Monthly committee update #5

11 Jul

Each month we’ll usually profile a different committee member, give an update on what the committee’s been working on, and look forward to future projects. This month, the committee member profile takes a month off, but you can see an update on what we’ve been up to below.

What have we been working on?

Recent committee projects include:

  • Designed a membership survey – you can fill it in here!
  • Working on a new communications strategy – we’re hoping to revamp the website and make sure all club members receive relevant regular communications. It’s likely that your next club newsletter will look a little bit different.
  • Planning club events – planning for the 5000m events in July continues, and the Pomphrey 5k mini-series culminated in an excellent Avon 5k mob match, with a full series in the making for the autumn. We also want to flag the club summer fun day – Steve G and a crack squad are planning all sorts of fun for Monday 26th August.
  • Sorting finance for important Whitehall maintenance – considerable negotiations were required to sort out funding for some much needed maintenance, but we’re happy to report that we are now in a good place!
  • Considering our inclusivity as a club – a recent presentation to the committee from Jim Kyle around access to athletics has got us thinking on how we can ensure BWAC is providing opportunities for all.

What’s coming up?

Much as last month, we’re still ironing out the new committee roles for this year – and we’ll profile our new committee members next month. We’ve started a few projects that will contribute to a new and improved ‘club development plan’, and we’ll be able to share that soon. Once we’ve conducted the member survey, we’ll get thinking on how best to respond to your feedback.

We’re excited to have nailed the Fast 5000s as a successful event, and to have supported team success in the summer track leagues too!

ps don’t forget about our club welfare officers, who play a role in the committee. If you have any concerns then you can contact Emma and Paul on