Gwent League AGM

26 May

The Gwent League AGM was held on Friday 24-MAY.  Owain Jones and Chris Elson attended on behalf of the club. Minutes from the AGM are likely to be available in April 2020, in the meantime interested club members can find Owain’s notes from the AGM here.  A summary of some of the main highlights that might interest B&W members is given below.


Provisional fixtures for 2019-2020:

  • 12-OCT Cardiff, with Cardiff Cross Challenge
  • 9/10-NOV Pembrey Park
  • 7-DEC Blaise Castle
  • 8/9-FEB Chepstow Race Course, hosted by Bristol and West
  • 29-FEB/1-MAR Singleton Park

The proposed change to the Junior and U20 scoring system was agreed, the final plus best 3 of the first 4 races will be used to determine individual medals.  Team scoring is still across all races.

Bristol and West won the new John H Collins trophy for the club with the best points total across all categories.

Gender Equality

Prior to the AGM, GWR raised a motion for equalising the distances run by male and female athletes, the League asked member clubs for feedback. Following a survey of it’s membership B&W provided the following feedback based on the 8 email responses recieved and the discussion on the Club’s Facebook group:

I’ve copied the full, anonymised, responses from all members who participated below.  In short it seems there is a full spectrum of views expressed here:

  • Some female track runners think the existing races are quite far enough
  • Other females prefer equality and longer races, the longer the better
  • Travelling from Brisol to Pembrey to only run 6km is seen as poor value
  • Alternative suggestions:
    • A long and a short race, both open to both genders.
    • Equalise genders based on expected winning time rather than distance.
  • Timetabling concerns, more races means longer programme.
  • 8k is very short compared to most of the Senior Mens championship races

My view is that it will not be possible to please everyone with any change so the league needs to put together a mission statement, assuming there isn’t one already and make any changes based on this, eg.
  – If the league is about maximising participation, do whatever gets the most people in.
  – If the league is about preparing athletes for higher level competition, be more closely aligned with those competitions.
  – etc.

The AGM agreed to further consultation with members on this but since participation is currently high and rising significant change seems unlikely at this point.