parkrun report – Saturday 22nd Dec and Christmas Day!

28 Dec

parkrun REPORT 22/12/2018 & 25/12/2018

There have been two parkruns in four days; as well as the usual Saturday, there were also many runners up early on Christmas Day taking part in many different events.

There were many excellent times, with pride of place going to Zoe WASSELL for her Age Grade of 87.27% at Chipping Sodbury. This was a time of 17:01. The performance of the Week is awarded to Nicola OLDROYD for being first female at Bradford in a time of 21:53, which was a PB by eleven seconds on this, her home course.

A full set of annotated results for both days is below.

PositionGender PositionparkrunnerRun TimeComments
Woodhouse Moor parkrun
A total of 372 runners took part.
22Kieran BATTY00:17:502nd overall. 1st SM20-24.
Reading parkrun
A total of 247 runners took part.
22Phil RADFORD00:16:592nd overall. 1st SM25-29.
Edinburgh parkrun
A total of 646 runners took part.
141Natalie GRIFFITHS00:18:081st female. 1st SW30-34.
Ashton Court parkrun
A total of 412 runners took part.
11David AWDE00:17:111st overall. 1st SM30-34.
99Paul JEFFERSON00:19:211st VM40-44.
1616Joseph HULL00:20:161st JM11-14.
2524Andy DUNN00:20:44 
4137Bill HULL00:21:33 
6659Mike WARREN00:23:07 
719Kate DRUETT00:23:262nd VW40-44.
7510Lucy BIRD00:23:321st VW45-49.
8111Liz HILL00:23:45 
9980David SALTER00:24:232nd VM60-64.
12828Christine ROSE00:25:231st VW60-64.
13332Maggie SALTER00:25:332nd VW55-59.
15940Tamera JONES00:26:23 
17446Anne DOCKERY00:27:021st VW70-74.
183135Peter GANDON00:27:17 
20257Rebecca COLQUHOUN00:27:43 
20860Susan CAMPBELL00:28:002nd VW60-64.
21866Emma WITHERS00:28:30 
242168Roger BROCKLESBY00:29:19 
27893Tanya CHOWDHURY00:30:25 
28498Ruth TREDGET00:30:31 
381221Geoffrey MORGAN00:38:18 
411235Daniel MORGAN00:53:58 
  Alice DOGGRELL  
  Andrew MALLOY  
  Daniel MORGAN  
Southampton parkrun
A total of 826 runners took part.
6561Will WINDELL00:20:40 
Swindon parkrun
A total of 503 runners took part.
33Joe BALLARD00:16:40PB by 100 secs. 1st SM20-24.
2827Douglas WEBB00:20:06 
Ipswich parkrun
A total of 314 runners took part.
5853Daryl PHILLIPS00:24:36 
26173Martha PHILLIPS00:36:33 
Plymvalley parkrun
A total of 242 runners took part.
463Jenny ANDERSON00:24:452nd SW25-29.
Bath Skyline parkrun
A total of 330 runners took part.
3029Graham GROUT00:21:101st VM60-64.
Shepton Mallet parkrun
A total of 180 runners took part.
11David EAGON00:18:041st overall. 1st SM25-29.
Peterborough parkrun
A total of 615 runners took part.
404Belle MORGAN00:20:342nd SW20-24.
Winchester parkrun
A total of 336 runners took part.
24461Katherine ADAMS00:29:11 
Eastville parkrun
A total of 301 runners took part.
33Henry SLY00:18:101st VM35-39.
55Nick TUFTNELL00:18:171st VM40-44.
1212Paul BRANA-MARTIN00:19:25 
221Sarah Natasha EVERITT00:20:191st female . 1st VW50-54.
3635Jonathan GOODLAND00:21:261st VM60-64.
402Emma JOLLIFFE00:21:44PB by 17 secs.
494Jane COLMAN00:22:042nd VW50-54.
5046Ben HOLDING00:22:08 
6056Maciej BIALOGONSKI00:22:55 
7671Derek DA SILVA00:23:38 
15026Karen Louise WATSON00:26:52 
16229Carol KIEKUTH00:27:20 
22562Michelle EDGELL00:30:45 
263177Paul TAYLOR-MORRIS00:33:52 
301189Stuart PRESNELL00:48:09 
  Jonathan GOODLAND  
  Stuart PRESNELL  
Chipping Sodbury parkrun
A total of 380 runners took part.
11Zoe WASSELL00:17:011st overall. 1st SW18-19. Age Grade 87.27%.
21Sam COTTERELL00:17:102nd overall. 1st male. 
65Steve KERFOOT00:18:221st JHM15-17.
5549Graham John CRUMP00:22:542nd VM55-59.
10185Nick WHITE00:24:54 
10519Claire SHINE00:25:02 
Pomphrey Hill parkrun
A total of 298 runners took part.
109Jonathan BENNETT00:20:522nd VM35-39.
2321Geoff PARTRIDGE00:22:031st VW50-54.
354Helen CLARK00:23:342nd VW40-44.
5611Julie ILOGU00:24:462nd VW50-54.
11191Barry MILLS00:27:52 
11622Olivia TARR00:28:03 
