National Road Relays + T&F rankings update

National Road Relays + T&F rankings update
27 Jun

Club Statistician Mike Strange continues to work his way through all the club rankings bringing them up to date, the latest batch (here) includes:

  • Women’s Discus
  • Women’s Steeplechase
  • Women’s Half Marathon

Additionally historical records of club participation and some photos of past successes in a number of Regional and National events are now available for all age groups here, including:

  • National Road Relays (Spring and Autumn)
  • Midland Road Relays (Spring and Autumn)
  • National Cross Country Championships
  • Midland Cross Country Championships

Virtual Challenge: Event 1 results & Event 3 details

Virtual Challenge: Event 1 results & Event 3 details
22 Jun

Results of event 1 at Aztec West are now available here and on the event web page, congratulations to our winners, Kurt Taylor, Kate Hoffen and Antonia Gooder (joint ladies winners).  Kurt and Jack Millar also claimed the Strava segment prize.

Event 2 is well underway in Whitchurch, a number of recces have happened with people enjoying the amazing views and now waiting excitedly for the ground to harden up after the recent rain, expect to see many attempts later this week!  Entries are still open.

Event 3 details announced!  Approximately a half marathon in length, check out the full details here on the event website.


Track use update

18 Jun

The Club’s Management Committee is working hard to restart training at Whitehall, putting in place risk assessments and procedures to allow training to run safely and in line with current government guidance.

What is the England Athletics guidance, and what are other clubs doing?

EA has advised all clubs that so far about 43% of tracks across the country have resumed training. They expect that this might rise to 50% by the end of July.  Indoor activities are still forbidden.  Many of the tracks that are open are still operating on a 1:1 coach to athlete ratio and are taking a cautious approach with only a small number of people present at a time.  Everyone is still in a learning phase at the moment and what is permitted is continually evolving too. Procedures will need to be continually reviewed, discussed and agreed with all relevant parties to ensure that we all stay safe.

We all need to work together

The understanding and cooperation of everyone involved – coaches, athletes and others – is key during this period. It is critical that all individuals are aware of the risks specific to them and follow processes to mitigate those as far as possible. The procedures and knowledge developed through restarting training at Whitehall will be applied at other facilities such as WISE as and when they re-open, although this is not likely to be until August at the earliest.

What’s happening at Whitehall?

Whitehall is closed this week (w/c 15th June) for planned maintenance. When it reopens on the 22rd, track usage will be limited to small groups, pre-booked and pre-paid only.

We want to enable as many athletes and coaches to use the track throughout the week as possible and hope the facility can be open longer than normal to accommodate this.

  • Athletes should contact their coaches about booking a slot on the track.
  • Coaches must book through the Coaching Coordinator, Paul Filer,
  • Details of the current procedures and how to pay for track use will be sent with confirmation of booking.

Any further queries can be addressed to the Club Secretary, Owain Jones,

Virtual Challenge Series: Event 2

09 Jun

Route information is now available for the second event in the Virtual Challenge Series.  Starting in Whitchurch, South East Bristol it takes in some quiet country lanes, a challenging climb that rewards you with some fantastic views.  If you’ve not explored this area before, give it a go!  Race info.  Entries.

Entries are still open for the first event in the series at Aztec West and a few results have been submitted, rumour has it a number of small groups are planning to pay a visit to the course later this week.  Enter here.

The organisers intend to use all entry fees, less minimal admin costs, for the purchase of prizes.

Virtual Challenge Prologue – Results

Virtual Challenge Prologue – Results
02 Jun

The Virtual Challenge Prologue has finished, 14 athletes submitted results and a number of others attempted but did not submit.  Congratulations to all those who participated and espeially to our winners Amy Partridge and Jack Miller, both the male and female categories were very close!  We hope everyone enjoyed the event, the organising team picked up a few points which can be improved for next time.

Full results including age category results can be found on the event web page.

