Under-13 Boys Cross Country Presentation At Summer Garden Party

17 Jul

The long awaited Gwent team bronze medals were awarded in the heat of the Summer during a what felt like a marathon party at Ali Hurford’s new home in Clevedon.
Presenting medals was the easy part as keeping a very mixed bunch of people happy for seven hours plus was a challenge. However as usual the lads were on great form and nobody escaped from the gate at the bottom of the garden.
Thank you to everyone who from the club who contributed to the afternoon/evening it was a lovely occasion.
The photo along with the stunning view says it all.

Under-13 Gwent League Medal Presentation

Under-11s Triumphant at Avon League Quadkids – Sunday 15th July 2018

17 Jul

At the first Avon League Track & Field Meeting the Boys got off to a flying start finishing first while the girls with only three out of the possible five competitors  finished eighth of the eight teams. At the second match at Kip Keino Athletic Stadium Stoke Gifford on Sunday 15th July 2018 the Boys maintained their winning ways and remain in the lead after two matches. This time out the girls matched the boys by winning a performance which lifts them to fifth overall. Would it be too much to hope that they could win the remaining two competitions and finish overall winners after four matches.

The results from Sunday’s  meeting are below:

Overall the team positions are as follows:

parkrun Report  Saturday 14th July 2018

16 Jul

The Club’s runners visited sixteen parkruns on Saturday, with Francesca KNAPPER travelling the furthest to Jersey, where she was the first SW30-34 in 25:08. In Yorkshire, Katherine ADAMS ran at Sheffield Hallam, finishing with a time of 30:11. Robbie STEWART was the first finisher at Tamar Trails in 16:55; and Kurt TAYLOR was first at Southsea in 15:46.

Peter GANDON was second at Ashton Court in 18:21 and Nicola Brookland was first female in 18:35. David BRUCE was the first finisher at Eastville in 17:18 with Phil PARRY in second place in 17:57. Ana DURAN-MINGO earned the Performance of the Week by finishing as the first female in 19:37, a PB by twenty-two seconds. There were also PBs for Jonathan BENNETT, Ishmael BRADLEY, Darren STRINGER, Sian DAVIES, William BROWN, Christine ROSE and Bartosz WALENCIK.

Maciej BIALOGONSKI was first at Chipping Sodbury in 16:38, where three runners achieved PBs: Nick CREW, Tamera JONES and Julie ILOGU.

Helen CLARK was second female at Pomphrey Hill and Jay AKBAR was the first JM11-14. At Burnham & Highbridge, there was success for two runners separated by over fifty years; Jay HUNT was the first JM11-14 in 19:10 and Chris PEARCE was the first VM65-69 in 22:46.

Position  Gender Position  parkrunner  Run Time  Comments
Richmond parkrun
A total of 423 runners took part.
95 14 Claire SHINE 00:24:01 PB by 76 seconds.
Ashton Court parkrun
A total of 417 runners took part.
2 2 Peter GANDON 00:18:21 PB by 1 second. 2nd overall.

1st SM30-34.

5 1 Nicola BROOKLAND 00:18:35 1st female. 1st VW40-44.

Age Grade 84.44%.

51 46 David SALTER 00:22:05 2nd VM60-64.
58 53 Paul JEFFERSON 00:22:30  
72 7 Liz HILL 00:23:19 1st VW35-39.
95 12 Latife COMLEK 00:23:55 2nd VW50-54.
103 16 Maggie SALTER 00:24:13  
104 17 Lucy BIRD 00:24:17  
169 36 Emma WITHERS 00:26:41  
192 45 Anne DOCKERY 00:27:26 1st VW70-74.
209 158 Mark TAYLOR 00:28:15  
220 58 Cecilia BROWNE 00:28:36  
229 61 Susan CAMPBELL 00:28:50  
238 173 Roger BROCKLESBY 00:29:01  
391 243 Geoffrey MORGAN 00:41:02  
417 252 Daniel MORGAN 00:53:56  
    Alice DOGGRELL    
    Daniel MORGAN    
Tamar Trails parkrun
A total of 96 runners took part.
1 1 Robert STEWART 00:16:55 PB by 41 seconds. 1st overall.

1st SM30-34.

