Club documents

Here you will find all of the currently active club documents, including policies, minutes of 2016 committee meetings and the current constitution. For older documents, please visit the archives page.

Club policies

You can find the club’s codes of conduct here:

The club’s Safeguarding & Welfare (formally known as ‘welfare’) policy can be found here.

The club’s Club Disciplinary Policy is stated here.

You can find the club’s Equal Opportunities Policy Statement here.

Data Protection and Privacy: privacy notice, data protection policy (previous, now obsolete, data protection policy is located here.)

Other policies
Other documents

A description of the team manager role can be found here: Team Managers – Role Description.

Current constitution

You can find copies of the current constitution here (.pdf) (.docx)

2018 minutes of AGM

2018 minutes of Committee meetings

2017 minutes of Committee meetings

2017 minutes of AGM

2016 minutes of Committee meetings

2016 minutes of AGM and SGM

  • You can find a copy of the minutes of the 2016 AGM here.
  • Special General Meeting 07-NOV-2016 minutes.

Development Plan 2015-17

You can find a copy of the 2015-17 development plan here.

Mission, Objectives & Values

You can find a copy of our mission, objectives and values here.

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