parkrun report – Saturday 29 Jan and The New Year’s Day Double!

01 Jan

parkrun REPORT 29/12/2018 and 01/01/2019

This is a double report, covering events of Saturday 29 December 2018 and Tuesday 1 January 2019. The Club was very well represented at many events, both in the UK and abroad. 

On New Year’s Day, as is traditional, runners can compete in two different events, as result of the relaxation of the rules allowing events to start at different times. In the Bristol area, two possible doubles were Ashton Court followed by Eastville or Chipping Sodbury followed by Eastville. This resulted in a record crowd in the locality with 941 runners turning up at Eastville. Mention must be made of all the volunteers who helped to control the numbers., particularly at Eastville.

Results are below:

Position  Gender Position  parkrunner  Run Time  
Bromley parkrun
A total of 634 runners took part.
1110Douglas WEBB00:18:34
Harrow parkrun
A total of 181 runners took part.
1411Tom BOYCE00:21:17
Ashton Court parkrun
A total of 517 runners took part.
55Brad PONTIN00:19:12
66Tom EDWARDS00:19:17
1010Paul JEFFERSON00:19:58
2221Jonathan GOODLAND00:20:48
264Naomi AYLWIN00:21:01
3833Daryl PHILLIPS00:21:42
5246Daniel MORGAN00:22:14
537Alice DOGGRELL00:22:17
5447David SALTER00:22:19
6355Andrew MALLOY00:22:42
729Tanya CHOWDHURY00:23:03
10914Antonia GOODER00:24:28
12416Helen CLARK00:24:53
126110Chris PEARCE00:24:54
129112Stuart PRESNELL00:24:56
13420Liz HILL00:25:14
14225Tamera JONES00:25:29
14628Lucy BIRD00:25:33
15630Maggie SALTER00:25:58
17738Anne DOCKERY00:26:29
281198Roger BROCKLESBY00:29:09
344236Peter GANDON00:31:34
454279Geoffrey MORGAN00:36:54
487195Michelle EDGELL00:39:54
496199Martha PHILLIPS00:41:45
Southampton parkrun
A total of 840 runners took part.
55Richard BOYES00:17:20
Swindon parkrun
A total of 475 runners took part.
22752Ruth TREDGET00:28:39
York parkrun   
A total of 515 runners took part.   
13313Andrea GOUDE00:23:06
Torbay Velopark parkrun
A total of 294 runners took part.
11David AWDE00:15:58
Shepton Mallet parkrun
A total of 233 runners took part.
77David EAGON00:19:04
Peacehaven parkrun
A total of 105 runners took part.
44Darren STRINGER00:20:27
Brueton parkrun
A total of 564 runners took part.
44Nick TUFTNELL00:18:00
Greenock parkrun
A total of 97 runners took part.
202Anna FORD00:22:35
Whitstable parkrun
A total of 369 runners took part.
372Daisy MUMMERY00:22:39
Killerton parkrun
A total of 266 runners took part.
363Molly CHILTON00:22:04
Peterborough parkrun
A total of 613 runners took part.
374Belle MORGAN00:21:03
Winchester parkrun
A total of 350 runners took part.
21847Katherine ADAMS00:28:29
Eastville parkrun
A total of 262 runners took part.
11Joe BALLARD00:16:30
21Nicola BROOKLAND00:18:43
64Timothy James WHITE00:19:04
2018Joseph HULL00:20:04
233Ellen HARRISON00:20:15
2825Bill HULL00:20:33
294Sarah Natasha EVERITT00:20:34
3228Henry SLY00:20:58
3430Neil TURNEY00:21:07
4742Paul BRANA-MARTIN00:22:03
598Kate DRUETT00:22:46
6455Ben HOLDING00:23:00
8674Derek DA SILVA00:24:21
11391Michael NUTT00:25:32
11593Ismail RASHID00:25:42
11723Lesley EVANS00:25:48
13027Carol KIEKUTH00:26:38