Sheffield Hallam parkrun
A total of 684 runners took part.
439 118 Katherine ADAMS 00:30:11  
Southsea parkrun
A total of 385 runners took part.
1 1 Kurt TAYLOR 00:15:46 1st overall. 1st SM20-24.

Age Grade 81.82%.

Shepton Mallet parkrun
A total of 167 runners took part.
2 2 David EAGON 00:18:40 2nd overall. 1st SM25-29.
Newport parkrun
A total of 253 runners took part.
78 71 Gordon EVERETT 00:26:27  
Thornbury parkrun
A total of 82 runners took part.
4 4 Bill HULL 00:19:59 1st VM45-49.
5 1 Marie MALLOY 00:20:00 1st female. 1st VW35-39.
7 6 Joseph HULL 00:20:56 1st JM11-14.
13 10 Andrew MALLOY 00:22:15  
Eastville parkrun
A total of 320 runners took part.
1 1 David BRUCE 00:17:18 1st overall. 1st SM30-34.
2 2 Philip PARRY 00:17:57  
5 5 Scott WATKINS 00:18:31 1st VM35-39.
11 11 Jonathan BENNETT 00:19:07 PB by 9mins 45 seconds.

2nd VM35-39.

12 12 Neil LIGHT 00:19:09  
16 16 Neil TURNEY 00:19:31  
18 1 Ana Maria DURAN-MINGO 00:19:37 PB by 22 seconds. 1st female.

1st VW35-39.

19 18 Ben HOLDING 00:19:38  
21 20 Dan SCHOFIELD 00:19:45 2nd SM30-34.
25 24 Ishmael BRADLEY 00:20:01 PB by 42 seconds. 2nd JM11-14.
43 40 Greg CHANCE 00:21:05  
44 41 Darren STRINGER 00:21:08 PB by 4 seconds.
56 5 Molly CHILTON 00:22:01 1st SW20-24.
58 52 Derek DA SILVA 00:22:06  
63 7 Sian DAVIES 00:22:24 PB by 6 seconds. 1st VW55-59.
73 66 William BROWN 00:23:22 PB by 48 seconds.
80 72 Ronnie WILMOTT 00:23:55 1st JM10.
84 75 Felix PEARSON 00:24:02  
86 77 Paul BRANA-MARTIN 00:24:05  
92 11 Christine ROSE 00:24:16 PB by 7 seconds. 1st VW60-64.

Age Grade 81.16%.

98 86 Bartosz WALENCIK 00:24:32 PB by 41 seconds.
108 16 Nicola OLDROYD 00:25:23 2nd SW20-24.
134 26 Liz WILMOTT 00:26:48  
143 115 Paul TAYLOR-MORRIS 00:27:31  
155 35 Karen WATSON 00:27:50  
194 51 Jolana PRICE 00:30:20  
197 54 Rachael PRYOR 00:30:34  
300 174 Steven GRANT 00:41:10  
    Camilla BRIGGS    
Stonehouse parkrun
A total of 123 runners took part.
5 5 John ROONEY 00:19:25  
Bryn Bach parkrun
A total of 170 runners took part.
11 11 Michael CHANDLER 00:19:43  
Chipping Sodbury parkrun
A total of 318 runners took part.
1 1 Maciej BIALOGONSKI 00:16:08 1st overall. 1st SM30-34.
8 8 Jonathan GOODLAND 00:19:25 1st VM60-64.
22 20 Nick CREW 00:21:24 PB by 33 seconds.
31 29 Nick WHITE 00:21:44  
57 7 Tamera JONES 00:23:49 PB by 22 seconds. 1st VW45-49.
69 11 Julie ILOGU 00:24:33 PB by 2 seconds. 1st VW50-54.
199 64 Michelle EDGELL 00:33:04  
    Bruce SELLERS    
Longrun Meadow parkrun
A total of 384 runners took part.
253 180 Richard GWYN 00:30:34  
362 226 Miles PEARCE 00:41:02  
Pomphrey Hill parkrun
A total of 235 runners took part.
7 7 Jay AKBAR 00:19:50 1st JM11-14.
21 2 Helen CLARK 00:22:15 2nd female. 2nd VW40-44.
86 72 Barry MILLS 00:27:39  
Burnham and Highbridge parkrun
A total of 301 runners took part.
8 8 Jay HUNT 00:19:10 1st JM11-14.
45 40 Chris PEARCE 00:22:46 1st VM65-69.
92 78 Brendon WILSON 00:25:42  
112 22 Debbie HUNT 00:26:26  
277 106 Gemma SLY 00:39:12  
Jersey parkrun
A total of 259 runners took part.
72 11 Francesca KNAPPER 00:25:08 1st SW30-34.

