05 Nov

Finishing in the top ten clubs in the country can’t be bad, can it? Yet despite all our team matching their current form at the English cross country relay championships, it was still a somewhat disappointing result when viewed against our outstanding record in the race for the past seven years in which we have never finished lower than 6th.

It was disappointing in particular because our main rivals among the country’s leading distance running teams Leeds and Aldershot managed to get virtually all their top runners out on the day as proved by the remarkable results achieved by their second teams. It’s true of course that our recent success in the bigger team championships have been due to the strength in depth of our squad rather than the brilliance of a few individuals, and with only four runners per team in this event even one such star performer can make a significant difference.

Another mitigating excuse for our overall result is that had we not accepted WILL CHRISTOFI’S always frank assessment of his current fitness and relied for selection on his fine previous record in the event, we would have actually ended up two positions higher at 8th in the club rankings. While that justifiably may be considered a team manager’s mistake, Will admitted after running that maybe the sodden underfoot conditions played more to his natural strength than he had anticipated in assessing how he was likely to run. That’s certainly so in comparison with his replacement JOSH MOODY, who is much happier on a running track than the waterlogged course that produced the worst conditions in the more than 30 years the championships have been staged at Mansfield’s Berry Hill Park.

While Josh would obviously have preferred it firmer underfoot, they were conditions relished by our talisman on the day JACK MILLAR who gave us a storming start, attaching himself to the leading group from the gun and only losing ground on the second of the undulating two lap 5K distance to finish just 20 seconds off the medals in 8th place of the huge field of 190 teams that started – his time of 16:18 right up there with those recorded by many of his elite rivals. While It should be borne in mind that the opening stage is slightly shorter than the other three and worth an estimated advantage of around 10 seconds, Jack showed that in this sort of form he could be heading for his best ever winter season.

His run was just the start we had hoped for, and ANDY WATT, who has been in the form of his life recently, duly kept the flag flying, and though dropping one place he lost little or no ground on the front of the race with another creditable time of 17:15 before handing over to FELIX MCGRATH, who then showed just what a valuable recruit to the club he is going to be. While a top six position now looked out of reach, he matched Andy’s fine effort and kept our position in the top ten with another encouraging time of 17:17, which was actually the tenth fastest overall on his leg.

It was always going to be a formidable task for JOSH MOODY to hold our position on the anchor leg, for not only had he suffered a pelvic strain after a midweek training session that had left his participation in doubt, but after more than a thousand runners had left parts of the course a muddy morass conditions could also hardly have been less in his favour. Even so he coped surprisingly well and, though passed by one of the Leeds teams, as well as top Southern clubs Newham and Tonbridge, he managed to hold off a late challenge from our Midland and National 6 Stage conquerors Birchfield, whose scalp was one of the day’s consolations, to finish 12th overall in a time only 20 seconds slower than Will’s of 17:55.

As for the B team ADAM WILSON, who was promoted from the originally planned third quartet, took the first leg and did well to finish inside the top half of the 190 teams that started in 78th position with a fair time for a track specialist in the prevailing conditions of 18:52. While WILL CHRISTOFI may not have been as fit as he would like to have been for the race, faced with a pack of runners to chase he certainly made the most of it, passing all but 30 of them to lift the team into the top 50 at halfway in a better time than he had expected of 17:35.

Adam Wilson on the first leg for the B team

JED BARTLETT maintaind the progress on the third stage, albeit not quite so spectacularly, to gain another seven places with a more than respectable time of 18:09 and leave JACK BANCROFT to finish it off in the sort of conditions that he has never happily come to terms with. Undaunted he still managed to pass another five teams , his time of 18:55 leaving us to end up 37th of the 161 teams that survived.

As an incentive for next year hopefully it is no coincidence that our three bronze medal positions were recorded at four year intervals in 2008, 2012 and 2016, so to keep the sequence going next year’s event must be the target, but if this year is anything to go by it will need a fully committed squad. Please keep the first Saturday in November clear!

Meanwhile the next important championship for the club is the South West cross country at Haldon Hill, Yeovil at the beginning of the New Year, where we will once again be defending a title we have never lost as Bristol and West. Hopefully it will prove a dress rehearsal for a major assault on the Midland and English championships later in the winter. Before then I know the Telford 10K is on most of our top runners’ agenda, while Chris will be hoping to see as many of you as available for the forthcoming Gwent League races, the first of which is this coming weekend.

