Club stars named in Athletics Weekly rankings

07 Jan

The popular athletics magazine annually publishes the Power of 10 Rankings for the year. Below is a breakdown showing just where our top Athletes fared this year.

KeyAthletes shown in BOLD are Higher Competition Athletes.
Athletes shown in Italics are Athletes not qualified to compete for GB.
i = Indoor Performance

Senior 2018 Listings

Merit RatingRankingAthleteGenderEventAge GrpPerformance
33Lucy BRYANWPole VaultSnr4.47mi
65Christina JONESWHammerSnr61.73m
66Emily LEONARDW400mSnr51.87
97Jenny SPINKWMarathonV352h 36:54
RankingAthleteGenderEventAge GrPerformance
9Bethan KNIGHTSW3,000m Snr9:07.01i
10Mike WILSMOREM1,500mSnr3:40.42
11Bethan KNIGHTSW5,000m Snr15:45.94i
13Dan STUDLEYM10,000mSnr29:15.41
14Eleanor DAVISW10,000m Snr33:33.20
15Alex DALEYM400m HurdlesU2351.83
15Emily LEONARDW200mSnr23.49
19Emily DIBBLEWJavelinU2043.93m
20Dan STUDLEYM5,000mSnr13:53.6
=21Silvia AMBALINOWPole VaultSnr3.76mi
25Charlotte TAYLOR-GREENW3,000mSnr9:20.02i
25Tim STEPHENSM400m HurdlesU2353.29
26Charlotte TAYLOR-GREENW1,500mSnr4:16.88
26Jacob LANGEMHammerSnr58.79m
28Eleanor DAVISW10,000m Snr16:15.14
30Harry LANEM3,000m S/chSnr9:19.18

Age Group Listings 2018

1Caroline POWELLW200mV6029.47
1Caroline POWELLW400mV6066.67
2Jessica LEWISWJavelinU1543.30m
4Tia JACKSONW100mU1712.05
4Jenny SPINKWMarathonV352h 36:54
6Emily DIBBLEWJavelinU2043.93m
9Tia JACKSONWLong JumpU175.76m
9Josh SCHRIJVERMDiscusU1541.44m
9Alexia BENNETT-CORDYW300m HurdlesU1744.39
10Ryan BRADYM100mU1312.4

Mike Strange – Club Statistician