Gwent League XC – Feedback request

31 Mar

Ahead of the Jonh H Collins Gwent League AGM, feedback has been requested from member clubs on the
following topic (text copied from

“Gender Equality

The Gwent League has received a Motion about Gender Equality from Great Western Runners. The motion asked that the distance run by the Men and Women should be the same. In that the men’s race is shortened and the women’s is increased. Their suggestion is for both to be 8k. There is no suggestion of equalising the 17/20 races, but they should be looked at also. A further suggestion was that the over 65s run a shorter distance, together or separate. These changes could have implications on the timetable maybe bringing forward the Novice races by 15 to 20 minutes. Would all clubs please send their responses or comments to the Chairman or Secretary by Friday the 3rd May for decision at the AGM.”


Bristol and West intend to give feedback based on its members views, if you have any thoughts on the matter please can you email Owain Jones, club secretary with your answers to the following questions before 1-MAY-2019:
1. Men and Women’s races to be the same distance? (Yes/No)
2. That distance to be approx 8km? (Yes/No)
3. Junior races to be the same distance for males and females? (Yes/No)
4. Separate over 65s race or similar (Yes/No)
5. Any further comments.