parkrun report – Saturday 15th December

17 Dec

parkrun REPORT 15/12/2018

It was back to cool damp conditions on Saturday morning. The Club’s fast runner was Jarlath MCKENNA , who was the first finisher at MUSA Cookstown with a time of 15:54. This was the quickest parkrun across the whole of Ireland.

David EAGON and Maciej BIALOGONSKI were the two other first finishers this week. David was first at Shepton Mallett in 19:21 and Maciej was first at Pomphrey Hill in 16:43. Two ladies finished as the second female; Sarah EVERITT at Eastville, with a time of 21:28 and Amy NICHOLLS was in the same position and second JW11-14 at Somerdale Pavilion. 

The Performance of the Week goes to Holly MASSEY-JONES who was first JW10 at Severn Bridge.

Results for Saturday 15thDecember 2018

Position  Gender Position  parkrunner  Run Time  Comments
Cardiff parkrun
A total of 325 runners took part.
88Stephen MITCHELL00:16:48 
Ashton Court parkrun
A total of 322 runners took part.
55Paul JEFFERSON00:19:131st VM40-44.
3229Jonathan GOODLAND00:21:301st VM60-64.
374Alice DOGGRELL00:21:542nd VW35-39.
406Molly CHILTON00:22:111st SW20-24.
467Tanya CHOWDHURY00:22:481st VW40-44.
4740Daniel MORGAN00:22:502nd VW40-44.
488Tracy ALLAN00:22:561st VW55-59.
529Lucy BIRD00:23:192nds VW45-49.
6010Helen CLARK00:23:51 
9918Nicola OLDROYD00:25:442nd SW25-29.
10182David SALTER00:25:47 
10821Tamera JONES00:25:56 
10922Maggie SALTER00:25:57 
11088Gordon EVERETT00:26:12 
13030Felicity RUSSELL00:26:56PB by 36 secs. 1st VW60-64.
13835Liz HILL00:27:18 
13936Anne DOCKERY00:27:201st VW70-74. Age Grade 81.46%.
17250Susan CAMPBELL00:28:43 
183127Roger BROCKLESBY00:29:13 
21370Cecilia BROWNE00:30:29 
296178Geoffrey MORGAN00:37:35 
316135Emma WITHERS00:48:06 
  Alice DOGGRELL  
  Steven GRANT  
Swindon parkrun
A total of 291 runners took part.
8811Claire SHINE00:24:54 
Bath Skyline parkrun
A total of 196 runners took part.
1313Graham GROUT00:21:121st VM60-64.
Shepton Mallet parkrun
A total of 95 runners took part.
11David EAGON00:19:211st overall. 1st SM25-29.
Eastville parkrun
A total of 260 runners took part.
44Nick TUFTNELL00:19:131st VM40-44.
55Joshua HABGOOD-COOTE00:19:302nd SM25-29.
66Nick ROBERTS00:19:312nd SM30-34.
99Mark TAYLOR00:20:101st VM45-49.
1313Joseph HULL00:20:432nd JM11-14.
2019Mark DAVIN00:21:121st VW35-39.
2221Tomek CZEREPINSKI00:21:17 
252Sarah Natasha EVERITT00:21:282nd female. 1st VW50-54.
2826Scott WATKINS00:21:40 
344Emma JOLLIFFE00:22:041st SW25-29.
3531Paul BRANA-MARTIN00:22:25 
4944Ben HOLDING00:23:21 
506Meriel BERGIN00:23:21PB by 22 secs. 2nd VW35-39.
558Kate DRUETT00:23:421st VW40-44.
7062Felix PEARSON00:24:16 
8472William BROWN00:25:00 
135110Stuart PRESNELL00:27:49 
17941Rachael PRYOR00:29:56 
206149Paul TAYLOR-MORRIS00:32:56 
23371Michelle EDGELL00:35:49 
  Jonathan GOODLAND  
Hilly Fields parkrun
A total of 260 runners took part.
1212Neil TURNEY00:20:032nd VM35-39.
Chipping Sodbury parkrun
A total of 238 runners took part.
1010Daryl PHILLIPS00:21:001st SM30-34.
19876Martha PHILLIPS00:34:31 
MUSA Cookstown parkrun
A total of 53 runners took part.
11Jarlath MCKENNA00:15:54PB by 74 secs.1st overall. 1st VM35-39.
Pomphrey Hill parkrun
A total of 229 runners took part.
11Maciej BIALOGONSKI00:16:431st overall. 1st SM30-34.
33Sam COTTERELL00:18:021st SM25-29.
6411Hayley BENNETT00:26:03 
7056Jonathan BENNETT00:26:25 
11992Barry MILLS00:29:50 
Cwmbran parkrun
A total of 101 runners took part.
256Anna FORD00:25:201st SW25-29.
Severn Bridge parkrun
A total of 74 runners took part.
44Sokol DULI00:20:422nd SM30-34.
109Krzysztof WANAT00:21:37 
3811Holly MASSEY-JONES00:29:581st JW10
Somerdale Pavilion parkrun
A total of 96 runners took part.
102Amy NICHOLLS00:21:402nd JW11-14.
113Clare JOLLIFFE00:22:011st VW50-54.
129Andrew MALLOY00:22:091st VM45-49.
2922Graham John CRUMP00:25:37