Gwent League #3 – Bryn Bach Park: Seniors

09 Dec

Chris Elson reflects on last week’s performances:

The ladies (some of whom are pictured above) were stars again, with overall out of the 78 teams competing, the A team 1st, B team 3rd, C team 8th, D team 15th and E team 26th. In the reserve division the B,C,and D teams are 1st, 2nd & 3rd and the E team 7th out of the 38 teams in the division!

Results 6 Catie O’Donaghue, 7 Issy Talbot-Price, 9 Natalie Griffiths, 13 Hannah Pollak, 15 Ellen Harrison, 21 Ana Duran-Mingo (8th W35), 23 Sarah Everitt (1st W50), 26 Naomi Aylwin, 27 Katrina Entwistle, 37 Clare Jolliffe (3rd W50), 43 Emma Jolliffe, 51 Alice Doggrell, 62 Charlotte Bermingham, 69 Nicky Hodge (10th W45), 75 Tracy Allen (2nd W55), 87 Kate Druett (14th W45), 96 Lisa Newing, 97 Hayley Bennett, 98 Jenny Anderson, 117 Anna Ford, 126 Debbie Hunt (W40), 149 Andrea Goude (43rd W45), 185 Fliss Russell (5th W60), 225 Anne Dockery (1st W70). 300 women finished.

M65 Dave Bedwell 1st Tom Burgess 9th, 2nd team on the day and 4th overall.

With Owain Jones, Kurt Taylor, Jack Bancroft and Joe Ballard nursing injuries, Maciej Bialogonski working and others of our top men saving themselves for next week’s Telford 10k, it was always going to be tough for the team places. Nevertheless the club’s increasing strength in depth was evident. On the day out of 107 teams, the A team was 9th, B team 16th, C team 18th, D team 27th and E team 48th. Taking the 3 events so far the A team is 3rd, 56 points behind the leaders, Micky Morris Racing team, the B team is 1st in the B division and in the reserve division the C, D & E team are all 1st in their catagory.

Men 13 Andy Watt, 57 Otis Mondir, 59 Pete Baines, 75 Josh Habgoode-Coote, 77 Nick Hall, 87 Brad Pontin, 88 Darren Garmen (10th M45), 100 David Eagon, 103 Alberto Beltran, 104 Andy Drake, 111 Jon Bennett, 114 Cameron Grayley, 120 Ciaran McQuaide (M40) 124 Sam Bentley, 125 Keiran Batty, 135 Dan Titheradge, 144 Michael Chandler, 152 Tom Newman, 156 Mark Taylor (22nd M45), 173 Bill Hull (28th M45), 238 Andy Hunt, 269 Andy Dunn (M40) 258 Graham Grout (M60), 306 JackLongstaff.

A real X-Country Course. Very muddy with wind and rain, now voted 8 out of 10 on the Brecon scale! A great venue nevertheless, and lots of people should be very pleased with how they ran.