Five individual virtual running challenges using defined courses on different terrain all around Bristol. Events can be entered individually or combined as part of the series.  Each event has a fixed route to be completed within a given time period.  Individual and mixed team prizes.

  • Prologue: 23-31 MAY, free to enter and doesn’t count towards series results, details below. Entry link.
  • Event 1: 1-14 JUN, Aztec West, road, approx 8 km.  Details available now, see below.
  • Event 2: 15-28 JUN, SW Bristol, trail, approx 6 km. Details available from 8-JUN
  • Event 3: 29 JUN-12 JUL, SW Bristol, multi terrain, approx 20km. Details available from 22-JUN
  • Event 4: 13-26 JUL Surprise finale. Details available from 6-JUL


Enter the prologue at

Enter the 4 main events at

Entry for Events 1 to 4 – £5/race.

How it works

Enter here. The route for each event will be made available one week before the event opens, you may compete on the course as many times as you like within the two week window.  Record your performance using a GPS device and upload it to Strava or Garmin Connect, follow the instructions on OpenTrack to upload your best result to OpenTrack.  Once the event time window closes results will be sanity checked and the prize winners will be announced.

Event prizes: Individual event prizes (Events 1 to 4) for the first three female and male finishers plus first female and male V40, V50 and V60.  A minimum of three competitors will be required in each age category for a prize to be awarded.

Strava Segment competition: Prize for the fastest Male and Female on a specified Strava segment within the route, only times achieved during the submitted performance will be counted.  Garmin Connect entries are unfortunately not eligible for this competition.

Series competition: Performances across all 4 events in the series contribute towards the overall competition. A “Golden Padlock” series prize will be awarded to the first in the age categories of Seniors, V40, V50 and V60 based on the accumulated position within each age category.

Team competition: A Team Series prize will be awarded to the first team of 4 (2 male, 2 female), which may be formed from any eligible runners.  Scoring based on total cumulative finishing position across all events.  Enter the name of your team when entering.

Get involved through our Facebook Event, share your thoughts, stories and photos from the events, we’d love to hear how everyone gets on and how we can improve the event.

Submitting your results:

Results are submitted through OpenTrack, instructions on how to do this and current provisional leaderboards can be found there.  Before uploading your GPS based activity crop it to the route as defined in the route details and enter the elapsed time of the submitted activity.  The course map + start and finish photos are the official route, any Strava Segments created on the same route are a guide only and may not be fully accurate, additionally since entries are permitted from Garmin Connect and Strava it is only fair that the official route description is used.


All runs must be done in accordance with current government social distancing guidance.  Entrants must run the route as specified without significant deviations, within the specified timeperiod, GPS tracks must be uploaded before the closing date.  Runners should also take responsibilty for their own safety and the safety of others all times, the organisers have endeavoured to make the routes as safe as possible and to highlight any hazards but the onus is always on the participant to use their skills, experience and judgement to remain safe.  Participants are strongly encouraged to consider weather and traffic conditions as well as the presence of others before venturing out.  Additionally it is good practice to tell someone where you are going and likely return time, consider carrying ICE details, a mobile phone, First Aid, water, sun protection, etc. especially on longer runs or in more remote locations.

Minimum age – 17.

GPS Anti-Doping will be in force, the organisers reserve the right to disqualify any entrant deemed not to be competing in the spirit of fair play, this may include but is not limited to bad GPS data and incorrect routes.

UKA unmeasured road race licence: 2020-40769.

Contact details:

Prologue, 23-31 MAY

Enter here on OpenTrack

Something a bit different and just for fun, free to enter and doesn’t count towards the series results.  Challenge yourself and let us know how you get on!

A map of the route plus accompanying notes can be found here.

The photos below may help you find the exact locations of the start and finish plus some other parts to help you on your way:

Start line location


After the footbridge, continue up Granby Hill.
Finish line location, do not run out onto the road beyond.

Event 1, 1-14 JUN

The first event in the main Virtual Challenge Series will take place at Aztec West business park from 1-14 JUN.  Those who have not already done so can enter here on OpenTrack.  Prizes will be awarded as detailed in the schedule above.

Enter here!

Course details

5 anticlockwise laps of Aztec West, start/finish line location shown below. Athletes are advised to keep to the inside of the loop, on pavement and paths where possible. Beware of and give way to traffic, including cyclists and pedestrians.
In particular, please be aware of traffic when crossing junctions and roundabouts, the business park is quieter than usual but is still open.
Course map (showing 1 of the 5 laps):
Start/Finish line is located here (Google Maps pin) and shown in the photo below:
Virtual Series Event 1: Start/Finish location
Strava Segment challenge
There will be a prize to the fastest Male and Female competitors on this segment, note that only times completed during the main event activity shall be eligible for this prize.

When is the best time to run?

To minimise the impact of traffic consider going on a weekend, early in the morning or after 6pm.  Please ensure you have read the competition rules and guidance above.

Event 2

15-28 JUN, South East Bristol, approx 5 miles, trail.  Route details available from 8-JUN.

Event 3

29-JUN to 12-JUL, South West Bristol, approx 20km, trail and road.  Route details available from 22-JUN.

Event 4

Event 4: 13-26 JUL, TBD.  Route details available from 6-JUL.