Finally we must congratulate our spartan ladies trio of ISSY TALBOT-PRYCE, NATALIE GRIFFITHS and the one and only KATE MALTBY, who put the club’s disappointing performance in the National 6 stage championship well and truly behind them by upstaging our guys and only missing a place in the top six in the women’s championship by a fraction of a second. Muddy marvellous girls!

parkrun report – 25th August 2018

27 Aug

parkrun REPORT 25/08/2018
Kurt TAYLOR was Bristol and West’s only first finisher on Saturday at Heartlands in Cornwall with 16:25. Maciej BIALOGONSKI, now returned from his Poland tour, was second at Chipping Sodbury in 16:31. Phil RADFORD was second at Clair in 16:55.
The best placed lady was Katherine ADAMS who was the second female at Thornbury in 25:29. Rosey MUSHENS, returning from injury after a long layoff, was third female and first VW50-54 at Wotton in 22:47. Molly CHILTON, running at Pomphrey Hill was also third female, in a time of 22:05.
Looking at the PBs, Jonathan BENNETT had a four second improvement at Ashton Court in 19:05. Bartosz WALENCIK improved by twenty-six seconds with a time of 25:29. Over in Newport, Agnieszka KAMINSKA recorded 26:53, fifty-five seconds better than her previous best. Barry MILLS, one of just two runners from Bristol & West at Pomphrey Hill had a ten second improvement in 26:06.
The Performance of the Week goes to Daniel MORGAN for his time of 19:58 at Chipping Sodbury. This was Daniel’s first run under twenty minutes in 338 parkruns spread over the last seven years.

Position  Gender Position  parkrunner  Run Time  Comments
Ashton Court parkrun
A total of 414 runners took part.
4 4 Jonathan BENNETT 00:19:05 PB by 4 secs. 1st VM35-39.
32 31 Mike WARREN 00:21:30 2nd VM45-49.
33 32 Bill HULL 00:21:31  
57 5 Tanya CHOWDHURY 00:22:44 1st VW40-44.
59 6 Jane COLMAN 00:22:46 1st VW50-54.
61 55 David SALTER 00:22:50 1st VM60-64.
73 8 Alice DOGGRELL 00:23:14 2nd VW35-39.
91 81 Andrew MALLOY 00:24:08  
102 13 Christine BURREN 00:24:28 2nd VW50-54.
137 21 Tamera JONES 00:25:24  
141 120 Bartosz WALENCIK 00:25:29 PB by 26 secs.
160 27 Liz HILL 00:26:07  
165 32 Francesca KNAPPER 00:26:24  
196 43 Emma WITHERS 00:27:29  
228 56 Susan CAMPBELL 00:28:51 1st VW60-64.
248 66 Cecilia BROWNE 00:29:32  
313 212 Gordon EVERETT 00:32:22  
349 124 Linda WOODBURN 00:34:32  
    Liz HILL    
    Maggie SALTER    
    Linda WOODBURN    
Swindon parkrun
A total of 417 runners took part.
102 89 Graham John CRUMP 00:24:14  
Riverfront parkrun
A total of 219 runners took part.
96 16 Agnieszka KAMINSKA 00:26:53 PB by 55 secs.
Eden Project parkrun
A total of 386 runners took part.
15 14 Gary STANDINGER 00:18:44  
Thornbury parkrun
A total of 99 runners took part.
31 2 Katherine ADAMS 00:25:29 PB by 3 mins 1 sec. 2nd female. 1st SW25-29.
Eastville parkrun
A total of 330 runners took part.
4 4 Neil LIGHT 00:19:14 1st VM35-39.
11 11 Neil TURNEY 00:19:48  
26 26 Will WINDELL 00:21:11  
48 47 Derek DA SILVA 00:22:33  
101 8 Julie ILOGU 00:24:39 2nd VW50-54.
189 38 Rachael PRYOR 00:28:27  
196 156 Roger BROCKLESBY 00:28:37  
226 175 Tom BURGESS 00:30:22  
    Bob COX    
    Derek DA SILVA    
    Andrew DRAKE    
    Michelle EDGELL    
    Stuart PRESNELL    
Bryn Bach parkrun
A total of 171 runners took part.
16 14 Darren STRINGER 00:20:41  
Wotton parkrun
A total of 125 runners took part.
18 3 Rosey MUSHENS 00:22:47 1st VW50-54.
Chipping Sodbury parkrun
A total of 351 runners took part.
2 2 Maciej BIALOGONSKI 00:16:31 2nd overall. 1st SM30-34.
14 14 Daniel MORGAN 00:19:58 PB by 49 secs. 2nd SM25-29.
64 8 Claire SHINE 00:24:08  
273 107 Melissa COOKE 00:35:00  
302 168 Geoffrey MORGAN 00:37:54  
Clair parkrun
A total of 127 runners took part.
2 2 Phil RADFORD 00:16:55 2nd overall. 2nd SM20-24.
Longrun Meadow parkrun
A total of 387 runners took part.
38 34 Miles PEARCE 00:21:45 2nd VM50-54.
Pomphrey Hill parkrun
A total of 240 runners took part.
18 3 Molly CHILTON 00:22:05 1st SW20-24.
66 57 Barry MILLS 00:26:06 PB by 10 secs.
Penrose parkrun
A total of 314 runners took part.
9 8 David EAGON 00:17:42 1st SM25-29.
Burnham and Highbridge parkrun
A total of 341 runners took part.
170 122 Brendon WILSON 00:28:21  
188 133 Richard GWYN 00:28:59  
Haigh Woodland parkrun
A total of 163 runners took part.
79 61 Mark TAYLOR 00:27:33  
Guernsey parkrun
A total of 174 runners took part.
9 9 Graham GROUT 00:20:46 1st VM60-64.
parkrun Katowice
A total of 41 runners took part.
2 2 Krzysztof WANAT 00:19:29 2nd overall. 1st SM30-34.
21 19 Sokol DULI 00:25:45  
Heartlands parkrun
A total of 169 runners took part.
1 1 Kurt TAYLOR 00:16:25 1st overall. 1st SM20-24.
Severn Bridge parkrun
A total of 308 runners took part.
25 23 Nick WHITE 00:20:59  


