Continuing Adult Endurance Group Training From August 2018

15 Jul

With Keith Brackstone’s imminent retirement a small number of changes in the adult endurance training and personnel have been introduced from the start of August .  The diversity in the nature of training and location have been preserved.

Mondays – the well established progressive run will continue from the Whitehall shed at 6.30 pm where we have sufficient run leaders to cover a wide spectrum of paces.

Tuesday & Thursday – The sessions run by Chris Elson at Whitehall and the training centred around Coombe Dingle and nearby locations will continue with a pool of coaches taking over from Keith.

Wednesday – the track sessions at WISE will be run as a combined group by Chris Elson.

Saturday – ad-hoc sessions will be publicised and run by a number of coaches as happens at present.

If you have any questions regarding training contact Chris Elson ( or Steve Grant (