Continuing Adult Endurance Group Training From August 2018

15 Jul

With Keith Brackstone’s imminent retirement a small number of changes in the adult endurance training and personnel have been introduced from the start of August .  The diversity in the nature of training and location have been preserved.

Mondays – the well established progressive run will continue from the Whitehall shed at 6.30 pm where we have sufficient run leaders to cover a wide spectrum of paces.

Tuesday & Thursday – The sessions run by Chris Elson at Whitehall and the training centred around Coombe Dingle and nearby locations will continue with a pool of coaches taking over from Keith.

Wednesday – the track sessions at WISE will be run as a combined group by Chris Elson.

Saturday – ad-hoc sessions will be publicised and run by a number of coaches as happens at present.

If you have any questions regarding training contact Chris Elson (c.j.elson@bris.ac.uk) or Steve Grant (sagrant@blueyonder.co.uk)

Understanding The Physical And Social Health Of Adolescent Distance Runners

13 Jul

The University of Exeter are working in partnership with England Athletics and Rob Mann is compiling this research study as part of a PhD. England Athletics are hopeful that the findings from this research will help them to further understand the physical and social health of adolescent distance runners. The research will aim to provide key insight on participation, training volume and injuries.  England Athletics are seeing more young athletes competing in distance running and want to further support their coaches and clubs by providing key information and training recommendations.

If you are between the ages of 13 and 18 and compete at distances between 800 and 10,000 metres please complete the questionnaire at the following link:


If you need further information please contact Rob Mann by email at rm537@exeter.ac.uk or telephone 07828-162065.

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Avon Track & Field League – Sunday 15th July 2018 – Car Parking Charges

12 Jul

The second match in the Avon Track & Field League will take place at the Kip Keino Athletic Stadium, WISE Campus, South Gloucestershire & Stroud College on Sunday 15th July 2018 with the first events at 11.00 a.m. Anyone attending this match is advised that there are parking charges in effect at the College. The club has been able to negotiate a reduced fee of £3 (the normal daily rate is £7.50) – please ensure that you do pay to park. There is a number plate recognition system and non-payers will face a significant fine if they do not pay.

Training in Hot Weather – A few Tips

11 Jul
On Monday night one of the club’s very experienced endurance runners asked me questions because he had felt terrible and had to stop only metres into the last of some 500 metre reps he was doing.
In my view there were two possible causes which could be related – dehydration or heat exhaustion.
When this country last had a prolonged spell of hot weather like this (1976) I experienced something very similar 9 miles into an 11 mile run  I suddenly developed a  really bad headache and felt as if I was approaching a Callum Hawkins moment (collapsing in a heap by the side of the road). When I got home I weighed myself and was 7 pounds below my usual racing weight at the time (which was only 9 stone 4 pounds). I thought I had been re-hydrating religiously but on reflection I believe that a small daily hydration deficit over a number of days had caused me to seriously dehydrate on that particular run (I never re-hydrated on a run). I now get my performance athletes to check their weight – particularly in hot weather as weight loss is one way of identifying this particular problem. The pee test is another good way to check your hydration levels if you are properly hydrated it should be the colour of straw – the darker it is the more dehydrated you are.
As ever if you google Athletics Training in Hot Weather lots of options come up; here is one:
Some key tips are:
1. Wait until the cooler part of the day (or train early).
2. Pick a venue with shade if possible.
3. Wear a cap and other appropriate clothing.
4. Extend recovery time between reps.
5. Reduce the volume of the session.
6. Ensure you are properly hydrated before you start.
7. Drink water between reps.
8. Ensure you re-hydrate properly after the session.
9. Wear sun cream.
Although the above are aimed primarily at middle distance and endurance athletes the majority of them are equally valid for all athletes.
Keith Brackstone – Club Development Adviser

High Jump Training for Young Athletes – Summer 2018

10 Jul

If you are aged between 12-18 years-old and would like to have a go at high jump, please contact the Club’s High Jump Coach Joy Bray directly at joybraycoach@gmail.com as she has the availability to run extra sessions over the summer either at SGS Academy, Filton, or Whitehall track, depending on the demand.

