Statement RE: Membership subs and the COVID-19 closure

07 Apr

[To all club members]

The Club’s Management Committee is very aware that only a few months after our membership renewal date COVID-19 unfortunately required us to shut all training facilities, training sessions and competitions, none of us knows how soon these restrictions may be lifted.   It is one of the roles of the committee to ensure that the club remains healthy financially and this year will have a significant impact on our finances, it is also our duty to do what is in the best interests of all members and we recognise that the current situation and any future effects are very worrying for some members.
To keep you informed on how we are working to manage the financial situation, here is a summary of how things stand at the moment and what we are doing:
  1. EA registration for 2020-2021 has been paid for all competing members.
  2. We are in discussion with our landlord at Whitehall over our rent and electricity bills during the lockdown period.
  3. Competition and transport costs for the summer season are significantly reduced due to the cancellation of most events.
  4. We are actively investigating some form of financial compensation to all members due to the lack of facilities, etc.  It is likely this will take the form of a reduction in renewal fee for 2021 for members who renewed by 31-MAR-2020, the amount of which will depend on the length of closure and our ability to minimise costs during this time.
  5. The club employs a small number of individuals, we are working with them to ensure we do the right thing for them and the club during this period.
The 2020 AGM will be convened as soon as possible after the lockdown when all members should be able to attend, proposals including some for item 4 above will be presented for your consideration at that meeting.  Details will be circulated in advance of the meeting.
Best wishes,
Owain Jones,
Club Secretary, Bristol and West AC.