parkrun report – Saturday 9 February

13 Feb

parkrun REPORT 09/02/2019

Mile CHANDLER made his parkrun debut on Saturday and duly finished first at Cardiff in a time of 15:53, the sixth fastest in the UK an Age Grade Performance of 81.22%. Miles is awarded the Performance of the Week title. Steve MITCHELL was in sixth place with a time of 17:21.

The ladies had a good morning at Ashton Court with several Age Category successes. Tanya CHOWDHURY was third overall and second in the VW40-44 group, with a time of 23:21. Jane COLMAN was the first VW50-54 in 24:04, Maggie SALTER the first VW55-59 in 25:56 and Anne DOCKERY the first VW70-74 in 26:49. Kitty FREEMAN-EDMONDSON had a 92 second PB with a time of 26:00.

Scott WATKINS was second at Eastville in 17:45, a PB by 15seconds. There were also PBs for Neil TURNEY, Sam JOHNSON, Peter WANG, Alice DOGGRELL, the second female, Meriel BERGIN, Henrietta ANSTEY and Jolana PRICE.

At Bryn Bach, Phil PARRY, achieved the Club’s best Age Grade of the day wit 89.77% and a time of 17:16 in second place. Michael CHANDLER were thirds and fourth overall, with Sian taking the first female position in a time of 21:36.

Sam COTTERELL was the first finisher at Chipping SODBURY in 17:20 and Louise CRON IN was the second female in 20:45. 

At Pomphrey Hill, Molly CHILTON was the first female in 21:59, and Helen CLARK was the third female in 22:42.

Position  Gender Position  parkrunner  Run Time  Comments
Cardiff parkrun
A total of 854 runners took part.
11Miles CHANDLER00:15:531st overall. 1st SM20-24. Age Grade 81.22%.
66Stephen MITCHELL00:17:212nd SM30-34.
Ashton Court parkrun
A total of 487 runners took part.
5048Daniel MORGAN00:23:16 
523Tanya CHOWDHURY00:23:212nd VW40-44.
5350David SALTER00:23:281st VM60-64.
666Jane COLMAN00:24:041st VW50-54.
9385Peter GANDON00:25:02 
10294Mike WARREN00:25:33 
10410Liz HILL00:25:35 
11615Maggie SALTER00:25:561st VW55-59.
12017Kitty FREEMAN-EDMONDSON00:26:00PB by 92 secs. 1st JW15-17.
15625Anne DOCKERY00:26:491st VW70-74. Age Grade 83.03%.
265193Andrew MALLOY00:30:13 
333102Michelle EDGELL00:32:46 
395138Linda WOODBURN00:35:36 
440272Geoffrey MORGAN00:38:30 
  Caroline POTTER  
  Maggie SALTER  
Southampton parkrun
A total of 1128 runners took part.
3434Nathan LOMAX-COOKE00:19:33 
Ally Pally parkrun
A total of 340 runners took part.
9282Graham John CRUMP00:25:27 
Eastville parkrun
A total of 475 runners took part.
22Scott WATKINS00:17:45PB by 15 secs. 2nd overal.. 1st VM25-39.
55Nick TUFTNELL00:18:311st VM40-44.
66Neil TURNEY00:18:32PB by 13 secs. 2nd VM35-39.
99Sam JOHNSON00:19:02PB by 15 secs. 1st SM20-24.
1111Paul BRANA-MARTIN00:19:46 
2222Peter WANG00:20:33PB by 37 secs.
352Alice DOGGRELL00:21:19PB by 4 secs. 2nd female. 1st VW35-39.
484Meriel BERGIN00:22:00PB by 34 secs.
6358Derek DA SILVA00:22:44 
7064Krzysztof WANAT00:23:18 
9610Henrietta ANSTEY00:24:14PB by 49 secs. 1st VW35-39.
184154Bartosz WALENCIK00:26:47 
20437Carol KIEKUTH00:27:15 
21641Karen Louise WATSON00:27:48 
22244Jolana PRICE00:27:58PB by 20 secs.
  Felicity RUSSELL  
Bryn Bach parkrun
A total of 71 runners took part.
22Philip PARRY00:17:162nd overall. 1st VM55-59. Age Grade 89.77%.
33Michael CHANDLER00:20:012nd SM30-34.
41Sian DAVIES00:21:361st female. 1st VW55-59.
Chipping Sodbury parkrun
A total of 425 runners took part.
11Sam COTTERELL00:17:201st overall. 1st SM25-29.
152Louise CRONIN00:20:451st female. 1st VW50-54. Age Grade 80.80%.
8977Andrew DRAKE00:25:182nd VM35-39.
20653Agnieszka KAMINSKA00:29:031st VW40-44.
Pomphrey Hill parkrun
A total of 237 runners took part.
1515Nick CREW00:21:451st VM55-59.
181Molly CHILTON00:21:591st female. 1st SW25-29.
2019Geoff PARTRIDGE00:22:121st VM50-54.
263Helen CLARK00:22:421st VW40-44.
679Julie ILOGU00:25:271st VW50-54.
9983Barry MILLS00:27:30 
140104Nick WHITE00:30:31 
Kesgrave parkrun
A total of 290 runners took part.
77Daryl PHILLIPS00:20:051st SM30-34.
24989Martha PHILLIPS00:36:32 
Burnham and Highbridge parkrun
A total of 272 runners took part.
133106Richard GWYN00:28:49 
Severn Bridge parkrun
A total of 96 runners took part.
77Miles PEARCE00:21:452nd VM50-54.
Marlborough Common parkrun
A total of 131 runners took part.
3931Bob COX00:26:592nd VM60-64.
Aberbeeg parkrun
A total of 88 runners took part.
3735Roger BROCKLESBY00:26:001st VM60-64.