If you want to learn all the basics of good technique for high jump…. contact her straight away, so we can make it happen while the sun shines!

Away Win In The Searing Heat To Take Us Back To The Top Of The Midland League

10 Jul

Midland Athletic League Division 1 – Match 3 Report for Combined Bristol & West/Yate & District team – Cheltenham, 8th July 2018

The combined Bristol & West/Yate & District team responded brilliantly to the disruption caused by the late cancellation of the Hammer and Discus and some late injury withdrawals to take an away win and return to the top of the league by one league point from Birchfield.

Tamworth continued their season of consistent performances with second place on the day and pipping Birchfield by one match point, followed up by Cheltenham & County, Notts and Wolves & Bilston.  The last match is likely to be between us and Birchfield for the league victory with Cheltenham and Notts fending off relegation and Wolves almost certainly going down.

Winning is great, but as importantly we had another great day out with athletes pitching in, multiple team debutantes adding to their experience, mutual support all round and athletes and supporters enjoying themselves. Sadie GLEDSON smiling all the way down the 100 metre hurdles a perfect example and she was also third which isn’t bad for a long jumper who hasn’t trained for hurdles in years.

Other examples that typify the teams commitment and spirit of adventure is Jo SMERDON advising our two male novice Shot Putters of Simon Hamman (horizontal jumper) and Tim WHITE (vet endurance runner) on how to get legal throws; Jess MEAD (Hammer thrower) travelling just to do her ‘help out’ event of the 400 metre hurdles; and Jodie DALE doing the same for the Javelin despite her Discus being cancelled.

It is unusual to have so many debutantes at this point in the season, but it is part of the teams remit that we offer athletes additional competitive opportunities.  New to the team and this type of competition were James CASLING (400mH and possibly the first s/chase guest in league history), Claudia SPICE (1500m), and Amena KOFI & Olivia KNIGHT in the 100 metres and 4 x 100 metres relay.  Familiar with this level of competition, but new to the Midland League team were Ben TULLOCH, Mike PROFFITT, Julia COOK, Olivia WILDING with remarkably her first 4 x 400 metres relay along with Hannah HOBBS, and finally a long term supporter of the team in Emma JOLLIFFE who ran her first individual team event.

The next match is in Nottingham on the 5th August 2018 when we have the chance to secure our second League victory in a row and have another good day out no matter the result.

Results are now on power of 10 and the club affiliations are being corrected: https://www.thepowerof10.info/results/results.aspx?meetingid=235488

You wouldn’t think it was a great day for PBs and SBs with the heat and wind, but nonetheless a fair number of you managed it:

Women’s PBs: Daisy ACKERMAN (800 metres), Jess MEAD (400 metre hurdles), Emily WHITAKER (400 metre hurdles)

Women’s SBs: Olivia KNIGHT (100 metres), Sarah EVERITT (800 metres), Hannah HOBBS (1,500 metres), Ana Maria DURAN-MINGO (3,000 metres), Emma JOLLIFFE (3,000 metres), Tia JACKSON (Long Jump and High Jump), Lucy DURHAM (= High Jump)

Men’s PBs: Dan SCHOFIELD (1,500 metres), Tim WHITE (400 metre hurdles and 2000 metres steeplechase), James CASLING (400 metre hurdles and 2,000 metre steeplechase), Robbie STEWART (2,000 metre steeplechase), Simon HAMMANN (Shot Putt), Jonny SHINE (Javelin)

Men’s SBs:  Abdi HASAN (800 metres), Tim WHITE (1,500 metres), Joe CONNORS (5,000 metres), Jack MOORE (=110 metre hurdles), Jonny SHINE (Triple Jump)

Steve Grant, Pete Mountain and Matt Muggeridge