Welsh U20 International – Cardiff – Indoor T&F report by Mike Strange

05 Mar

Welsh U20 International – Cardiff

Bristol & West showed well in the traditional end of season England v Wales Under 20 Match at Cardiff on Sunday March 3rd which also included some interesting Open events.

First the domestic International that included two of our Higher Competition athletes competing for England, Jake BURKEY and Jenna BLUNDELL.  Jake who has set some exciting pb’s at Long Jump in the past few weeks with a 7.25m pb for 3rd place in the recent British U20 Championships surpassed 7m for the second time in his career with his final jump of 7.05m.  Jake had at least 3 other 6.90m jumps to his credit on the day.  In front of Jake was an amazing 7.66m by leading UK Jumper this year Dominic OGBECHIE.  Jenna who recently represented GB at Multi-Events excelled in the 60m Hurdles where she achieved a sparkling pb of 8.48 just being edged out of first place by 2 hundredths of a second by her England compatriot and Millfield athlete Marcia SEY. 

In the non-match events Silvia AMABALINIO & Hannah WILLIAMS were our stars.  Silvia from Luxembourg who has a pb of 3.76m was right back to form with successful first time clearances at 3.45m; 3.55m & 3.65m then a second time clearance at 3.75m to win the competition.  Wisely taking her time on each attempt she went for a new pb of 3.80m and with her final attempt came so very close to achieving just that.  Oh so close Silvia but you will have another attempt I hope at Vault Cardiff next week where you can surely achieve your goal.  Hannah WILLIAMS is a great 60m sprinter and after taking a year out where she went to the Commonwealth Games in Australia as the Physio to the Welsh team she has come back to domestic competition.  Hannah came out of the blocks slightly down on young Welsh star Zoe NASH.  Then Hannah really stepped up the agro with those legs moving like pistons to gradually peg back the inches and take an excellent win in 7.68 secs. Close behind in third also in a Bristol vest was U20 HCA Member Abigail PEAKE.  Abigail who is now Coached by Jon JACKSON was very close to her season’s best of 7.89 with a fine 7.92 clocking.  Well done to both Sprinters.

An interesting and now rarely run Indoor Mile provided a real record setting cash for local Master’s competitors.  Past Member and GB International James THIE used the event to record his own UK Record with an outstanding run of 4:25.45.  Behind James an interesting tussle developed between V65 Dave BEDWELL and V60 Peter MOUNTAIN.  Peter set off with intention and slotted into 4th place with Dave just 2m down on him in 6th place.  At halfway as Peter began to fade a little roles were reversed until at the end they both finished in that same order with Dave clocking 5:21.41 and Peter 5:31.88.  Both are seeking to get verification that these are UK Age records for their age groups which when confirmed will be great reward for these tenacious competitors who are a credit to our Club.  

At Cardiff on Saturday evening young Owen GARRETT U13 competed in the ‘Shot in the Dark’ competition.  Young Owen was in great company throwing under flashing lights in this new spectacular event and came close to his pb and Club U13 Record of 6.08m with a throw of 5.76m.  A great experience for you Owen.

Over in the USA Lucy BRYAN again improved her season’s best with an Indoor clearance of 4.43m in the ‘Mid-American Championships’ which is closing in on her 4.47 best set in 2018 and consolidated her ranking as #2 in the UK behind recent European Silver Medallist Holly BRADSHAW.

Mike Strange – 4 Mar 2019

parkrun report – 25th August 2018

27 Aug

parkrun REPORT 25/08/2018
Kurt TAYLOR was Bristol and West’s only first finisher on Saturday at Heartlands in Cornwall with 16:25. Maciej BIALOGONSKI, now returned from his Poland tour, was second at Chipping Sodbury in 16:31. Phil RADFORD was second at Clair in 16:55.
The best placed lady was Katherine ADAMS who was the second female at Thornbury in 25:29. Rosey MUSHENS, returning from injury after a long layoff, was third female and first VW50-54 at Wotton in 22:47. Molly CHILTON, running at Pomphrey Hill was also third female, in a time of 22:05.
Looking at the PBs, Jonathan BENNETT had a four second improvement at Ashton Court in 19:05. Bartosz WALENCIK improved by twenty-six seconds with a time of 25:29. Over in Newport, Agnieszka KAMINSKA recorded 26:53, fifty-five seconds better than her previous best. Barry MILLS, one of just two runners from Bristol & West at Pomphrey Hill had a ten second improvement in 26:06.
The Performance of the Week goes to Daniel MORGAN for his time of 19:58 at Chipping Sodbury. This was Daniel’s first run under twenty minutes in 338 parkruns spread over the last seven years.

