Per section 6(a) of the Club Constitution, the management of the club is vested in a Management Committee. You can contact any of the Management Committee directly, or just fill in the contact form here.

Management Committee:

Chairperson Roger Brocklesby
Vice Chairperson Mike Down
Honorary General Secretary Owain Jones
Honorary Treasurer Felicity Russell
Membership Secretary Betti Farkas
Publicity/Marketing Officer Ellen Harrison
Officials + Volunteers Secretary Betti Farkas
Development Adviser Position currently vacant and under review
Young Athlete Development Adviser Dean Garrett, Connell Macquisten

Coaching Coordinator Paul Filer
Facilities Manager Position currently vacant
Members without portfolio Steve Grant, Maria Townsend, Nick Harris, Paul Owen | | |

Other important members, who do not routinely attend committee meetings include:


President Peter Hargreaves
Vice President Nick Rose
Welfare/Child Protection Paul Jefferson & Emma Withers
Schools Liaison Connell Macquisten
Webmaster/Web Administrator Alice Doggrell
Auditor Maggie Salter

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