Peter Watson

Peter Watson – Athletics Coach, Coaching Assistant, Award in Community Sports Leadership


Peter has experience of coaching a range of sports, games and athletics in Primary Schools in Bristol. This includes leading “Action 3:30” at Barton Hill Academy – a Bristol University research project on the impact of after school sports on children’s self esteem, wellbeing and health. He also lead an Athletics 365 indoor programme at Orchard School with Lloyd Rice.

Peter coaches with Dean Garrett, Hilary Nash and Jeff Dickens on the Wednesday Junior Academy at Whitehall at 6:15p.m. 

Peter coaches in a fun, and supportive atmosphere where children’s self-confidence grows and they can make new friendships. He develops children’s agility, balance and coordination, as well as their skills in athletics events so they gain a lifelong love of sport and can compete in under 11 competitions.

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