Position  Gender Position  parkrunner  Run Time  Comments
Ashton Court parkrun
A total of 414 runners took part.
4 4 Jonathan BENNETT 00:19:05 PB by 4 secs. 1st VM35-39.
32 31 Mike WARREN 00:21:30 2nd VM45-49.
33 32 Bill HULL 00:21:31  
57 5 Tanya CHOWDHURY 00:22:44 1st VW40-44.
59 6 Jane COLMAN 00:22:46 1st VW50-54.
61 55 David SALTER 00:22:50 1st VM60-64.
73 8 Alice DOGGRELL 00:23:14 2nd VW35-39.
91 81 Andrew MALLOY 00:24:08  
102 13 Christine BURREN 00:24:28 2nd VW50-54.
137 21 Tamera JONES 00:25:24  
141 120 Bartosz WALENCIK 00:25:29 PB by 26 secs.
160 27 Liz HILL 00:26:07  
165 32 Francesca KNAPPER 00:26:24  
196 43 Emma WITHERS 00:27:29  
228 56 Susan CAMPBELL 00:28:51 1st VW60-64.
248 66 Cecilia BROWNE 00:29:32  
313 212 Gordon EVERETT 00:32:22  
349 124 Linda WOODBURN 00:34:32  
    Liz HILL    
    Maggie SALTER    
    Linda WOODBURN    
Swindon parkrun
A total of 417 runners took part.
102 89 Graham John CRUMP 00:24:14  
Riverfront parkrun
A total of 219 runners took part.
96 16 Agnieszka KAMINSKA 00:26:53 PB by 55 secs.
Eden Project parkrun
A total of 386 runners took part.
15 14 Gary STANDINGER 00:18:44  
Thornbury parkrun
A total of 99 runners took part.
31 2 Katherine ADAMS 00:25:29 PB by 3 mins 1 sec. 2nd female. 1st SW25-29.
Eastville parkrun
A total of 330 runners took part.
4 4 Neil LIGHT 00:19:14 1st VM35-39.
11 11 Neil TURNEY 00:19:48  
26 26 Will WINDELL 00:21:11  
48 47 Derek DA SILVA 00:22:33  
101 8 Julie ILOGU 00:24:39 2nd VW50-54.
189 38 Rachael PRYOR 00:28:27  
196 156 Roger BROCKLESBY 00:28:37  
226 175 Tom BURGESS 00:30:22  
    Bob COX    
    Derek DA SILVA    
    Andrew DRAKE    
    Michelle EDGELL    
    Stuart PRESNELL    
Bryn Bach parkrun
A total of 171 runners took part.
16 14 Darren STRINGER 00:20:41  
Wotton parkrun
A total of 125 runners took part.
18 3 Rosey MUSHENS 00:22:47 1st VW50-54.
Chipping Sodbury parkrun
A total of 351 runners took part.
2 2 Maciej BIALOGONSKI 00:16:31 2nd overall. 1st SM30-34.
14 14 Daniel MORGAN 00:19:58 PB by 49 secs. 2nd SM25-29.
64 8 Claire SHINE 00:24:08  
273 107 Melissa COOKE 00:35:00  
302 168 Geoffrey MORGAN 00:37:54  
Clair parkrun
A total of 127 runners took part.
2 2 Phil RADFORD 00:16:55 2nd overall. 2nd SM20-24.
Longrun Meadow parkrun
A total of 387 runners took part.
38 34 Miles PEARCE 00:21:45 2nd VM50-54.
Pomphrey Hill parkrun
A total of 240 runners took part.
18 3 Molly CHILTON 00:22:05 1st SW20-24.
66 57 Barry MILLS 00:26:06 PB by 10 secs.
Penrose parkrun
A total of 314 runners took part.
9 8 David EAGON 00:17:42 1st SM25-29.
Burnham and Highbridge parkrun
A total of 341 runners took part.
170 122 Brendon WILSON 00:28:21  
188 133 Richard GWYN 00:28:59  
Haigh Woodland parkrun
A total of 163 runners took part.
79 61 Mark TAYLOR 00:27:33  
Guernsey parkrun
A total of 174 runners took part.
9 9 Graham GROUT 00:20:46 1st VM60-64.
parkrun Katowice
A total of 41 runners took part.
2 2 Krzysztof WANAT 00:19:29 2nd overall. 1st SM30-34.
21 19 Sokol DULI 00:25:45  
Heartlands parkrun
A total of 169 runners took part.
1 1 Kurt TAYLOR 00:16:25 1st overall. 1st SM20-24.
Severn Bridge parkrun
A total of 308 runners took part.
25 23 Nick WHITE 00:20:59  


parkrun report – Saturday 18th August 2018

20 Aug

parkrun REPORT 18/08/2018

There was a full set of parkruns in the Bristol area this week, following last week’s cancellations.

