Rosemary Moore – Details of Her Funeral

29 May

It is with sadness that the Club must record the passing of Rose.  Many of our ‘Whitchurch’ members will recall Rose as the lady who collected the track fees from Members at the gate.  She was a great friend to the Club all through those years and was always happy and receptive particularly to young new Members.

Rose also had a strong influence on the strength of our team in those great days when the Women’s section was at the fore in British Athletics.  She was of course the Mother of International Member Sarah Moore.  Rose first brought Sarah as a young child to our Saturday Club (the forerunner of our present Academy) run by Hilary Nash and Harry Clayton and Sarah then progressed under the guidance of Tony O’Neill as a ‘Thrower’ to become Club Record Holder and a Nationally ranked Athlete culminating in competing in the Commonwealth Games in the Hammer.

Rose battled with Cancer for a number of years and Sarah says the end was in fact a happy release.  So that happy welcoming face will be seen no more at Whitchurch but her memory will live on for a long time.  A true friend to Bristol Athletic Club.

Rose’s Funeral will take place at Bristol South Crematorium on Thursday 7th June 2018 at 11:15 a.m.

Mike Strange – Life Member