09 Feb

A message from Fliss Russell…responses needed ASAP!

Attention Marathoners and wannabe marathoners!

We have been invited by Bristol City Council to enter two people, ideally 1M 1F, to run the Bordeaux Marathon and part of an International/European twin cities team. Entry and one night’s accommodation paid for; you’d only need to pay your flight (and food and further accommodation if you wanted to stay longer). The date is Saturday 27th April; it’s an evening (sunset-twilight) race. The bad news is that unfortunately it’s the same weekend as London.

We need to respond promptly to this request so if you are interested and available please either PM me on Facebook or email me at ASAP, ideally within the next few days!

As I type this we have one male name pencilled in but not firmed up. The second space should ideally be for a woman (come on ladies!) but if no women come forward they may accept a second bloke, so if you are male but interested do still let me know please.

See for more info about the event.