Sun, sea and sand beckon Ali’s Army into Wales

13 May

Ali Hurford reports:

Sand dune training at Merthyr Mawr is not for the faint hearted, but this did not prevent a large contingent of young lads committing to a day of hard work along with lots of fun.

After a brief and uneventful warm-up we moved on to the famous big dipper which was looking splendid in the sunshine. After lots of short sharp hill reps and plenty of rest the gang plus many parents tackled the climb to the very top.

As the photos show everyone eventually summitted. Running back down afterwards for a picnic proved rather easier.

After plenty of food and further high jinx in the sand as boys cannot sit down for long we moved on to Ogmore for a dip in the sea for those happy to brave the cool temperature at this time of year.

As usual we ended the day with more cake before making our way back home after a very full on day for everybody.

This day away with Ali could not have happened without the support of all the willing parents regarding transport, cakes and general herding, along with Shani’s amazing whistle the like of which I have never heard before. It certainly had a magic effect when required.

So onwards and upwards we hope to make time later in the summer for more fun in Wales.