parkrun report – Saturday 18th August 2018

20 Aug

parkrun REPORT 18/08/2018

There was a full set of parkruns in the Bristol area this week, following last week’s cancellations.

Paul JEFFERSON was the Club’s leading runner at Ashton Court in fourth position in a time of 18:54. Marie MALLOY was the first female in 20:03 and there were PBs for Nicola OLDROYD and Christine ROSE.

Henry SLY was the first finisher at Eastville in 17:48; and Nicola BROOKLAND was the first female in 18:19, a PB by four seconds. Rachael PRYOR’s time of 28:04 was also a PB, this time by forty-five seconds.

There were several first finishers, the youngest of whom was Fred HAWKER at Rogiet, where he completed the course in 19:23., and earning himself the Performance of the Week. Maciej BIALOGONSI continued his tour of Poland and was first at parkrun Wolbrom, north of Krakow, in 16:53. Closer to home, David Eagon was first at Shepton Mallet in 18:53. The Club’s fastest runner of the day was Phil RADFORD at Sheffield Hallam, who recorded 16:28.

Amy Nicholls was the first female at Weymouth in a time of 20:43.

Position  Gender Position  parkrunner  Run Time  Comments
Bushy parkrun
A total of 1227 runners took part.
8 8 David BRUCE 00:17:23 2nd SM30-34.
Cardiff parkrun
A total of 686 runners took part.
16 13 Dan SCHOFIELD 00:17:56  
Ashton Court parkrun
A total of 438 runners took part.
4 4 Paul JEFFERSON 00:18:54 1st VM40-44.
13 1 Marie MALLOY 00:20:03 1st female. 1st VW35-39.
35 33 Tomek CZEREPINSKI 00:21:20 1st JM11-14.
45 5 Jane COLMAN 00:21:44 1st VW50-54.
47 42 Andrew MALLOY 00:21:49  
54 6 Nicola OLDROYD 00:22:05 PB by 14 secs. 2nd SW20-24.
58 7 Alice DOGGRELL 00:22:22 2nd VW35-39.
59 8 Tanya CHOWDHURY 00:22:23 1st VW40-44.
69 61 David SALTER 00:22:48 1st VM60-64.
96 9 Latife COMLEK 00:23:54 2nd VW50-54.
117 14 Christine BURREN 00:24:36  
123 16 Christine ROSE 00:24:48 PB by 25 secs. 2nd VW60-64.
137 118 Daniel MORGAN 00:25:16  
163 27 Liz HILL 00:26:00  
287 83 Tamera JONES 00:31:00  
    Goirdon EVERETT    
    Andrew MALLOY    
    Maggie SALTER    
    Linda WOODBURN    
Plymvalley parkrun
A total of 277 runners took part.
44 43 Pete MOUNTAIN 00:24:03 1st VM60-64.
Sheffield Hallam parkrun
A total of 501 runners took part.
1 1 Phil RADFORD 00:16:28 1st overall. 1st SM20-24.
Torbay Velopark parkrun
A total of 308 runners took part.