14435Agnieszka KAMINSKA00:29:25 
17653Grace CLARIDGE00:31:172nd JW115-17.
  Hayley BENNETT  
  Nick CREW  
  Steven GRANT  
Burnham and Highbridge parkrun
A total of 352 runners took part.
124102Brendon WILSON00:27:03 
Cirencester parkrun
A total of 127 runners took part.
21Greg CHANCE00:19:182nd overall. 1st male. 
Heartlands parkrun
A total of 97 runners took part.
33Jay HUNT00:20:191st JM11-14.
171Debbie HUNT00:23:021st female. 1st VW40-44.
Severn Bridge parkrun
A total of 259 runners took part.
2423Mike CHIPPING00:21:481st VM65-69.
7910Felicity RUSSELL00:25:161st VW60-64.
Pakapakanthi parkrun
A total of 134 runners took part.
3731Gino GERACITANO00:23:30 
Somerdale Pavilion parkrun
A total of 64 runners took part.
2523Bob COX00:26:272nd VM60-64.
Bushy parkrun
A total of 2011 runners took part.
3737Greg CHANCE00:17:54PB by 29 secs.
Edinburgh parkrun
A total of 867 runners took part.
745281Linda WOODBURN00:33:18 
Southampton parkrun
A total of 732 runners took part.
5347Will WINDELL00:20:36 
Plymvalley parkrun
A total of 339 runners took part.
696Jenny ANDERSON00:24:391st SW25-29.
York parkrun
A total of 648 runners took part.
2221Neil TURNEY00:18:05 
Bradford parkrun
A total of 288 runners took part.
241Nicola OLDROYD00:21:53PB by 11 secs.1st female. 1st SW25-29.
Waterworks parkrun, Belfast
A total of 425 runners took part.
1212Andrew MALLOY00:18:242nd VM45-49.
Worcester parkrun
A total of 630 runners took part.
2422Douglas WEBB00:19:05 
Concord parkrun, Sheffield
A total of 347 runners took part.
2222Ben HOLDING00:20:42 
Bryn Bach parkrun
A total of 84 runners took part.
1212Michael CHANDLER00:19:58 
Delamere parkrun
A total of 644 runners took part.
18539Mell MOSS00:25:48 
Chipping Sodbury parkrun
A total of 423 runners took part.
22Maciej BIALOGONSKI00:17:072nd overall. 1st SM30-34.
33Paul BRANA-MARTIN00:18:41 
55Fred HAWKER00:19:14PB by 4 mins 10 secs. 1st JM15-17.
77Sam COTTERELL00:19:202nd SM25-29.
111Helen NEWBERRY00:19:491st female. 1st SW30-34.
2421Jonathan GOODLAND00:20:411st VM60-64.
3632Daniel MORGAN00:21:58 
7162Bob COX00:23:55 
27399Isobel Grace MEDCROFT00:31:41 
356207Geoffrey MORGAN00:36:00 
359151Michelle EDGELL00:36:09 
  Graham CRUMP  
Pomphrey Hill parkrun
A total of 420 runners took part.
11David BRUCE00:16:481st overall. 1st SM30-34.
88Nick TUFTNELL00:18:321st VM40-44.
1715Joseph HULL00:19:42PB by 48 secs. 1st JM11-14.
1916Sokol DULI00:19:50 
2218Bill HULL00:20:202nd VM45-49.
325Alice DOGGRELL00:20:50PB by 10 secs.2nd VW35-39.
4235David SALTER00:21:36PB by 34 secs. 1st VM60-64.
5447Krzysztof WANAT00:22:22 
568Kate DRUETT00:22:312nd VW40-44.
579Helen CLARK00:22:38 
6454Derek DA SILVA00:22:50PB by 2 secs.
7159Stuart PRESNELL00:23:10 
10723Maggie SALTER00:24:481st VW55-59.
11187Darren STRINGER00:24:59 
11288Nick WHITE00:24:59 
11425Tamera JONES00:25:011st VW45-49.
15135Felicity RUSSELL00:26:40PB by 42 secs. 1st VW60-64.
170127Barry MILLS00:26:57 
17746Karen Louise WATSON00:27:052nd VW50-54.
21061Agnieszka KAMINSKA00:28:29 
Cranleigh parkrun
A total of 132 runners took part.
263Belle MORGAN00:23:042nd SW20-24.
Chichester parkrun
A total of 214 runners took part.
11491Steven GRANT00:27:26 
Kesgrave parkrun
A total of 229 runners took part.
1212Daryl PHILLIPS00:19:22 
21264Martha PHILLIPS00:35:05 
Maidenhead parkrun
A total of 414 runners took part.
87Jonathan BENNETT00:19:111st VM35-39.
674Hayley BENNETT00:23:162nd VW35-39.
Penrose parkrun
A total of 249 runners took part.
1212Jay HUNT00:19:131st JM11-14.
454Debbie HUNT00:22:431st VW40-44.
Lancaster parkrun
A total of 257 runners took part.
76Mark TAYLOR00:19:432nd VM45-49.
Elgin parkrun
A total of 138 runners took part.
321Anna FORD00:23:041st female. 1st SW30-34.
Bakewell parkrun
A total of 260 runners took part.
11Jarlath MCKENNA00:15:521st overall. 1st VM35-39.