Are you over 35? If so please read this!

29 Jan

British Masters Athletic Federation for those over 35 years of age…… old can you go???
CORRECT! You become a Master athlete at the grand old age of 35 and can enter Master age group competitions. 
NO! You do not have to qualify or reach a particular standard in your sport.
YES! You can represent your country as long as you have the time and the  money to pay for uniform, travel and entry fees.
NO, it is not just track and field.
NO , you do not need to have been running or triple jumping all your life. 

I hope those few statements have made some of you sit up and think…maybe I should look in to this?  I see so many talented 35+ B&W athletes training at Whitehall track and I am sure they and members who do their training elsewhere would relish the challenge of veterans races.I meet lots of older athletes who say, oh but I am not fast/good enough to enter those kind of races. If I might say so…YES you are all good enough! If you want to do it give it a shot!

The BMAF organises  road races and there are yearly championship races for 5k, 10k,10 miles, half marathon and marathon as well as a non championship mile race near Buckingham Palace. They, and the various Vets clubs, organise track and field events. A lot of these can be found on the BMAF website under fixtures. There are eight area clubs in England and our nearest ones are Midlands and Southwest vets , and there is also Welsh Masters . The fee to join is not exorbitant…it cost me 13 pounds to join SWVAC.On Sunday 27th Fliss and I are going to compete in the SWVAC x country championship in Devon, and one or two others may join us. You do not have to be member to enter. It would be wonderful if we could  have a large group competing in the different age groups at these races.
There are, as I am slowly discovering, no end of interesting races for Vets.

Presently Steve Grant keeps the men informed of forthcoming race and field events. I am intending to do the same, with his help, for the ladies.If you are even slightly interested please go to the BMAF website and read the section  ‘overview’ in the newcomers column where it gives you more detailed information. 

Ladies, let me know if you wish to be on an email list to keep you informed of forthcoming Master events. It will be fun to have a group of us at races.

Anne Dockery.

You can get in touch with Anne on