The final Gwent League, Blaise Castle: juniors girls

07 Mar

Paul Owen reports on the junior girls’ performances…


Molly Thomas 13th felt a little disappointed with her position but ran well throughout the race and shouldn’t be too hard on herself. Ruby Claridge 67th, Olivia Tarr 70th and Niamh Roe 72nd all close to each other and all appeared to have good strong finishes which suggests there is more to come.


Megan Hornung 4th ran the race to perfection again using the length of the course to draw in and pass most runners and looked strong at the finish. Danni Sinclair after a fast start settled down and held on for a creditable 11th. Amy Nichols also made a fast start and likewise settled down running consistently for an encouraging 16th. Carmen Chance fourth in for the team again running a consistent race finishing strong at 34th. Grace Claridge will not be sad that cross country is all over finished 40th, and can now look forward to some speedy track work and no more mud. Well done to Danni with 3rd individual girl, joint points with 2nd but was beaten today by the 2nd place girl. 

The team finished 4th and is a case of what could have been as we’ve not always had all our runners available throughout the season. Next year…


Claudia Spice 2nd and as ever ran well throughout the race and consistently, also managed to not faint at the end. 2nd place individual girl so congratulations!

Summary. There have certainly been several encouraging and pleasing individual performances during the season and not just for those who have achieved a medal. There are many promising young girls in the group and we also had an u11 team for the first time in many years. We will be working hard to prepare and develop the group as a whole for next season as I feel a club of our size and stature ought to be challenging for medals in all age groups and it was disappointing for me that going in to the last race we were not really in a position to challenge as a team in any age group for a medal. But, we have several new girls of late all with lots of talent, so I am now looking forward to enjoying a speedy track season perhaps almost as much as the girls look forward to crop tops again in training and racing!