AGM 2020 Election Results

18 Jul

On Wednesday the Club held its first ever virtual AGM, which saw possibly the largest turnout in the club’s history both for the meeting itself and in voting for the election of club officers.  It was not possible to give a final result in the elections on the night due to the need to ratify the results, this has now been done and after the removal of a few duplicate and ineligible votes we are pleased to announce the Club’s new management committee and club officers are as follows.

Management Committee

  • Chair – Maria Townsend
  • Vice Chair – Mike Down
  • Honorary General Secretary – Vacant
  • Honorary Treasurer – Vacant
  • Membership Secretary – Betti Farkas
  • Publicity and Marketing Officer – Callum Jones
  • Officials Secretary – Betti Farkas
  • Development Adviser – Paul Filer
  • Young Athlete Development Adviser – Dean Garrett
  • Minuting Secretary – Ben Westhenry
  • Facilities Manager – Roger Brocklesby
  • Committee Members without Portfolio – Nick Harris, Joshua Moody, Kurt Taylor

Club Officers

  • Safeguarding & Welfare – Emma Withers & Paul Jefferson
  • Coaching Coordinator – Paul Filer
  • Records and Statistics – Mike Strange
  • Social Secretary – Vacant
  • Promotions Officer – Vacant

The vote for the ammended club constitution was carried almost unanimously.

In many cases the voting was very close, the club wishes to thank everyone who has volunteered to help and also everyone who participated in the AGM, it was great to see such a large turnout.  The club is always in need of more volunteers and we look forward to working with those who volunteered their time but were unsuccessful in the recent elections and all other volunteers to make a difference and improve our club for all.