parkrun report – Saturday 12th January

15 Jan

parkrun REPORT 12/01/2019

Saturday was notable for some large attendances at the local parkruns, which included a record 651 turning up to run at Ashton Court. David EAGON was the first finisher here, in a time of 18:09. Kitty FFREEMAN-EDMONDSON recorded a PB of 27:32 at this location and was the second JW11-14.

At Eastville, Sam COTTERELL, Nick TUFTNELL and Scott WATKINS were second fourth and fifth respectively with times of 17:39, 18:06 and 18:11. Nicola BROOKLAND was the first female in 18:35. Sam COTTERELL, Luke SNAPE, Emma JOLLIFFE, Meriel BERGIN, Felicity RUSSELL and Carol KIEKUTH recorded PBs.

The Performance of the Week is awarded to Jonathan BENNETT for his third place and PB at Pomphrey Hill, his first there for nearly three years. Anne DOCKERY recorded an Age Grade of 93 56 at Chipping Sodbury.

Position  Gender Position  parkrunner  Run Time  Comments
Bromley parkrun
A total of 798 runners took part.
1515Douglas WEBB00:18:58 
Ashton Court parkrun
A total of 651 runners took part.
11David EAGON00:18:091st overall. 1st SM25-29.
1211Peter GANDON00:20:00 
4138Ben HOLDING00:21:022nd VM40-44.
5549Pete MOUNTAIN00:21:291st VM60-64.
577Alice DOGGRELL00:21:412nd VM35-39.
8070Andrew MALLOY00:22:50 
8575Daniel MORGAN00:23:05 
10512Lucy BIRD00:23:372nd VM45-49.
12916Antonia GOODER00:24:211st VW50-54.
24449Maggie SALTER00:27:04 
26658Kitty FREEMAN-EDMONDSON00:27:32PB by 17 secs. 2nd JW11-14.
30268Emma WITHERS00:28:09 
417119Agnieszka KAMINSKA00:30:56 
543185Linda WOODBURN00:35:10 
584374Geoffrey MORGAN00:37:36 
  Liz HILL  
  Maggie SALTER  
Bath Skyline parkrun
A total of 444 runners took part.
10288Bob COX00:24:48 
Thornbury parkrun
A total of 121 runners took part.
2520Graham John CRUMP00:24:122nd VM55-59.
Eastville parkrun
A total of 647 runners took part.
22Sam COTTERELL00:17:39PB by 16 secs. 1st VW40-44.
44Nick TUFTNELL00:18:061st VM40-44.
55Scott WATKINS00:18:111st VM35-39.
91Nicola BROOKLAND00:18:351st overall. 1st SM25-29.
1312Neil LIGHT00:19:112nd VM35-39.
1514Luke SNAPE00:19:15PB by 3 secs.
2220Joseph HULL00:19:501st JM11-14.
243Sarah Natasha EVERITT00:20:091st VW50-54.
3128Henry SLY00:20:30 
526Emma JOLLIFFE00:21:28PB by 16 secs. 1st SW25-29.
6357Greg CHANCE00:21:57 
6559Nick CREW00:22:011st VM55-59.
818Sian DAVIES00:22:261st VW55-59.
8274Derek DA SILVA00:22:27 
9010Meriel BERGIN00:22:35PB by 46 secs. 2nd VW35-39.
9987Paul BRANA-MARTIN00:22:58 
14822Julie ILOGU00:24:372nd VW50-54.
157134Michael NUTT00:24:502nd VM60-64.
18832Felicity RUSSELL00:25:33PB by 1 sec. 1st VW60-64.
20437Carol KIEKUTH00:26:09PB by 2 secs.
25760Karen Louise WATSON00:27:22 
604255Gemma SLY00:39:51 
  Jonathan GOODLAND  
  Derek DA SILVA  
  Stuart PRESNELL  
Bryn Bach parkrun
A total of 143 runners took part.
77Michael CHANDLER00:20:39 
Chipping Sodbury parkrun
A total of 473 runners took part.
705Anne DOCKERY00:23:481st VW70-74. Age Grade 93.56%
Pomphrey Hill parkrun
A total of 394 runners took part.
33Jonathan BENNETT00:18:20PB by 29 secs. 2nd VM35-39.
133Danni SINCLAIR00:21:251st JW15-17.
11119Helen CLARK00:26:10 
11695Noah GILL00:26:19 
151121Barry MILLS00:27:08 
19447Jemima DUTTON00:29:15 
Burnham and Highbridge parkrun
A total of 400 runners took part.
313Jenny ANDERSON00:22:331st SW25-29.
8271Brendon WILSON00:25:03 
185132Richard GWYN00:29:52 
Lydney parkrun
A total of 116 runners took part.
7125Tamera JONES00:30:02 
Tøyen parkrun
A total of 57 runners took part.
4636Roger BROCKLESBY00:30:531st VM60-64.
Rogiet parkrun
A total of 111 runners took part.
1211Steven GRANT00:24:552nd VM50-54.
Severn Bridge parkrun
A total of 253 runners took part.
4136Jonathan GOODLAND00:22:571st VM60-64.
Myrtle parkrun
A total of 268 runners took part.
224Nicola OLDROYD00:22:501st SW25-29.
Somerdale Pavilion parkrun
A total of 141 runners took part.
44Sokol DULI00:20:151st SM30-34.
171Clare JOLLIFFE00:21:231st female. 1st VW50-54.
2120David SALTER00:22:431st VM60-64.
2322Krzysztof WANAT00:22:51