin DunnBitton Road RunnersM40
144622.36Dominic WellsCarrier HarriersM40
156023.56Tim SadlerHogweed TrottersM40
163624.23Mike GrahamBitton Road RunnersM40
1762DNFBarrie DunnBitton Road RunnersM40

12517.38Dave WintleGreat Western RunnersM50
23817.46Bill GrahamBitton Road RunnersM50
37219.08Brett SadlerBristol & West ACM50
429920.03George ScullySevern ACM50
52120.29Roger HemmingGreat Western RunnersM50
61921.19Roger BriersStroud ACM50
71521.54John JamesSevern ACM50
84722.03Chris ThainCarrier HarriersM50
96522.53Wayne IsaacBitton Road RunnersM50
106422.54Mike BarryBitton Road RunnersM50
115123.20Jim WeetchBristol WaterM50
122823.48Owain ThomasCarrier HarriersM50
1329723.57Kevin DanielsClevedon ACM50

14020.14Patrick SlavinBitton Road RunnersM60
21623.05Mike AdamsBristol & West ACM60