214144Paul TAYLOR-MORRIS00:32:25
25496Gemma SLY00:40:58
Stonehouse parkrun
A total of 82 runners took part.
11Andrew WATT00:17:52
Cheltenham parkrun
A total of 468 runners took part.
19231Mell MOSS00:26:41
Chipping Sodbury parkrun
A total of 414 runners took part.
22Maciej BIALOGONSKI00:15:48
3331Sam COTTERELL00:21:02
3533Nick WHITE00:21:14
595Fiona EATHERINGTON00:22:40
9616Claire SHINE00:24:55
15037Karen Louise WATSON00:26:42
Pomphrey Hill parkrun
A total of 280 runners took part.
11David BRUCE00:17:49
77Jay AKBAR00:19:47
547Julie ILOGU00:24:52
7815Hayley BENNETT00:25:47
11591Barry MILLS00:27:59
Burnham and Highbridge parkrun
A total of 355 runners took part.
11088Brendon WILSON00:25:33
214145Richard GWYN00:29:42
Hove Promenade parkrun
A total of 327 runners took part.
33Joshua HABGOOD-COOTE00:16:55
Lytham Hall parkrun
A total of 229 runners took part.
22Darren GARMAN00:18:09
Fareham parkrun
A total of 265 runners took part.
51Rosie HATTERSLEY00:19:25
Severn Bridge parkrun
A total of 337 runners took part.
8373Steven GRANT00:23:58
19450Agnieszka KAMINSKA00:28:50
Cliffe Castle parkrun
A total of 139 runners took part.
163Nicola OLDROYD00:23:43
Teignmouth Promenade parkrun
A total of 228 runners took part.
11Matthew ROBINSON00:17:54
Aberbeeg parkrun
A total of 64 runners took part.
1918Graham John CRUMP00:22:58
Somerdale Pavilion parkrun
A total of 94 runners took part.
22Daniel CANNON00:19:13
71Amy NICHOLLS00:21:53
254Debbie HUNT00:25:04
Woolacombe Dunes parkrun
A total of 140 runners took part.
55Greg CHANCE00:21:02
87Neil LIGHT00:21:51
Brighton & Hove parkrun
A total of 826 runners took part.
122111Darren STRINGER00:21:45
Cardiff parkrun
A total of 805 runners took part.
44Adam WILSON00:16:08
Amager Fælled parkrun
A total of 160 runners took part.
1512Andrew MALLOY00:21:12
Ashton Court parkrun
A total of 565 runners took part.
44Matthew ROBINSON00:18:29
99Nick ROBERTS00:19:19
1010Brad PONTIN00:19:21
1414Sokol DULI00:19:41
1515Peter GANDON00:19:42
1717Jay HUNT00:19:49
2626Paul JEFFERSON00:20:10
586Alice DOGGRELL00:21:47
7366Daniel MORGAN00:22:22
819Tracy ALLAN00:22:36
8374Krzysztof WANAT00:22:40
8910Tanya CHOWDHURY00:22:48
10090Derek DA SILVA00:23:12
11112Debbie HUNT00:23:37
12615Jane COLMAN00:24:20
14825Helen CLARK00:24:54
15126Andrea GOUDE00:24:59
17127Liz HILL00:25:27
18332Lucy BIRD00:25:40
26658Ruth TREDGET00:27:30
28767Emma WITHERS00:28:00
29070Tamera JONES00:28:04
292221Barry MILLS00:28:06
298225Roger BROCKLESBY00:28:13
339249Fred HAWKER00:29:17
340250Otto Felix KINGSTON00:29:18
510322Geoffrey MORGAN00:36:45
Forest of Dean parkrun
A total of 247 runners took part.
12398Graham John CRUMP00:28:42
Leamington parkrun
A total of 488 runners took part.
1010Joseph HULL00:20:00
1818Bill HULL00:20:35
Riverfront parkrun
A total of 627 runners took part.
11Maciej BIALOGONSKI00:16:28
Newport parkrun
A total of 527 runners took part.
11Maciej BIALOGONSKI00:17:21
Henley-on-Thames parkrun
A total of 56 runners took part.
1110David SALTER00:22:54
276Maggie SALTER00:26:59
Winchester parkrun
A total of 339 runners took part.
161Rosie HATTERSLEY00:19:45
Barnstaple parkrun
A total of 293 runners took part.