Paul JEFFERSON was the Club’s leading runner at Ashton Court in fourth position in a time of 18:54. Marie MALLOY was the first female in 20:03 and there were PBs for Nicola OLDROYD and Christine ROSE.

Henry SLY was the first finisher at Eastville in 17:48; and Nicola BROOKLAND was the first female in 18:19, a PB by four seconds. Rachael PRYOR’s time of 28:04 was also a PB, this time by forty-five seconds.

There were several first finishers, the youngest of whom was Fred HAWKER at Rogiet, where he completed the course in 19:23., and earning himself the Performance of the Week. Maciej BIALOGONSI continued his tour of Poland and was first at parkrun Wolbrom, north of Krakow, in 16:53. Closer to home, David Eagon was first at Shepton Mallet in 18:53. The Club’s fastest runner of the day was Phil RADFORD at Sheffield Hallam, who recorded 16:28.

Amy Nicholls was the first female at Weymouth in a time of 20:43.

Position  Gender Position  parkrunner  Run Time  Comments
Bushy parkrun
A total of 1227 runners took part.
8 8 David BRUCE 00:17:23 2nd SM30-34.
Cardiff parkrun
A total of 686 runners took part.
16 13 Dan SCHOFIELD 00:17:56  
Ashton Court parkrun
A total of 438 runners took part.
4 4 Paul JEFFERSON 00:18:54 1st VM40-44.
13 1 Marie MALLOY 00:20:03 1st female. 1st VW35-39.
35 33 Tomek CZEREPINSKI 00:21:20 1st JM11-14.
45 5 Jane COLMAN 00:21:44 1st VW50-54.
47 42 Andrew MALLOY 00:21:49  
54 6 Nicola OLDROYD 00:22:05 PB by 14 secs. 2nd SW20-24.
58 7 Alice DOGGRELL 00:22:22 2nd VW35-39.
59 8 Tanya CHOWDHURY 00:22:23 1st VW40-44.
69 61 David SALTER 00:22:48 1st VM60-64.
96 9 Latife COMLEK 00:23:54 2nd VW50-54.
117 14 Christine BURREN 00:24:36  
123 16 Christine ROSE 00:24:48 PB by 25 secs. 2nd VW60-64.
137 118 Daniel MORGAN 00:25:16  
163 27 Liz HILL 00:26:00  
287 83 Tamera JONES 00:31:00  
    Goirdon EVERETT    
    Andrew MALLOY    
    Maggie SALTER    
    Linda WOODBURN    
Plymvalley parkrun
A total of 277 runners took part.
44 43 Pete MOUNTAIN 00:24:03 1st VM60-64.
Sheffield Hallam parkrun
A total of 501 runners took part.
1 1 Phil RADFORD 00:16:28 1st overall. 1st SM20-24.
Torbay Velopark parkrun
A total of 308 runners took part.
24 23 Paul RAINBOW 00:20:41  
Bath Skyline parkrun
A total of 317 runners took part.
14 14 Graham GROUT 00:20:58 2nd VM60-64.
Shepton Mallet parkrun
A total of 171 runners took part.
1 1 David EAGON 00:18:05 1st overall. 1st SM25-29.
Eastville parkrun
A total of 311 runners took part.
1 1 Henry SLY 00:17:48 1st overall. 1st VM35-39.
5 1 Nicola BROOKLAND 00:18:19 PB by 4 secs. 1st female. 1st VW40-44.
8 7 Neil LIGHT 00:19:16  
31 29 Will WINDELL 00:21:12 1st SM25-29.
46 42 Nick CREW 00:22:08 2nd VN50-54.
68 63 Derek DA SILVA 00:23:15  
70 6 Catherine BROOKE 00:23:21 1st JW15-17.
81 7 Fleur COCKLEY 00:23:43 1st VW45-49.
82 8 Sarah Natasha EVERITT 00:23:43 1st VW50-54.
111 14 Julie ILOGU 00:25:17 2nd VW50-54.
123 108 Felix PEARSON 00:25:50  
157 32 Rachael PRYOR 00:28:04 PB by 45 secs.
225 66 Katherine ADAMS 00:31:57  
259 89 Jolana PRICE 00:34:00  
    Felicfity RUSSELL    
    Stuart PRESNELL    
    Carol KIEKUTH    
    Darren STRINGER    
Chipping Sodbury parkrun
A total of 300 runners took part.
63 58 Graham John CRUMP 00:23:55  
263 170 Geoffrey MORGAN 00:37:35  
Yeovil Montacute parkrun
A total of 384 runners took part
10 10 Ishmael BRADLEY 00:20:15 1st JM11-14.
Weymouth parkrun
View full results for Weymouth parkrun event #259
29 1 Amy NICHOLLS 00:20:43 1st female. 1st JW11-14.
Pomphrey Hill parkrun
A total of 252 runners took part.
14 14 Neil TURNEY 00:20:56 1st VW35-39.
101 83 Barry MILLS 00:26:19  
Burnham and Highbridge parkrun
A total of 347 runners took part.
105 88 Brendon WILSON 00:25:14  
parkrun Wolbrom
A total of 32 runners took part.
1 1 Maciej BIALOGONSKI 00:16:53 1st overall. 1st SM30-34.
Jersey parkrun
A total of 293 runners took part.
106 26 Karen Louise WATSON 00:26:42 2nd VW50-54.
Lydney parkrun
A total of 87 runners took part.
3 3 Jay HUNT 00:20:10 1st JM11-14.
40 11 Debbie HUNT 00:28:20  
Rogiet parkrun
A total of 53 runners took part.
1 1 Fred HAWKER 00:19:23 1st overall. 1st JM15-17.
Street parkrun
A total of 154 runners took part.
4 4 Mark TAYLOR 00:19:16 1st VM45-49.
Newborough Forest parkrun
A total of 167 runners took part.
2 2 Stephen MITCHELL 00:16:59 2nd overall. 2nd SM30-34.
12 11 Jacob ROE 00:21:03 1st JM11-14.
105 42 Niamh ROE 00:32:12  
Severn Bridge parkrun
A total of 234 runners took part.
35 33 Bob COX 00:22:17 2nd VM60-64.
114 94 Roger BROCKLESBY 00:27:11  



