parkrun report – Saturday 16 February

22 Feb

parkrun REPORT 16/02/2019

David AWDE was the Club’s only first finisher on Saturday, with a time of 16:19 at Severn Bridge, with Sam COTTERELL in third place in 16:46 and Jay Hunt ninth in 18:53. Debbie HUNT was the second female in 21:57.

Scott Watkins was second at Pomphrey Hill in 18:03, a PB by twenty-five seconds. Steve KERFOOT was third and first JM15-17 in 18:52. Molly CHILTON was the second female and first SW25-29 in 21:48.

At Eastville, Charlotte TAYLOR-GREEN was the second overall and first female with a time of 17:52. Nick TUFTNELL was third in 17:59, a PB by five seconds. Nicola BROOKLAND was fifth and second female in 18:35. There was a PB for Joseph HULL with a time of 19:03.

Fred HAWKER was the Club’s only representative at Southwick Country parkrun, and was second and first JM15-17 in 17:49.

Phil PARRY and Sian DAVIES had the Club’s highest Sage Grades of the weekend, with 91.18% and 87.87% respectively at Southwark P. There times were 17:00 and 21.10.

Felicity RUSSELL continuing, her improvement, had a PB at Chipping Sodbury, with a time of 24:53 and was first VW60-64. This earns Fliss the Performance of the Week.

Ruth TREDGET was the second female at Tauranga in the Bay of Plenty in New Zealand and Nicola OLDROYD was the first female at Clover Point in Canada.

Position  Gender Position  parkrunner  Run Time  Comments
Cardiff parkrun
A total of 1033 runners took part.
2929Sam JOHNSON00:18:16 
Kingsway parkrun, Gloucester
A total of 263 runners took part.
5846Mark TAYLOR00:25:39 
Ashton Court parkrun
A total of 538 runners took part.
44Simon T SMITH00:18:31 
455Tanya CHOWDHURY00:21:501st VW40-44.
757Tracy ALLAN00:22:451st VW50-54.
819Jenny ANDERSON00:22:56PB by 47 secs.
9282Peter GANDON00:23:32 
10113Liz HILL00:23:592nd VW40-44.
173145Tom WATKINS00:26:13 
24252Emma WITHERS00:27:56 
401130Susan CAMPBELL00:32:24 
  Liz HILL  
  Caroline POTTER  
Newcastle parkrun
A total of 704 runners took part.
7569Miles PEARCE00:21:10 
Moors Valley parkrun
A total of 451 runners took part.
1613Andrew MALLOY00:20:29 
Shepton Mallet parkrun
A total of 214 runners took part.
22David EAGON00:16:52 
Eden Project parkrun
A total of 219 runners took part.
1514Jacob ROE00:19:31 
4940Zachary ROE00:23:20 
9327Niamh ROE00:26:55 
Thornbury parkrun
A total of 62 runners took part.
254Olivia TARR00:27:211st JW11-14.
Eastville parkrun
A total of 530 runners took part.
21Charlotte Emily TAYLOR-GREEN00:17:522nd overall. 1st female.1st SW30-34. Age Grade 83.21%.
32Nick TUFTNELL00:17:59PB by 5 secs. 2nd male. 1st VM40-44.
52Nicola BROOKLAND00:18:351st VW40-4.
64Greg CHANCE00:18:371st VM35-39.
97Neil LIGHT00:18:50 
119Joseph HULL00:19:03PB by 7 secs. 1st JM11-14.
1614Paul BRANA-MARTIN00:19:19 
1715Timothy James WHITE00:19:22 
293Sarah Natasha EVERITT00:19:561st VW50-54. Age Grade 86.20%.
3431Bill HULL00:20:202nd VM45-49.
4642Ben HOLDING00:21:04 
4743Neil TURNEY00:21:06 
485Clementine HOULDEN00:21:06PB by 2 mins 34 secs. 1st JW11-14.
6862Derek DA SILVA00:21:50PB by 1 sec.
799Meriel BERGIN00:22:052nd VW35-39.
9685Stuart PRESNELL00:22:33 
10114Kate DRUETT00:22:43 
120104David TAYLOR00:23:34 
21444Carol KIEKUTH00:26:41 
23051Karen Louise WATSON00:27:11 
395135Eugenie HOULDEN00:32:28 
425157Anna FORD00:33:46 
Southwick Country parkrun
A total of 323 runners took part.
22Fred HAWKER00:17:492nd overall. 1st JM15-17.
Chippenham parkrun
A total of 183 runners took part.
4744Steven GRANT00:24:27 
Bryn Bach parkrun
A total of 109 runners took part.
1111Michael CHANDLER00:19:55 
Southwark parkrun
A total of 373 runners took part.
33Philip PARRY00:17:001st VM55-59. Age Grade 91.18%.
623Sian DAVIES00:21:101st VW55-59. Age Grade 87.87%.
Chipping Sodbury parkrun
A total of 425 runners took part.
1716Geoff PARTRIDGE00:20:251st VM50-54.
5146Graham John CRUMP00:23:002nd VM55-59.
9110Felicity RUSSELL00:24:53PB by  100 secs. 1st VW60-64.
9886Nick WHITE00:25:11 
19045Agnieszka KAMINSKA00:28:14 
Fish Hoek parkrun
A total of 352 runners took part.
255169Ken HEAD00:43:441st VM85-89.
Pomphrey Hill parkrun
A total of 294 runners took part.
22Scott WATKINS00:18:03PB by 25 secs. 1st VM35-39.
33Steve KERFOOT00:18:521st JM15-17.
109Jonathan BENNETT00:20:22 
212Molly CHILTON00:21:482nd female. 1st SW25-29.
115101Barry MILLS00:27:58 
Tauranga parkrun
A total of 120 runners took part.
62Ruth TREDGET00:20:532nd female. 1st SW30-34.
Parke parkrun
A total of 151 runners took part.
99Paul JEFFERSON00:20:481st VM40-44.
Burnham and Highbridge parkrun
A total of 414 runners took part.
11092Brendon WILSON00:26:22 
174132Richard GWYN00:28:50 
301119Sian OLIVER00:33:21 
353156Gemma SLY00:36:56 
Clover Point parkrun
A total of 24 runners took part.
61Nicola OLDROYD00:22:351st female. 1st Sw25-29.
Fairview parkrun
A total of 126 runners took part.
2423Gino GERACITANO00:23:542nd VM45-49.
Clapham Common parkrun
A total of 777 runners took part.
421324Roger BROCKLESBY00:27:51 
Severn Bridge parkrun
A total of 210 runners took part.
11David AWDE00:16:191st overall. 1st SM30-34.
33Sam COTTERELL00:16:461st SM25-29.
99Jay HUNT00:18:532nd JM11-14.
2726Mike CHIPPING00:21:501st VM65-69.
282Debbie HUNT00:21:572nd female. 1st VW40-44.
208102Martha PHILLIPS00:48:19 
Somerdale Pavilion parkrun
A total of 98 runners took part.
1211Daniel MORGAN00:21:032nd SM25-29.
8358Geoffrey MORGAN00:36:43