U13 boys triumph at Midland XC Champs

27 Jan

Under 13 Lads Win Team Gold By A Country Mile.

The boys pick up their medals.

Ali Hurford reports:

I feel very blessed to have a squad which is made up of not just quality but also quantity. Winning the team by a comprehensive 37 points plus also finishing 13 boys in the race proved what great strength & character has developed within the group over the last several years.During the week leading up to the race I was convinced a medal would come our way but as the U13 age group is difficult to predict it was really a matter of what colour. Once the race had concluded I had an anxious wait until 2 lads came running towards me with the results in their hand. The medal ceremony was well attended by the whole group plus parents & grand parents whose support on the day should also be applauded.
The scoring team consisted of Misha Evans (10), Eoin Halloran (12), Jay Hunt (20), Tomek Czerepinski (28). Each of these lads ran well to form &  with real conviction as they have shown all season. Their moment of glory is well deserved.Next in was Ishmael Bradley (37), & Nicholas Pestell (45) who provided comforting back-up to the scoring team. These lads ran so well that they would of made the team for the clubs who took the silver & bronze medals.
Fred Cummins (67) thankfully make the start line having fallen off his bike during the week. Jacob Franklin (87) & youngster Alex Auton-Green (88) worked well together throughout the race finishing just one second apart. Ben Pocock (101) running for the first time at this level shows real commitment in training & will appear higher up the running order next year. Another first timer Felix Pearson (108) really enjoys the team ethos & hopefully he will continue to enjoy the rest of the cross country season. If there was a prize for the tallest lad in the race I feel sure judging from the photos at the start it would go to Alex Robertson (111), who has taken part in virtually every winter fixture over the last 2 years, that shows enthusiasm. Our final finisher was Joseph McNamara.(114) cheered on with real team spirit from the lads & supporters. 

The squad!

Once a large amount of cake had been consumed we made a quick get away to allow for extra time at the services & hence more food. Arriving home by mid afternoon allowed some to go on to birthday parties,clearly even a day at the races fails to wear them out!