BWAC Membership Survey 2019: key thoughts and actions

23 Sep

Over 100 club members completed our membership survey this summer. The BWAC committee have analysed the results, and are committed to making the club even better based on suggestions from our members.

Here’s some of the feedback we received, and the actions we’ll be taking!

The website is not user friendly

We’re in the process of updating the site, and are hoping to launch a slimmed down, super easy to use version in October! Thanks to club member Nicko Brooke who has been helping with this. If you have any ‘must haves’ for the new website, then let Ellen know on

Can we have more advice on things like injury prevention and nutrition?

Watch this space for a new series of talks for BWAC members on topics of use to athletes of all disciplines…we’re planning the first speaker session for November. We’ll also be adding useful links and sources of advice to the new website!

Can there be better communication about upcoming events, particularly for juniors?

Hopefully our new fixtures information on the new website will sort this one too!

Juniors want to be able to try lots of disciplines when they are young, but also to have clear development plans…

Paul Filer and Mike Down are working on our new performance and people strategy and development plan. As coaching coordinator, Paul will be leading work to support our awesome team of coaches, and to ensure that we develop our young athletes to their full potential.

We need a branded tent and flags at events!

Yes, we do! We’re working on getting the new(ish) tent branded, and on getting some new flags in time for the cross country season.

Facilities at Whitehall need improving, and we’d like a clubhouse please

The clubhouse project is ongoing, with continuing negotiations with Cabot Learning Foundation, who own the Whitehall track. We’ll make sure we communicate better about this and give members regular updates on what’s going on.

Can we have more socials please?

We’ve set up a small social team to run a series of get-togethers during the cross country season, and we’re hoping to run some Christmas events for the track and field teams. We’re also aiming for events that bring the whole club together: watch this space on those!

We also had lots of suggestions for different types of sessions (hills were popular) and changes of venue…these will be fed back to the coaching team.