Success on track and road for the junior boys

06 May

Emma Withers reports:

What an amazing weekend of running for the U20, U17 and U15 Bristol and West boys. Saturday saw 13 boys head down to Street for the Millfield BMC PB Classics.  Always a great event, with excellent pacers and races that run to time!
Race 1 saw Fred Cummins, Zac Roe and Will Chapman take on the 800m finishing in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in 2.39, 2.40 (PB) and 2.41 respectively.  Race 1 also included debuts for two younger siblings, Oisin O’Halloran and Rufus Hull who appear to be following in their brother’s speedy footsteps, finishing in 2.48 and 3.15.
Jacob Roe led race 2 home, 2.29 (PB) having broken free on the second lap after being slightly boxed in by the other runners.  Amos Kingston, 4th place in 2.39.
In race 3 we got to see the old Otto Kingston return, running for his life in the last 100m and seeing his best time to date, 2.19 (PB) having struggled with painful knees.  He confessed at the end that there was no way he was going to be beaten by an U13!  Race 5 was Joseph Hull’s turn, finishing in 2.22 and learning that running a parkrun the same day is probably not the best race preparation: tired legs!!
Race 18 was our first of the 1500m.  Ishmael Bradley and Misha Evans 5.06 (PB) and 5.12 (PB), in their first year as U15’s, were not phased and held onto the pack, finishing in 4th and 6th position.
Race 19 saw Tomek Czerepinski and Eion O’Halloran run a textbook race, having taken the advice to tuck in behind the pacer, keeping their 1, 2 positions and finishing in under 5 mins with 4.55 (PB) and 4.56 (PB).
In race 20, Jay Akbar, U17 looked comfortable. There were perfect conditions for Jay, with no wind, rain or cold, and he ran a new PB of 4.49.
Finally our only U20, Nathan Marchant, who has been practicing his fast finish at Whitehall, showed us how good he can be on the track, finishing 1st in 4.41 (PB).

Several of our boys were missing from Millfield as they were running the Bristol 10k, some for the first time. I felt very proud to see them out on the Portway, in their Bristol and West vests (Beck??) and they all completed the race in incredibly fast times, bearing in mind they are just 15 and 16 years of age.
Rufus Thomas 35.39 (51)
Beck Harding-Hill 38.05 (135)
Fred Hawker 38.18 (144)
James Casling 43.26 (708)
Congratulations boys, of course we expect to see you at training on Monday (only joking!!)