New Whitehall Season Ticket Available

13 Jun

If you train at the Whitehall track at least twice a week, then the Whitehall Season Ticket is an easy way to save yourself some money (and not have to worry about finding coins to pay – cashless payments available soon). For £50 you can use the track (under coach supervision, and during designated Bristol & West AC access times) as many times a week as you like.

The Whitehall Season Ticket is now available on a six-month rolling period, so buy now and it will start giving you savings immediately. For those on the old season ticket, due to expire on 31st August 2018, you will be given the option of switching to the new version.

To buy your Whitehall Season Ticket, log into your member account on paysubsonline (login here) and select ‘6 month Whitehall Athletics Arena Season Ticket’ from the ‘Optional Extras’ menu on the left hand side of the payment tab.

You can choose to pre-authorise payments for your Whitehall Season Ticket, in which case it will automatically renew (if you select this option and do not want to renew for any reason, please cancel the pre-authorisation), or make payments manually.

You will still need to record your attendance at Whitehall on the sign-in sheets, but please use ‘ST’ in the ‘amount paid’ column to indicate that you have paid via a Season Ticket (checks will be made that you have a current Season Ticket when signing in this way).

For more details about how to purchase any of the club’s optional extras, please see this handy pdf guide: 

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British Athletics Indoor Championships

12 Dec

The best athletes in Britain will descend on Arena Birmingham across the weekend of February 17-18 and England Athletics want to see Bristol & West AC there in a show of support for your club! As a benefit of being affiliated to England Athletics, Bristol & West AC is entitled to an exclusive ticket offer. Priced at £10 for adult club members and £5 for juniors aged 16 and under (plus booking fee), the Championships is an opportunity for Bristol & West AC, to come out in force in a show of club colours, flags and banners, all whilst supporting those bidding for domestic success and the chance to #REPRESENT at the IAAF World Indoor Championships Birmingham 2018!

To take up your bespoke offer ahead of the British Athletics Indoor Championships, just click here:



This is your Championships, and your time to come and support your local athletes.

2nd time victory for Bristol & West ladies team at Uphill to Wells relay

24 Sep

Saturday 23rd September 2017 saw the running of the Uphill to Wells relay, covering 29 miles divided into 6 different legs (of various lengths and nastiness).

There were three Bristol & West entries this year: a men’s (or ‘open’) team (Herd of Tortoises, aka HOT) consisting of Mike Warren (legs 1&2), Dave Salter (legs 3&4) and Dave Engledew (legs 5&6); a ladies’ team (Foxy Uphill Zombies, aka FUZ) comprising Maggie Salter (leg 1), Liz Hill (leg 2), Alice Doggrell (leg 3), Jane Colman (leg 4), Alison Engledew (leg 5) and Tracy Allan (leg 6); and Paul Jefferson who was running the entire route as a solo runner.

