parkrun report – Saturday 26th Jan

30 Jan

parkrun REPORT 26/01/2019

The excellent new year attendances continued at the local parkruns on Saturday, despite the damp conditions. Several Club runners were competing at the Midland Cross Country Championships.

David AWDE was the first finisher at Ashton Court with a time of 17:19. There was a PB for Andrea GOUDE with a time of 24:37, an eighteen second improvement. This is a worthy winner of the Performance of the Week. Anne DOCKERY achieved the Club’s best Age Grade with 83.71%. 

At Eastville, Maciej BIALOGONSKI was the first finisher in 17:11, with Phil PARRY second in 17:37 with a three second PB. Phil led the Age Grade ratings here with a score of 87.23%. Sarah EVERETT was the second female in a time of 20:14. There were also PBs for Alex WILKINS, Sian DAVIES, Kate DRUETT and Gemma SLY.

Sam COTTERELL was first at Chipping Sodbury in 17:13 and Clare JOLLIFFE was first female at Somerdale Pavilion. In Canada Nicola OLDROYD was the first female for the second week running at Clover Point, Victoria and Anna FORD performed a similar feat at Bideford.

Position  Gender Position  parkrunner  Run Time  Comments
Ashton Court parkrun
A total of 570 runners took part.
11David AWDE00:17:191st overall. 1st SM30-34.
1010Daniel HURLEY00:19:19 
3734Pete MOUNTAIN00:21:091st VM60-64.
4338Daniel MORGAN00:21:42 
526Alice DOGGRELL00:22:071st VW35-39.
698Tanya CHOWDHURY00:22:472nd VW40-44.
12616Antonia GOODER00:24:252nd VW50-54.
137117Gordon EVERETT00:24:36 
13821Andrea GOUDE00:24:37PB by 18 secs. 2nd VW45-49.
17930Christine BURREN00:25:44 
21536Anne DOCKERY00:26:361st VW70-74. Age Grade 83.71%.
23942Caroline POTTER00:27:01 
332243Roger BROCKLESBY00:29:30 
413131Jane COLMAN00:32:00 
419134Christine ROSE00:32:11 
483172Liz HILL00:35:08 
518318Geoffrey MORGAN00:37:27 
  Jane COLMAN  
  Liz HILL  
  Linda WOODBURN  
Kingston parkrun
A total of 371 runners took part.
3331Mike CHIPPING00:21:511st VM65-69.
Eastville parkrun
A total of 578 runners took part
11Maciej BIALOGONSKI00:17:111st overall. 1st SM30-34.
22Philip PARRY00:17:37PB by 3 secs. 1st VM55-59. Age Grade 87.23%.
88Nick TUFTNELL00:19:042nd VM40-44
1010Sam JOHNSON00:19:172nd SM20-24.,
232Sarah Natasha EVERITT00:20:142nd feamle1st VW50-54.
2422Bill HULL00:20:15 
3936Peter WANG00:21:10 
4138Alex WILKINS00:21:17PB by 33 secs.
5956Stuart PRESNELL00:21:54 
634Sian DAVIES00:21:58PB by 23 secs.
776Kate DRUETT00:22:26PB by 8 secs. 2nd VW40-44.
10510Jenny ANDERSON00:23:381st SW25-29.
130116Graham GROUT00:24:19 
140124Peter GANDON00:24:40 
15723Henrietta ANSTEY00:25:031st VW45-49.
19937Carol KIEKUTH00:26:12 
278211Greg CHANCE00:27:57 
279212Henry SLY00:27:58 
34596Agnieszka KAMINSKA00:29:40 
530209Gemma SLY00:36:47PB by 27 secs.
  Andrew DRAKE  
  Jonathan GOODLAND  
Bryn Bach parkrun
A total of 132 runners took part.
77Michael CHANDLER00:19:55 
Chipping Sodbury parkrun
A total of 467 runners took part.
11Sam COTTERELL00:17:131st overall. 1st SM25-29.
345Ruth NUNN00:21:572nd VW35-39.
4639Nick WHITE00:22:47 
14235Karen Louise WATSON00:27:15 
Pomphrey Hill parkrun
A total of 322 runners took part.
55Douglas WEBB00:19:402nd SM30-34.
1615Jonathan BENNETT00:21:27 
1918Nick CREW00:21:411st VM55-59.
2827Geoff PARTRIDGE00:22:082nd VM50-54.
362Helen CLARK00:22:302nd female. 1st VW40-44.
5249Steven GRANT00:23:49 
7910Julie ILOGU00:25:191st VW50-54.
9915Holly MASSEY-JONES00:26:261st JW10.
128108Barry MILLS00:27:24 
14927Sabrina PATTEN00:28:16 
Burnham and Highbridge parkrun
A total of 370 runners took part.
2624David SALTER00:20:461st VM60-64.
303Tracy ALLAN00:21:291st VW55-59.
7817Maggie SALTER00:24:072nd VW55-59.
285109Sian OLIVER00:34:13 
Grangemoor parkrun
A total of 244 runners took part.
2419Andrew MALLOY00:21:57 
Bideford parkrun
A total of 106 runners took part.
201Anna FORD00:22:251st female. 1st SW25-29.
Sale Water parkrun
A total of 313 runners took part.
5751Graham John CRUMP00:23:192nd VM55-59.
Gloucester City parkrun
A total of 228 runners took part.
1010Jonathan GOODLAND00:20:201st VM60-64.
9928Michelle EDGELL00:28:01 
Felixstowe parkrun
A total of 164 runners took part.
22Daryl PHILLIPS00:18:552nd overall. 1st SM30-34.
11738Martha PHILLIPS00:32:47 
Somerdale Pavilion parkrun
A total of 115 runners took part.
71Clare JOLLIFFE00:20:58PB by 25 secs. 1st female. 1st VW50-54.
2724Bob COX00:25:541st VM60-64.
Clover Point parkrun
A total of 31 runners took part.
61Nicola OLDROYD00:21:40PB by 54 secs. 1st female. 1st SW20-24.
Eastville junior parkrun
A total of 38 runners took part.
85Erin CRONIN00:10:33 
  Derek DA SILVA