5447Miles PEARCE00:23:35
Eastville parkrun
A total of 941 runners took part.
22Fred HAWKER00:17:42
55David BRUCE00:18:02
88Nick TUFTNELL00:18:04
1111Sam COTTERELL00:18:28
1212Andrew DRAKE00:18:33
1414Greg CHANCE00:18:37
1616Mark TAYLOR00:18:42
2020Nick ROBERTS00:18:57
2121Neil LIGHT00:18:58
2222Brad PONTIN00:19:02
2323Eoin O’HALLORAN00:19:03
2727Paul JEFFERSON00:19:17
2929Peter GANDON00:19:20
4544Jonathan GOODLAND00:20:00
4645Sokol DULI00:20:04
4847Jonathan BENNETT00:20:06
5150Neil TURNEY00:20:10
582Sarah Natasha EVERITT00:20:31
6765Ben HOLDING00:20:52
713Camilla BRIGGS00:20:58
846Jessica BRUCE00:21:18
8579Tomek CZEREPINSKI00:21:19
878Belle MORGAN00:21:20
889Alice DOGGRELL00:21:23
9786Daniel MORGAN00:21:41
10392Krzysztof WANAT00:21:57
13113Kate DRUETT00:22:38
13915Tracy ALLAN00:22:57
15620Ruth TREDGET00:23:23
15721Tanya CHOWDHURY00:23:23
17728Helen CLARK00:23:49
178150Nick WHITE00:23:49
258210Derek DA SILVA00:25:22
26049Liz HILL00:25:23
27755Lucy BIRD00:25:43
307242Paul BRANA-MARTIN00:26:13
38284Sabrina PATTEN00:27:44
41495Jolana PRICE00:28:18
475360Roger BROCKLESBY00:29:50
486121Tamera JONES00:30:09
494124Rachael PRYOR00:30:23
555161Agnieszka KAMINSKA00:32:03
574173Katherine ADAMS00:32:29
713259Michelle EDGELL00:35:17
757287Hayley BENNETT00:36:08
849502Otto Felix KINGSTON00:37:39
850348Emma WITHERS00:37:40
Stonehouse parkrun
A total of 140 runners took part.
10633Mell MOSS00:30:46
Chippenham parkrun
A total of 448 runners took part.
19437Karen Louise WATSON00:28:05
Bryn Bach parkrun
A total of 247 runners took part.
1010Daryl PHILLIPS00:19:37
1111Michael CHANDLER00:19:48
8069Bob COX00:25:25
20469Martha PHILLIPS00:31:20
Woodley parkrun
A total of 659 runners took part.
8274David SALTER00:21:40
18435Maggie SALTER00:24:59
Chipping Sodbury parkrun
A total of 488 runners took part.
22Sam COTTERELL00:17:05
44Nick TUFTNELL00:17:54
66Andrew DRAKE00:18:12
141Helen NEWBERRY00:19:24
2018Jonathan GOODLAND00:19:37
717Hayley BENNETT00:22:37
8272Nick WHITE00:23:09
14123Claire SHINE00:25:14
17837Sabrina PATTEN00:26:19
19646Karen Louise WATSON00:26:49
22558Olivia TARR00:27:51
29188Katherine ADAMS00:30:01
306210Jonathan BENNETT00:30:32
337114Michelle EDGELL00:31:20
Penallta parkrun
A total of 297 runners took part.
1515Daryl PHILLIPS00:20:14
8672Bob COX00:24:18
23884Martha PHILLIPS00:34:45
Hove Promenade parkrun
A total of 787 runners took part.
3230Darren STRINGER00:18:44
Lydney parkrun
A total of 231 runners took part.
4945Graham John CRUMP00:23:27
Stratford-upon-Avon parkrun
A total of 665 runners took part.
1313Joseph HULL00:19:25
4444Bill HULL00:20:27
Bideford parkrun
A total of 277 runners took part.
4236Miles PEARCE00:21:59
Exmouth parkrun
A total of 429 runners took part.
445Molly CHILTON00:21:20
Gloucester City parkrun
A total of 437 runners took part.
10219Mell MOSS00:24:43
Malmö Ribersborg parkrun
A total of 152 runners took part.
1714Andrew MALLOY00:22:35
Pakapakanthi parkrun
A total of 244 runners took part.
4239Gino GERACITANO00:24:10
Cliffe Castle parkrun
A total of 352 runners took part.
509Nicola OLDROYD00:23:28
Myrtle parkrun
A total of 243 runners took part.
6210Nicola OLDROYD00:23:55