Don’t forget, the main virtual challenge series kicks off this week at Aztec West and entries are still open, why not get a team together?

Virtual Pomphrey 5k Results – May 2020

29 May
We had some fantastic times posted for this event with runners from far afield taking advantage of its virtual nature.
Overall, age category and %age grade results are available on the Pomphrey 5k page.
Eight of the times recorded were over 76% age grade with three at 86% and almost inseparable.
Staple Hill Runners would take the prize for turnout if there was one.
The June race will be virtual again and includes a mob match to conclude the oddest of Pomphrey 5k races series:

April Virtual Pomphrey 5k results

10 May
With competitive events closed down for now, a trial virtual version of the Pomphrey 5k was held in April with the results attached.
A similar event is being run for May and if successful will be repeated in June now that the competition ban has been extended.
You can enter and post your results for the May event at:
There is no entry fee, prizes or Power of 10 postings for this “fun only” event, but you are offered the opportunity to make a charitable donation if you wish.
Results from the trial event can be found on the Pomphrey 5k page. and May results will also be posted here.

Whitehall reminder

16 Apr

Our landlords at Whitehall have reported people climbing the fence and using the facilities while they are shut due to COVID-19. We have no reason to believe that any club members were involved in this but to maintain good relations with our landlords and to comply with the COVID-19 restrictions, please can we remind all club members that the entire Whitehall facility is closed and not to be used until further notice.

Thank you for your understanding.

Statement RE: Membership subs and the COVID-19 closure

07 Apr

[To all club members]

The Club’s Management Committee is very aware that only a few months after our membership renewal date COVID-19 unfortunately required us to shut all training facilities, training sessions and competitions, none of us knows how soon these restrictions may be lifted.   It is one of the roles of the committee to ensure that the club remains healthy financially and this year will have a significant impact on our finances, it is also our duty to do what is in the best interests of all members and we recognise that the current situation and any future effects are very worrying for some members.
To keep you informed on how we are working to manage the financial situation, here is a summary of how things stand at the moment and what we are doing:
  1. EA registration for 2020-2021 has been paid for all competing members.
  2. We are in discussion with our landlord at Whitehall over our rent and electricity bills during the lockdown period.
  3. Competition and transport costs for the summer season are significantly reduced due to the cancellation of most events.
  4. We are actively investigating some form of financial compensation to all members due to the lack of facilities, etc.  It is likely this will take the form of a reduction in renewal fee for 2021 for members who renewed by 31-MAR-2020, the amount of which will depend on the length of closure and our ability to minimise costs during this time.
  5. The club employs a small number of individuals, we are working with them to ensure we do the right thing for them and the club during this period.
The 2020 AGM will be convened as soon as possible after the lockdown when all members should be able to attend, proposals including some for item 4 above will be presented for your consideration at that meeting.  Details will be circulated in advance of the meeting.
Best wishes,
Owain Jones,
Club Secretary, Bristol and West AC.


16 Mar

Update 17-MAR-2020

Further to the announcement below concerning the temporary closure of the Whitehall Track, we have now received this statement from England Athletics. This should be read by everyone in its entirety. As well as endorsing our statement of yesterday, it also advises a suspension of all face-to-face activity until at least the end of April.  The Club fully supports this statement and expects that all members will comply.

We will keep everyone informed of future developments.  Further details will follow on the Club AGM.


It is with great regret that, following Government advice today, we feel it is our duty to suspend all our regular training sessions at Whitehall until further notice, as of midnight tonight. Training is “social contact” and we are asked to all avoid this from tomorrow onwards, not only for our own protection but also for the protection of others.

We advise you that if you wish to continue training alone, for example in parks and open spaces where you can train without coming close to others, then your coaches may be able to advise you of a plan to ‘keep you going’: their email addresses are on the club website if you don’t have them anyway.

We do not know how long this closure will last. Season Ticket holders please note that is that however many weeks we are closed for, we will extent those season tickets by that number of weeks.