Monthly committee update #4

16 Jun

Each month we’ll profile a different committee member, give an update on what the committee’s been working on, and look forward to future projects. This month, we chat to Connell Macquisten, club development adviser.

Meet… Connell, development adviser

Tell us about your role at the club.

For the past eight months I’ve been development adviser for the club. This involves reaching out to schools and building links with secondary school P.E. teachers and the community; building a framework for the junior athlete development pathway; and assessing a number of strength and conditioning coaches to find one who is reliable and experienced to deliver the sessions I’ve planned throughout the year.
I also coach my sprints group four days a week and that seems to be going well – so far we’ve had some great season openers and personal bests.

What’s your favourite event?

As a coach, I don’t have a favourite event. I’m more attached to the athlete competing than the event itself. That said, the majority of my athletes run the 100 and 200m sprints and between those two the 200m sprint is my favourite, because the race execution requires planning, practice and patience. Sprinting the 200m as fast as you can may win you races in the beginning but piecing together the perfect race will improve the result.

What’s your proudest athletic achievement?

My proudest athletic achievement is not one of my own, as the expectations I placed on myself were never met after suffering a seemingly endless string of injuries.
Anytime an athlete of mine gets a PB I am proud. It helps me think what I’m doing works.
The most successful moment I experienced as a coach was in 2016. I was the strength and conditioning coach and sports therapist to a sprints group and we had an athlete qualify for the World Indoor Championships. He ran the 4th fastest time in the world over 60m that year. That was a pretty incredible experience and it opened up a lot of opportunities.

What do you like doing outside of athletics?

Outside of athletics I enjoy my combat sports. I’ve been involved in Brazilian jujitsu for the past two years and more recently I started boxing. I don’t own a TV so most of my downtime is spent either on FaceTime with my fiance who lives in America or studying the stock and currency markets; I’m particularly interested in Bitcoin.


What else have we been working on?

Recent committee projects include:

  • Designed a membership survey – watch this space for a chance to let us hear your thoughts.
  • Working on a new communications strategy – we’re hoping to revamp the website and make sure all club members receive relevant regular communications.
  • Planning club events – planning for the 5000m events in July continues, and the Pomphrey 5k goes from strength to strength, with a full series in the making for the autumn.

What’s coming up?

We’re in the process of welcoming our new committee members and ironing out the new committee roles for this year. We’ve started a few projects that will contribute to a new and improved ‘club development plan’, and we’ll be able to share that soon. Once we’ve conducted the member survey, we’ll get thinking on how best to respond to your feedback.

Watch this space for news of all of that soon!

ps don’t forget about our club welfare officers, profiled last month. If you have any concerns then you can contact Emma and Paul on