B&W Records and Rankings 

11 Nov

Mike Strange writes…

Hidden in the club website is an area that is gradually forming a base for a ‘Club Ranking’ history.
(Find the page here.)  The ones presently showing were included last year and they have recently been up-dated.  Rankings go back to circa 1948 for all age groups from Under 11’s up to Masters Over 70’s and have been compiled after hours of investigation.  (It is my hobby).

I am currently working on Women’s 400m & 400m Hurdles and will also be adding performances at the National Road Relays.  A photograph of our magnificent Senior Men’s relay record breakers is below, just to whet your appetite.

Please read and refer to these Rankings & Records to grasp a little bit of the history of our great club as we forge into more successful years ahead.

Your comments and corrections would be welcomed and I will also be adding interim  ‘incomplete’ listings shortly that only plot events up until circa 1980 so please do not feel shy in adding more recent performances that are known to you.  I think it is good to have a record of where we have been to match with where an ambitious club is now heading.

Comments please to Mike Strange mandc.45strange@blueyonder.co.uk