Cotswold Way Relay 2019 – Saturday 29th of June – Call for Runners

27 Mar

The continued success of this event has led Team Bath to re-organise the entry process and we have been allowed the maximum number of three teams for 2019.  The club is again fully funding entry for all the teams into this race.

We are as keen as ever to maximise involvement from across the competing members in the club, but with the reduction in teams from five in 2018 to three this year, we are having to introduce a different selection system to be as fair as we can.  The three teams are:

Senior Men managed by Anthony Hall and merit based to try and get that ‘not won yet’ monkey off our back.

Senior Women managed by Tracy Allan and also merit based to try and get our fifth victory in a row.

Mixed managed by Tom Watkins and selection by ballot if we have a total of more than 30 people wanting to run.

Replacements for the Men and Women’s teams will be merit based whether previously selected for the Mixed Team or not.  Replacements in the Mixed Team will be the next ranked person in the ballot pool.

We need a minimum of three women in the Mixed Team and if the ballot doesn’t naturally achieve that, we will have to select the highest ranked female runners in the ballot pool.  The 2018 and this year’s Team Managers will have a priority place in the Mixed Team if not selected for the other two teams.

We know that a significant number of people who ran last year can’t do so this year for a variety of reasons, so please do not hesitate to express your interest if you want to run for the first time or are returning to one of, if not the best event of the year.

To make this workable, we will need everyone who wants to be involved to get in touch by the 19th of April.  Any applications after this date will be added to the end of the ballot list.

Applications will be co-ordinated by Tracy Allan so please express your interest, provide a contact telephone number and any stage preferences by e-mail to the following address:

We will be running a water station again this year and closer to the race will be asking for volunteer help.

CWR Team Managers