24 23 Paul RAINBOW 00:20:41  
Bath Skyline parkrun
A total of 317 runners took part.
14 14 Graham GROUT 00:20:58 2nd VM60-64.
Shepton Mallet parkrun
A total of 171 runners took part.
1 1 David EAGON 00:18:05 1st overall. 1st SM25-29.
Eastville parkrun
A total of 311 runners took part.
1 1 Henry SLY 00:17:48 1st overall. 1st VM35-39.
5 1 Nicola BROOKLAND 00:18:19 PB by 4 secs. 1st female. 1st VW40-44.
8 7 Neil LIGHT 00:19:16  
31 29 Will WINDELL 00:21:12 1st SM25-29.
46 42 Nick CREW 00:22:08 2nd VN50-54.
68 63 Derek DA SILVA 00:23:15  
70 6 Catherine BROOKE 00:23:21 1st JW15-17.
81 7 Fleur COCKLEY 00:23:43 1st VW45-49.
82 8 Sarah Natasha EVERITT 00:23:43 1st VW50-54.
111 14 Julie ILOGU 00:25:17 2nd VW50-54.
123 108 Felix PEARSON 00:25:50  
157 32 Rachael PRYOR 00:28:04 PB by 45 secs.
225 66 Katherine ADAMS 00:31:57  
259 89 Jolana PRICE 00:34:00  
    Felicfity RUSSELL    
    Stuart PRESNELL    
    Carol KIEKUTH    
    Darren STRINGER    
Chipping Sodbury parkrun
A total of 300 runners took part.
63 58 Graham John CRUMP 00:23:55  
263 170 Geoffrey MORGAN 00:37:35  
Yeovil Montacute parkrun
A total of 384 runners took part
10 10 Ishmael BRADLEY 00:20:15 1st JM11-14.
Weymouth parkrun
View full results for Weymouth parkrun event #259
29 1 Amy NICHOLLS 00:20:43 1st female. 1st JW11-14.
Pomphrey Hill parkrun
A total of 252 runners took part.
14 14 Neil TURNEY 00:20:56 1st VW35-39.
101 83 Barry MILLS 00:26:19  
Burnham and Highbridge parkrun
A total of 347 runners took part.
105 88 Brendon WILSON 00:25:14  
parkrun Wolbrom
A total of 32 runners took part.
1 1 Maciej BIALOGONSKI 00:16:53 1st overall. 1st SM30-34.
Jersey parkrun
A total of 293 runners took part.
106 26 Karen Louise WATSON 00:26:42 2nd VW50-54.
Lydney parkrun
A total of 87 runners took part.
3 3 Jay HUNT 00:20:10 1st JM11-14.
40 11 Debbie HUNT 00:28:20  
Rogiet parkrun
A total of 53 runners took part.
1 1 Fred HAWKER 00:19:23 1st overall. 1st JM15-17.
Street parkrun
A total of 154 runners took part.
4 4 Mark TAYLOR 00:19:16 1st VM45-49.
Newborough Forest parkrun
A total of 167 runners took part.
2 2 Stephen MITCHELL 00:16:59 2nd overall. 2nd SM30-34.
12 11 Jacob ROE 00:21:03 1st JM11-14.
105 42 Niamh ROE 00:32:12  
Severn Bridge parkrun
A total of 234 runners took part.
35 33 Bob COX 00:22:17 2nd VM60-64.
114 94 Roger BROCKLESBY 00:27:11