Monthly committee update #6

23 Sep

Each month we’ll usually profile a different committee member, give an update on what the committee’s been working on, and look forward to future projects. This month, we chat to Betti Farkas, the club’s new officials and membership secretary, who has an impressive athletic history!

Meet… Betti, officials and membership secretary

Tell us about your role at the club

I have a combined role at the club as a membership secretary and officials secretary. Both roles are very exciting. The first one is more of an admin job, but I am the first to get to know the people joining or willing to join to
our club and it’s great to help them with their first steps. The second is more about meeting and bringing people together. In my last few weeks I have already met some amazing people who have been volunteering for
decades and have such great experience and knowledge. I have learnt a lot from them even if I thought I know a lot.

How did you get involved with athletics and what is your proudest achievement in the sport?

My love for athletics started when I was 10 years old. My P.E. teacher was also an athletics coach who ran after school sessions and asked me to join. From that moment running became an everyday activity in my life. My career as an athlete went really well until 2001. I became Hungarian champion 30 times in my age category in 100m, 200m, long jump and relays. My proudest achievement was taking part in the first World Youth Championship in the 4x100m relay. Unfortunately, in 2001 I had a bad injury and had to stop competing for a few years. During this time I finished my studies at the Hungarian Sports University graduating as a P.E. teacher and a few years later as a Sport Manager. I missed the track so much, so I started to train again in 2006, but at the same time I practised officiating and became a qualified coach.

I feel very lucky to have a view of athletics from 3 different perspectives: as an athlete, coach and an official. I have learnt a lot from athletics and that’s why I want to help to this club as much as I can.

As a coach:
I moved to Bristol in 2014 and I can still remember my first time where I was warmly welcomed by coaches and started to train 400m runners. Being a coach and helping someone to reach their goals brings me so much joy, nearly the same feeling as competing expect I am not the one who had to go through the hard sessions and struggle to walk home after. But hard work always pays off.
As an official:
I love to be on the track as an official. I started as a helper when I was 13 and I am glad I started that early because it is very good to know the rules whether you are an athlete or a coach. Officiating is always a lot of responsibility, a new experience and I am getting to know lovely people.

What do you like doing outside of athletics?

As an individual I love being in nature and I get to enjoy this through long walks and adventures with my son. I like to try new sports or activities and I am always up for a new challenge whatever life brings me.


What have we been working on?

Recent committee projects include:

  • Analysing the results of the membership survey – see our next steps here.
  • Developing a ‘people and performance’ strategy – this will be the makings of our new development plan. Coaching coordinator Paul Filer and vice-chairman Mike Down have been talking to people around the club to get their views.
  • Working on a new communications strategy – a new-look website is coming VERY SOON – we’re aiming for a launch date in October. We’re also creating a welcome pack for new members.
  • Planning for a future club house project – this is still in the making, but we are doing everything we can to negotiate a proper home for us at Whitehall.
  • Planning club events – the new Pomphrey 5k series is up and running.
  • Sorting finance for important Whitehall maintenance – considerable negotiations were required to sort out funding for some much needed maintenance, but we’re happy to report that we are now in a good place!

What’s coming up?

We’re excited to have our new committee members, like Betti, fully ingrained in the committee team. We’re going to work particularly on the actions that came out of the membership survey, with the new website, development plan and Whitehall negotiations continuing to take up much of our time.

ps don’t forget about our club welfare officers, who play a role in the committee. If you have any concerns then you can contact Emma and Paul on