A variety of start times were on offer, from 10:30 for the ‘Social joggers & Solo runners’ every half hour through to 12:00 for the ‘Super keenies’, all with the aim of arriving into Wells by 17:15.

As a first-time solo runner Paul Jefferson opted for the 11:00 start, with the men’s and ladies’ teams setting off half an hour later, which meant that the supporting crew dashing around in cars did not see Paul again until the end of leg 4, so quickly did he set off.

Mike and Maggie stayed together for all of leg 1, arriving into the first checkpoint at 12:33 just 6 minutes behind eventual solo runner winner Claire Prosser who had also started at 11:30. While Maggie handed the baton on to Liz, Mike continued on into his second leg.

At checkpoint 1 the ladies team was a minute faster than the second-placed ladies team (EEK from Clevedon AC), and 17 minutes ahead of the third-placed ladies team (Just Us Girls from MH4). The men were in 7th, and Paul completed leg 1 in the 3rd fastest time for a solo runner (at dead on the hour).

Liz completed leg 2 in exactly half an hour, dropping Mike by 3 minutes and keeping the ladies in the lead overall, while Paul was the second fastest solo runner to complete this leg in just 28 minutes.

The start of leg 3 saw Mike completing the first baton handover to Dave Salter, just 3 minutes after Liz handed on to Alice, but whilst she could go full speed Dave had to temper his pace as he would be running leg 4 in addition to leg 3. Alice handed over to Jane Colman after 41 minutes, at which point the ladies’ lead was 14 minutes, while Dave passed through the checkpoint after 46 minutes. Paul completed this leg in 49 minutes, the third fastest solo time for the leg.

Leg 4 involved negotiating a herd of cows (rather than tortoises), and saw Jane finish just 2 minutes behind the second-placed ladies team (who had started 30 minutes earlier), giving the ladies an impressive lead with 2 legs still to go. This was the first time that the men and ladies teams managed to catch a look at Paul Jefferson and it was great to see him running so well, though he was somewhat isolated on the course having started earlier. Dave (Salter) completed his handover to Dave (Engledew) after a 52 minute leg, the 8th fastest from an open team.

Photo courtesy of Brendon Wilson

Leg 5 was an all-Engledew affair for the two teams with Alison overtaking the Clevedon ladies’ team, completing the leg in 36 minutes while Dave went 5 minutes faster with a 31 minute leg but did not manage to overhaul the ladies’ lead. Paul was suffering with leg cramps at this stage (not helpful for getting over the multiple stone stiles), and completed leg 5 in 46 minutes.

Alison handed over to Tracy in the middle of a family fun day in Priddy, to find the rest of the team who had already finished their legs indulging in the largest ice-creams known to humanity, while Dave had to settle for a running water stop as he kept pushing on (downhill) to Wells. Tracy crossed the line in Wells just behind the solo winner Clare Prosser (but being awarded the same time as they were within a minute of each other), with Dave Engledew coming home just 6 minutes later. Paul was the second solo runner to finish at the line, but having started earlier was placed third in the rankings (by just two minutes!).

All runners managed to control themselves and not photobomb a wedding, and just about managed to stagger to their feet for the obligatory photos before the prize presentations and dinner at ‘Spoons.

Men’s team

Bristol & West do Wells

Paul Jefferson – 3rd solo runner

Victorious ladies team

The women finished in a total time of 4 hours 20 minutes, the joint 5th fastest time of the day across all teams and solo runners; the men finished in 4 hours 26 minutes; and Paul completed the full course in 4 hours 58 minutes. Full results can be found here.

Last chance to renew your 2017 membership

24 Mar

This is a final reminder that it is your last chance to renew your 2017 membership and still be registered with England Athletics for 2017/18. Members not renewing before 31st March 2017 will not be registered with England Athletics for 2017/18 (if they are competing members) and therefore will not be eligible to enter competitions as an affiliated athlete or under the Bristol & West AC club name. Any members wishing to renew after 1st April 2017 will also not be eligible for the renewal rate and will have to pay full price.

You can renew by logging into your paysubsonline account by following this link:


Any queries, please contact Alice Doggrell the membership secretary at: membership@bristolandwestac.org




Emily Diamond Wins Rising Star Award

09 Sep

Earlier today (Friday 9th September 2016) the club was made aware that Emily Diamond had won one of the British Athletics Supporters Club Rising Star Awards for her performance at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Well done Emily great to see that your fantastic relay leg was appreciated by a group of people who really know about their athletics.